Witch Rings

Every good witch needs a spider ring. My spider is on it's web.

An owl ring is good to have too.

Top of the owl ring.

Side of the owl ring. This is a very heavy gold ring.

Oops...these are out of order. Another view of the gold spider ring.

I designed this ring and had it custom made a long time ago. The center stone is a square cut sapphire. There are two cabochon emeralds on either side and two small diamonds on the top and bottom. The interior gold has been hammered. This ring is also very heavy.

Long ago, someone gave me this opal, which they bought on a trip to Australia. I designed this ring and had it made by a goldsmith in Florida. On either side of the opal there are two stars with diamonds in the center.

Behind each star is a crescent moon.

And a bat is flying above the moon.

This is one of my favorite rings. The design is called "thorns". The thorns are filled with diamonds.

For those wondering what the translation of the Victor Hugo necklace is, check the comment section of yesterday's post.


I meant to get back with you yesterday and comment about your lovely jewelry. You have such a gorgeous collection. I especially love the spider on the web.
Thanks so much for sharing.....
Beautiful jewellery - I think the owl is my favourite.
Suzie said…
Oooh, more beautiful pieces! I love all of the unique settings, and your opal is gorgeous! So much fire!!

You have a knack for designing jewelry, and should do more!
What gorgeous rings! I bet you're sorry that you only have 10 fingers to adorn!
that jewelry is super cool! i love the stuff you designed yourself, especially the bat and moon one.
Really nice jewelry! I liked the bat yeaterday and the wol today is fantastic. Opals are just fantastic and You really catched the different colors in it!
Have a great day now!
Rue said…
Wow - amazing rings! Love the "Thorns" one and the Opal ring you designed. Plus, who doesn't need one good spider ring - giggle!
Lynelle said…
Lovely stuff! Love the thorns ring. I feel like I'm a very bad witch, or at least, not a believable one - except for my little silver cauldron charm and a piece of bone carved into an oak tree, I don't really wear anything very witchy. Your blog post has inspired me to kick it up a notch. I mean, what's th point of being a real witch if you can't dress like one?
motheralice said…
Marvelous pieces! I especially love the Owl ring! Lucky you!
The Frog Queen said…
I saw it was a spider ring and I clicked on it anyway :) That shows how much I love your blog. :D

Thanks for sharing your lovely collection.

Pricilla said…
That is an exceptional opal...
Lovely designs..
Touchatou said…
Wow ! Nice designs ! Never thought to do custom designs for others ? ;)
Wicca Moms said…
Hey Jaz,
I love your sense of aesthetic, but my favorite ring is the one you designed with the opal from Australia. Your creativity comes out in so many ways!

Wear them well, they're beautiful:)

a.rogue said…
Amazing!!! I abslutely love the spider ring - now I am going to have to find one... thank you for sharing these!
Emma Hughes said…
You won the blog makeover over Indiechick Designs!
Kanani said…
Wow the ring with the stars and moon took my breath away! You have an eye for jewelry! Thanks for sharing those.

Maluszeq said…
Thorns ring is beautiful!!! And your custom designs.. woow...really creative person you are :)
Beth said…
I think I'm in love with your owl ring. Where did you find it? I would love to get one, my email is bsm.1987@hotmail.com
Bridgett said…
Oh my, but you have amazing jewelry, Jaz! Wow.

I particularly like the spider ring. I'm drawn to tarantulas.

Bridgett said…
If I posted this already, I'm sorry. Blogger is being contrary tonight.

Anyway, I particularly love your spider ring. I'm very drawn to tarantulas and even had one as a pet. :)