Death by Snow...This Might Be the Last Time You Hear From Me!

I am showing you what we look like now before the predicted storm arrives. We finally dug decent paths through the snow from the last storm. Click on pic for a better look.

You can see steps....yippee!!!

I don't even remember what's under all this snow.

Teddy basically has given up and sleeps most of the day. The snow is supposed to be starting here in an hour. They are predicting another foot. And guess what? We have reservations in Skaneateles for Friday and Saturday. We wanted to travel somewhere that has some snow. We might have to cancel.

I thought it might be a good time to make some Navy bean soup. I boiled some navy beans with bay leaves and rosemary and let them sit for an hour.

Usually I would use ham hocks but I had none and I still can't get out to a store so I improvised and used bacon. I chopped it into pieces and fried it until it was crisp.

I chopped an onion and about 4 stalks of celery.

Then I chopped 4 carrots.

I removed the crisp bacon and left the bacon grease in the pot.

Then drained and rinsed the beans.

I added the onion, carrots and celery to the pot with the bacon grease and sauteed them until they softened.

Then I added the beans.

And about 6 cups of chicken stock, some fresh thyme, some chopped garlic and covered the pot and simmered for about 1 1/2 hours.

It's looking good.

I added some diced ham.

And the reserved crisp bacon bits. I removed and mashed some of the beans to thicken the soup.

If you don't hear from me for a while, send in the troops with shovels. I am under the snow somewhere, eating good soup!!!

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Fabulous ingredients for a soul warming soup. Looks so good...crusty bread and dig in.

Teddylove say's she "ain't" no snow bunny.

Be safe and hope something works out for your special weekend.
Rue said…
Do be safe! Don't travel if you don't have to. That's alot of snow to get around in! Hopefully, you'll get very little of the storm - you sure don't need more snow!

Hang in there, Teddy!
Mama Feoneafey said…
Oh no! I think you may have ordered to much snow, or some one "up there" mis-read the order! ;P Ii just started a pot of bean soup this morning for dinner tonight..brilliant minds... You and Teddy be safe and warm and I hope the storm passes you by this time, unless you WANT more snow.LOL Hope you don't have to cancel your trip. Every one needs a getaway now and then!
Warm Safe Blessings
Ma Fey
Melodie said…
OK,now that just looks cold! The soup looks yummy! I wrote down the recipe and am going to make that,it is perfect for this "Brrrr" weather!
That is INSANE!!! It must feel very peaceful though?

Please stay warm and be safe!
Everytime there is an update about the snow out your way, I think of your lovely buried garden and Teddy at the door. It is quite a mental picture. Telling my husband last night at news time, ya know it's different when you actually know folks and have seen pictures of what they are going through. Otherwise I'd be sitting here in NM with no snow, wondering what all the fuss is about. I can see the fuss and it is real. Yummy looking soup, stay warm and safe.
Oh boy, I feel your pain! We're supposed to get another 12-18".
I've got a pot of chicken noodle started on the stove myself. I'll make the egg noodles at the last minute to throw in the pot.
Stay safe and warm. Hope you keep power.
Erin said…
Nothing like warm homemade soup on a snowy day♥
I hope the snow isn't too hard on you! :( I'm anticipating some as well!
Raven_Nightwind said…
Everything look soo beautiful.
Laura said…
Its beautiful but it must be a bit overwhelming. Hopefully you have enough essentials stocked up to see you through. As always sending warm thoughts your way.
magikalseasons said…
Yummy soup navy bean my fav! :) I'll have to try your version. Scary snow stay safe and warm. We are going to get 6-10 today and tomarrow. Nothing compared to the rest of Snow zone!
Mama Feoneafey said…
I posted this in comments to you on my blog, but want to make sure you see it :

"Jaz, It's ok! I have seen the photos on your blog and more snow is just not what you folks need right now! Isn't it freeky not to get the mail each day?? When the mail person can't get to your door you know it's Bad out there! I am patient-excited and patient. (country living makes one a bit more understanding of not being able to get out of the drive and snow falls to the waist at times. all is good!)
we are slated for some place between 6 inches and 3 feet or more depending on which station you tune into here . Our Big fun should begin here in a few hours!
You, Teddy and family are in my thought and prayers! Stay Safe!

Warm Blessings
Ma Fey"
Lorna Barrett said…
What a coincidence! I just cooked a pot of black-eyed peas this morning and had them curried for lunch.

Spring HAS to be right around the corner. (I know I'm fed up with winter, and we're at least used to the snow here in Western NY.)

Stay warm!
Autumnforest said…
Thank you so much for this recipe. The other day, I was craving this old favorite and couldn't find my mother's recipe. Yours looks identical. Yahoo! Poor Teddy-boo. She looks resigned about it. I can't believe your snowfall! Jeez-o-rama. Yes, please cancel your reservations--you don't need to travel to snow (hee hee)
TMCPhoto said…
you might think I'm crazy but I really wish I was in your shoes right now. I could use a good snow induced hibernation right about now.

Hope you get out soon
you sound like me... the weather gets bad and I start cooking... this winter is going to be the death of me.... Hope your next go around is not too bad... stay warm
Bridgett said…
Oh my goodness, just look at all that snow!
You stay safe and warm, Jaz!

The bean soup looks delicious.

Suzie said…
You might have more snow than they do anyway! Stay home, stay safe, and savor your soup! Besides, Teddy looks too settled in to travel. :-)
Cygnus MacLlyr said…
Travel somewhere that has some snow...


Soup looks delicious!
Touchatou said…
Give us OUR snow back !!! lolll
It's been weeks since we saw a decent flake here !
Lin said…
Criminy, that soup looks GREAT! That's all this weather is good for--cooking! Well, and eating. :)
The soup looks good! Stay put and enjoy your soup:) Everytime I want to moan about the snow here I'm going to take another look at your photos! Although they have promised more for us today, I don't think we can top your lot. Poor Teddy - give her a hug from me:)
Hi, I see you came by my blog via SITS.

That recipe looks really good, and I am a vegetarian.

Snow is one thing, it's ice that is the killer. I love your header by the way.
soup looks so yummy :) hope you are ok after the snow coming thru ! i enjoy your blog alot
are you and teddy still there????

looks like teddy threw in the towel...

the soup, however looks wonderful..i made the same exact one the other day....

off to make lasagna and sauce right now...

stay safe and warm, you 2 !

sending love,
kary and buddy