Indian Food on a Snowy Cold Day

We woke up to even more snow this morning. Teddy had problems deciding whether she wanted to go outside or not.

Hmmmm....should I get my pads wet?

Well, maybe I should. I have awfully big pads.

But it looks nasty out there.

I think I will just sit inside and get snow on my head.

This is my favorite winter hat.

Click for a better look. It has little red beads decorating the trees. I wish I could tell you I knitted this myself. I am a horrible knitter. A friend knitted this for me.

This is the current scarf I am making. This is the best I can do.

I was frying bacon for my daughter's boyfriend's breakfast sandwich this morning. Julia Chow was in close proximity.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Indian food. Yesterday was Indian food cooking day. First I made naan which is a traditional Indian flat bread.

They are rolled out thin and cooked in a tandoor which is an earthenware oven.

I baked mine on my pizza stone in the oven. They are brushed with melted ghee which is clarified butter.

I then made curried potatoes with eggs which is a favorite of my family. I make the curry seasoning by pulsing onions, garlic, red pepper flakes, salt, cumin, coriander and turmeric until it forms a thick sauce.

It smells great.

I diced about 2 pounds of potatoes into small squares.

And thinly sliced about 4 tomatoes.

The potatoes are sauteed until they begin to turn brown.

Then I add the tomatoes.

I hard boiled 10 eggs.

Then peeled and chopped them.

I add a bit of chicken stock and two bay leaves to the tomatoes and potatoes and stir in the curry sauce and let it simmer for 20 minutes.

Then I stir in the hard boiled eggs.

This simmers a bit longer. Tomorrow I will show you the finished meal.

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Pricilla said…
The hat is is your scarf.
I can only knit squares, rectangles and for some reason teddy bears.

The best Indian I ever had was in NY. The hubby and I were wandering looking for a meal before a show and we stumbled into this TINY restaurant. Truly excellent food and service. We have found some of our best meals but looking in unexpected corners.
Autumnforest said…
Hat and dog--cute! Food--smells amazing! I love the smell of Indian food when it's cooking. I really need to try the bread some time. I grew up on Norwegian flatbread and I actually prefer pita and such, so I think that would be a good alternative. It's always magical in your world. Thanks for sharing your cozy kitchen.
I love naan! Yours looks super!
Sugar Whiting said…
That looks wonderful! And..congrats on the hat..I can only do one straight pat yourself on the back! lol I do so love Teddy..she is such a sweety!!
The Frog Queen said…
Yummy! Indian food is my favorite - I have not had this dish, going to give it a try, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to tomorrows post!

Lynelle said…
Naan on the pizza stone! I must try this!!
Rue said…
I love a good curry! Can't wait to see the final pic.

Your hat is pretty! I can't knit, so to me, your scarf looks fabulous.
Yum! And less meat! I could try that recipe. :)
Well, you have pulled a rabbit from the hat, I've never tried Indian food. It looks comfey and delicious.

The winter hat is smokin' I simply love it. I never could master knitting and admire those who are gifted.

Teddy is weary of the snow but she is a trooper and will go the distance.

Loving my daily visits. Stay warm and safe and filled with great foodies!
I can fully understand Teddy :-) I hesitate every morning too :-) More snow is on its way over here too.

I´m just eating sour milk that I have put frozen blue berries and rasp berries in. Soo good :-)
Have a great day now!
Can I just express how much I love that hat?!! It's absolutely perfect!♥

And you are such a creative cook- your family is so lucky to have you! :)
RetroKali said…
OOOOH. That food looks so good!!!!!
greekwitch said…
You should accesorise Teddy too! It 's not fair that you get all the good stuff! I think some scarfed Teddy pictures are in order. bb*
Mama Feoneafey said…
Jaz and Teddy,
I got my tureens today and thanks so much for the yummy extras!! I will be posting about them , most likely tomarrow.. Not feeling at all well tonight but wanted to hop on and let you know they arrived safely. THANK YOU so much..
Ma fey
Peaufine said…
Wow Indian food is my favorite ! I can't get enough of curry ! ;)
Peaufine said…
Sorry Jaz, peaufine is me, touchatou. lollll Another blog on the way. ;)
LindyLouMac said…
Hi, just returning the compliment and stopping by your blog.

I love the background.
Bridgett said…
That hat is so cute! I wouldn't mind having one of those myself.

I can't wait to see how this yummy meal turns out...