How Teddy Spends Her Day

Should I go outside or should I stay inside?

I think I will sit here and contemplate this idea.

Or maybe I should go out front. Maybe there is less snow in the front yard.

This is a good idea. Maybe it only snowed in the backyard.

I know snow is covering my guard path again out back.

And the hair has not grown all the way back on my legs so they get cold and wet.

This is a big decision.

Should I go all the way down these steps to the back yard or check out the front first?

Oh no! It snowed out front too! I am not leaving this porch.

I think I will check out my poo path out back.....keep an eye on me mama. I could disappear in all this snow. (Click for a better view)

Maybe I will just come back inside and scout for food.

What do you mean I am covered in snow? I don't see any snow on me.

Will it ever stop snowing here?

What's worse is that now the snow melt system is working and the patio snow is slushy. We chow chows hate getting our pads wet.

At least part of the driveway has melted.

I guess I will walk down the guard path after all.

It sure beats the alternative.


You and Teddy are living in a Winter Wonderland!
Aw, she is such a doll!♥ You should get her a pair of snow boots :p
Marjorie said…
She is sooo cute--I love her "thinking" look (I swear my dogs never think that hard about anything).
Teddy is thinking, "I know I shook all the snow off, what snow "iz" she talking about." She is craving warm soup and the sight of melting snow. Time for the world to shake off the snow and Teddy's life to return to normal. She has a job to do, a schedule to keep, and wonders who changed the rules. Julie Chow and Sherlock Teddy take their responsibilities seriously.

Stay warm and safe. Blessings....
Anonymous said…
Teddy ALWAYS makes me smile : )
Autumnforest said…
Oh that Teddy! Such a tough life! She even has frown lines--don't tell her, she might go for Botox to get rid of the "11" on her forehead. Hee hee. I love that pup. She's a bundle of cuteness and magic.
I vote for giving her a cup of hot chocolate! What do you mean dogs don't drink hot chocolate??! :) Of course they do! Hmmmm...I need to have a long talk with Mele if that's not the case.
Teddy is adorable!!

How are you doing in all that cold? As long as you don't have to go out in it. It is soooo beautiful though! Enjoy!!
Please, oh please tell me I didn't call Teddy a "HIM" or I will never forgive myself! I walked away from the computer and suddenly, like "did I leave the stove on", I hurried back to check and then remembered you hold your comments for approval! If I did, I apologize! I wouldn't like it if someone called me a "him"...
Linda said…
Teddy is my favorite dog of all time. She is just the bestest doggie and such a good guard dog.
Laura said…
My Dylan would love all that snow. It would take me forever to get him in the house with all that snow. Stay warm!
greekwitch said…
We call babaganough eggplant salad! I love it and i do not make it often! Thank you for all the great ideas! The bean soup seemed lovely by the way! I have to say though, you have a very indecisive dog!
greekwitch said…
It might be turkish. We share many recipes. Although historically we were n't ever friendly, we are very much alike!
Touchatou said…
Amazing ! And so funny to hear from Teddy herself ;)

What amazing too is that today we had 5 celsius and our snow is melting !
Aussiemade said…
Thanks Jaz for sharing Teddy's adventure. Not sure how Toby would cope in all that snow. He has been swimming today..
Hmmm please do not tell Toby that hot chocolate is not a drink for him...he also loves coffee if a cup is left on the floor when we our out side and we are distracted well, it is on the floor therefore it is his!. lol

Teddy looks so warm and I loved her snow leggins..
Suzie said…
Poor Teddy. She is expressing what a lot of people are feeling. Cabin Fever. No matter now much some of us love Winter, it does hit when you are confined for so many days. You may stay home on nice days for the same amount of time, but you have that option, which makes it totally different! ;-) Please give her some comforting hugs from me. Some extra TLC can sometimes help about now!
Bridgett said…
Teddy's home looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Hope you're staying warm. :)
cynthia said…
we used to live in Syracuse. My husband hated the snow
Cynthia said…
This is my test comment. My husband and I used to live in Syracuse and he hated the snow there.