Indian Food Part II

Teddy is still very unhappy with the weather. She looks for something green each morning.

And goes back into nap mode when she doesn't find any.

I made idli to go with all of the Indian food I made. Idlis are made with rice flour and yogurt and water. This is the mold they are steamed in.

The molds are separated and sprayed with cooking spray.

The batter is poured into each mold.

They trays are reassembled.

Then placed in a pot with about an inch of boiling water and covered with the lid.

While they were steaming, I made some basmati rice.

The idli take about ten minutes to steam.

Here they are after they are popped out of their molds. They have a spongy consistency and are very much like grits or dumplings. These could be used with all sorts of cuisines.

In another pot, I combined diced carrots, sliced onions, cauliflower, 2 bay leaves, cumin, coriander and turmeric in about 3 cups of chicken stock. This simmered for about 20 minutes until the vegetables were just tender.

This vegetable mixture was mixed with the basmati rice to make a biryani.

As usual, I forgot to photograph some of the things I made. This is the final meal starting with the naan bread and moving counter clockwise: chana masala (chick pea stew), butter chicken, raita (yogurt mixed with spices, shredded carrots and cubed cucumber, chutney and lime relish as garnishes. The biryani and idli is in the larger bowl.

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Hi you made me laugh...lemon bars?

can't wait to see and the indian food looks amazing....would love to be there to try it...

i need to try it myself..i have never made it..looks so wonderful

hugs to teddy

kary and buddy
Pricilla said…
Looks delicious!
Off to check out Mrs. B's blog!
dolphyngyrl said…
We're having a gorgeous Northern California "False Spring"! I wish I could box it up and send it over to visit Teddy! It's leaving us sometime tomorrow afternoon and storms are rolling back through. That's ok, though, because we need the rain!
This made me extremely hungry :p
Your East Indian feast looks so delicious! And it's such a healthy cuisine too (mainly)!
Awesome Indian spread. Everything looks delish. New foods and flavors.

Teddy is hopeful for spring green and checks every day. She wants to be out among the posies and on guard duty again.

The Frog Queen said…
Yum!!! I was never so sad that there is not an indian restruant in my area....(pout) :)

Thanks as alwaus for sharing...and congrats on the feature.

Suzie said…
Poor Teddy. She looks so discouraged. Maybe she needs one of those sun lamps so that she doesn't get depressed. I can see her sitting in front of one now, her eyes closed, meditating. . .:-)
Your food looks luscious as always! and congrats on being the featured guest over on Mrs. B's! You two make quite a team!!
The delicious things you cook are are amazing! Mrs's B's? I think I've been there but I must go check! :) Don't wanna miss anything!
p.s. Hey Teddy! Soon baby, soon! :)
oldblackcatboo said…
I feel just like Teddy!
Mmmmmmmmm that Indian food looks delicious! I've never had Indian cuisine but I hear it's supposed to be SO good for you!
greekwitch said…
Once again yummy! I have n't send yours yet because i am not done with the magical stuff.I will check with the post office soon. Brightest blessings.
I´ve never even heard about idli before. But the whole meals looks quite ok :-)

At the moment I´m even more on the same side as Teddy when it comes to snow :-)
Have a great day now!
Bangchik said…
Those are real yummy.... including the icicles as well... haha.... have a great weekend. ~bangchik
Unknown Mami said…
Poor Teddy!

Although I wouldn't mind spending time indoors smelling all that wonderful food you are making.
Lorna Barrett said…
I love Indian food. Last week, I made black-eyed peas with coconut milk and a bunch of spices and a LOT of stirring. Yum!
Bridgett said…
How did you learn to cook all these dishes? Do you do them from memory?

You need to give us your cooking history because, girl, I'm fascinated. :)