Half Off Wednesdays

I went to thrift stores again yesterday. I now have 6 boxes of glass sitting under my dining room table...groan! I found these cute spring napkins for 1.29.

These embroidered doilies were also 1.29.

These are baskets liners. You put them in a basket and then place rolls in it and these corners fold in and cover the rolls.

Another glass vanity tray. 1.49

Two pressed glass butter dishes....1.00 each.

Two more citrus juicers...1.29 each.

Three more pressed glass relish dishes. 1.00 each

I found some more glass beads to make bracelets. 99 cents each.

These pretty cups will be part of a spring giveaway.

A milk glass covered dish. 1.49

Two oval glass plates...1.00 each.

Two divided dishes.....99 cents eac.

Two round plates with little handles...99 cents each.

These Chantel loaf pans were 2.50 for the pair. I have walnut bread baking in them right now.

The dish on the right is cut glass. These were 1.00.

A footed pressed glass bowl for 49 cents.

One divided bowl and a matching smaller bowl. 69 cents each.

Two nice apothecary jars. 99 cents each.

Teddy is not happy with all of this glass collecting.

She thinks it is pathetic to keep buying this stuff.

I think she is right!

*** There is still time to enter the giveaway on the sidebar.


Chowz Creations said…
Teddy's expression with the photo "she thinks it's pathetic" - soooo fitting! ha ha ha Such a precious girl. I wish there were neat thrift stores around me.
rox said…
Oh Jaz I love those cups ! I'm really craving spring and up here that could be another 3 months !
I love the glass.............. used to be my mania. No room now with the kiddos living here so I sold it all. Oh well, that just means I can go on the hunt next time. I love junkin' Someday.....
Poor Teddy, yeah Willow and Odin don't like their spaces occupied with "other" stuff either.
Sugar Whiting said…
makes me want to go shopping! I think I have one thrift store around..i'll have to find it..Love Love the apothecary jars!!
Touchatou said…
I must find myself a nice spot to thrift like you !!
OOOooooo I would have LOVED to find those apothecary jars... I can see them on either side of my lower level china hutch top now filled with goodies......what another great fabulous day find.... hang in there sweet Teddy.....mama will find you something fantastic one of these days while thrifting... maybe a nice Channel Collar....
Those cups are really nice! I have never seen anything like that milk glass covered dish before. For me it looks like it´s something from China, beautiful!

How many citrus juicers do You have now :-) I just saw a man who collected citrus juicers on tv. He had 850 :-) :-)

Do I need to say that Teddy is sooo cute :-)

By the way, my mother doesn´t live close to me at all. It´s about 168 miles between our homes:-) But she will catch a train and come up to help those days.
Have a great day now!
Cygnus MacLlyr said…
Love the apothecary jars! I was at a job fair in the Goodwill today (career center there, too), and can never resist browsing. Currently on the look-out for some hair clippers ha!
pastrywitch said…
My first thought was "Wednesday's on sale?". Yeah. I'm really tired. I like the special bun doilies.
Pricilla said…
The chantal for that price is just shocking!
Chaotic_Dreamer said…
All this glass isjust beautiful, but I truly love, love, love the apothecary jars they are just to gorgeous.
Linda said…
I'm still in love with Teddy! sigh...I just think all that glass is gorgeous! I have a thing for glass also! Hard to stop collecting!
Rue said…
I am still unpacking boxes of glass from my move!

I love those apothecary jars. Don't stop collecting - I'm loving your finds!
Suzie said…
Maybe if you tucked a few doggie treats in some of those dishes before you brought them into the house, Teddy would come around to understanding our point of view! lol

Such wonderful glassware!! And the textiles. .oooooh SO lovely!!

Hmmmmm, do I smell Walnut Bread wafting through the air? Yumm!
Laura said…
oh wow, you find the best stuff. i just love those apothecary jars! give teddy a hug for me
Jennifer said…
wow, you found some really pretty stuff! This makes me want to start going to thrift stores and sales again. Lots of neat things to find!
Aussiemade said…
Okay is it possible to have shopper envy? Cut glass envy? lol
Teddy looks so good, just want to reach out and scruff her under her head. I guess all she is really saying is what about me? What did you get me? lol.
You are definitely a gifted thrifter.

Teddy is thinking filling a few of these glass dishes with doggie treats would be good. And placing them conveniently around the house for snack time. :-)
Bridgett said…
But hey, for the prices you're paying, I don't blame you a bit!

It's all so beautiful.