Happy Happy Thrifting

I am sorry the recipe for the lemon loaf was unreadable yesterday. Here is a better shot. Click to enlarge. I added extra lemon zest to the glaze. This is one of the most delicious lemon tasting desserts I have ever made.

*** I am such a bad blog person! I just realized I only posted the first page to the recipe. I will post the final part tomorrow as the Blog Tech has left for the day. Sorry!

The thrift shops around here are hurting from all of the snow we have had. People are still trapped in their homes and no one is dropping anything off at thrift stores. I went out yesterday to visit a few and for the first time ever saw empty shelves. However, as I was just about to leave the second store, I spotted these chairs. They were 14.95 each. I really don't need any more chairs but they looked nice so I bought two.

When I got them home I studied them and found that they were very well made. They have a wheat-sheaf back with hand carved spindles. Click to see the intricate work.

The construction is very sturdy.

This is the bracket that braces the legs.

I liked them so much I went back and bought the third chair.

He is another shot of the wheat-sheaf design.

The wide rush seats are in perfect condition.

I looked these up on the internet and found reproductions of them for sale in 2003 for 550.00 each. You can see them here.

Teddy received a treat this morning from my daughter.

You can see her checking her hand to make sure she still has 5 fingers!

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Those are beautiful chairs! I can't believe you paid only $14.95 apiece for them!
Anonymous said…
Very cool find, I need to make my way to the thrift store here soon!
what a score you got i LOVE those chairs...i went thrifting yesterday and got 2 vintage slips for a buck each...i am on a new kick of wearing jeans and a denim dress that hits at the knee with just a peek of the slip hanging out...and ballet flats. also my husband wanted a t.v tray..we eat in front of the t.v. and we're not proud of it either, i have an old trunk in red and green paint from vermont that i use, but he needed a tray...which is so grammy, i love it...found a vintage metal one at the thrift shop...i love it....so old fashion.....

i am going to barnes and noble today...i have to get "Baked".....

i'll let ya know if i get it

hugs to teddy

kary and buddy
Anonymous said…
Those chairs are beautiful. There is something similar in the Antiques Guide Book and they are worth a fortune.

But they're still beautiful.

CJ xx
Oh, WOW. What a bargain! They're beautiful!!
pastrywitch said…
Great chairs! A B&B in Estes Park has a Greenman rocking chair from the late 1800's...it's a very cool chair.
love the chairs!!! awesome find. do you watch antique roadshow? those chairs look like something that the twins would be called in for (the twins only appraise the $$$$ furniture).
Suzie said…
What a wonderful find! Those chairs are beautiful! And to be in such excellent condition too! You have an knack for not only being in the right place at the right time, but keeping your eyes open. What a talent!

I'm glad to know that Teddy isn't so depressed, that she turns down treats. :-)
Linda said…
I heart those chairs! They are wonderful! I would have just thrown all three in my car to start with, glad you went back for the other one. Wonderful!!!
Pricilla said…
Gorgeous chairs!
They don't make 'em like that anymore
Melodie said…
Oh my goodness! What great chairs! I'll say it again,you are the thrift shop queen!
faerwillow said…
~the photos below of your lemon loaf are simply enough to motivate one to make it but then the words you use to describe it enticing me even more...i adore anything with lemon...thank you for sharing this recipe...brightest blessing~
Chowz Creations said…
Beautiful chairs. Congrats to you on finding them! In the last photo - looks like Teddy is laughing as your daughter checks her hand.