What's Happening in My Gardens

Teddy asks where all of her snow has gone? She looks to the right.

Then she looks to the left.

Then she looks at me like I am responsible.

Then, looking not very happy, she comes inside. Chows have such short stocky legs that they have to bunny hop up stairs.

She thinks there might be some in the back yard. But no...nada....dry.

Then she looks at me again like I am responsible for the lack of snow. She is no different than my kids. I get blamed for everything.

It was so nice out yesterday that I played with my stone table and some of my thrift finds. When I designed this table, I pictured this massive piece of granite topped with a lace tablecloth and set with fine china and crystal. Once the weather is dependable, I will show you how that looks. For now I just played around with the crocheted tablecloth I bought for 2.50 a few days ago. The candlesticks look silly, but as I said, I was just playing.

My iron cat still guards the gardens.

Remaining ice. The following were taken with the macro lens, so click for a better view.

Moss peeking through the dried leaves.

New lettuce peeking through on it's own. I guess it reseeded.

New ferns popping out.

Thin ice.

More moss.

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She sure looks fluffy and nice. Now as for garden we just dreaming.
Anonymous said…
Love the pics!
Mama Feoneafey said…
Oh Teddy! I'll send you some snow honey..Bless your wittle heart. (Man!He is So cute!)

Your stone table is awesome and I kind of like the look of all the candles on top.. I can see them as the beginning to some some Medieval Robinhood type wedding table setting .. Awesome!

Isn't it nice to find some kind of green in the garden this time of year. Ma Natures way of letting us know she will be blooming soon enough so for now she is just enjoying a bit of a rest!
Blessings to You and Teddy
Ma Fey
Mama Feoneafey said…
OH and i am so glad that is a stone garden kitty, casue at first i really thought something was wrong with that cat..LOL (Guess I should put my glasses on hu)
Kids are good preparation for dogs.
Autumnforest said…
Your blog is my secret addiction! I'm working from home and I pull it up just to see Teddy looking quite regal and full of herself. It makes my day! :-)
Touchatou said…
What ? Already spring ?? How can that be ?? Some are luckier than others... lolll We still have a long way to go here...

I like the way Teddy is so expressive. lollll

Nice table ! Impressive !
Pricilla said…
I hope your lettuces last...there is always one more snow back there.
I wish I could send some of our snow over to Teddy! We have plenty to share :-) :-)

So things are already starting to grow over at Yours! It´ll take at least a couple of months until it happens here.
I love that Iron cat, the eyes are magnificent! And the Granite table is impressive!
Have a great day now!
greekwitch said…
We have n't had any snow yet! They say it might snow tomorrow! It would be great! Teddy is looking so happy and strong!
I am glad for her recovery!
idrawpix said…
Hey, no cooking today?! I get all my virtual calories from your blog and today I'm starving!

Looks like Teddy is getting better. Glad he is only feeling disappointment and not real pain.
Dominique said…
Nice pictures !

From a witch afraid of cats...
Hello Friend...Teddy is so adorable..I was able to get your button on my blog...yipeeee

I have just been GLUED to FOXNEWS..which I never even watch..I just happened to be cruisin' by and saw the Dog Rescue for that darling dog that was stuck in the water of the L.A. river...they rescued HIM ! Those guys are amazing....Happy News !

It's STILL raining..so am going to visit your blog today...

have a great weekend, my friend

Kary and Buddy
Marie S said…
Your Teddy is gorgeous!!
It looks warm there and then the pictures of ice LOL!!
Yay!! Jaz thank you! I am finally 1st at something. LOL!!!

Yes, my daffodils are up but they are confused. The weather the week before all of this crazy wind and rain was pretty springy.
And they are pretty much bending over from the hail last night.
Thank you for stopping by and the giveaway!!!
Linda said…
I love the look on Teddy's face!! He is a real sweetie. Oh looks like you were having fun with your table.
Nice pictures! I love the stone table!
You have a great sense of design in your gardens and yard. Your food presentations aren't too shabby either! ;-)
Cute pics of Teddy - she can come and visit me - plenty of snow and ice in my garden :)
Rue said…
I guess this means your Santas are gone now too? Lol - you had SO much snow! It's nice to see all the green bits now though.