Julia Chow and Valentine's Presents

This is Julia Chow. The queen of my kitchen. I study under her watchful eye.

She watches each move I make to ensure I am preparing her dinner just perfectly. So far I am doing ok but she is a tough task master.

Everyone is snowed in, literally. We still can't get out of our driveway. We live in a very steep hilly area and snow plows have not even seen a side street yet. All the schools are closed and many businesses as well. The local stores, in walking distance, are out of everything. A lot of people have had no power since Friday. So I thought I would make everyone treats. I baked brownies and made granola. These are the most decadent brownies ever. Start by putting two sticks of butter in a microwave safe bowl. I took the pic before I added the second stick.

Add 2 1/4 cups of white sugar and microwave until the butter melts. Stir to combine and microwave for an additional minute.

I forgot that pic too. It will look much runnier than this.

Pour that in the bowl of a mixer and beat in 1 1/4 cups of Dutch cocoa (unsweetened).

Break in 4 large eggs.

Beat this until combined.

Add 1/2 tsp. of salt, 1 teaspoon baking powder and 1 tablespoon of vanilla along with 1 1/2 cup of flour. Bad picture day, I forgot to show that you now add 3 cups of mini chocolate chips.

Pour it into a pan lined with parchment paper. Bake it for 350 degrees for about 40 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.

They puff up and crack a bit but will settle down as they cool.

While they are cooling heat 1 1/2 cups of cream to a simmer.

When it simmers pour it over 3 cups of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Stir the hot cream into the chips.

Whisk until creamy and smooth.

Pour the ganache over the brownies and allow to cool. I made three recipes, the above recipe makes one of these pans.

After they cooled, I cut them into small squares and placed them on mini cake plates and wrapped them.

My neighbors might have cabin fever, but they won't starve.

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Mama Feoneafey said…
ok since I can't move there to become one of your lucky neighbors, I am just gonna have to break out the stand mixer and try those brownies for my self.. They look SOOO good.
Stay Safe and I hope you and Teddy (she is so beautiful) have all you need till you can get safely shoveled out!
Warm Blessings
Ma Fey
I bet Julia Chow barks, "Bone Appetit!"
They have talked about Your snow storm on our news. When You get snow You really get a lot :-) I hope You at least can get out of Your drive way soon.

Those brownies looks deadly delicious :-)
Have a great day now!
TMCPhoto said…
perfect nesting recipe, what lucky neighbors you have. I hope the plow's make it up to you soon; I'd hate to have you and poor Teddy come down with monster cases of cabin fever
Feet don't fail me now....take me straight away to these ganache covered brownies. Oh, oh, oh....they look delish.

Julia Chow, perfect and so "doggone" funny I laughed out loud..bless her heart..she makes me feel happy every time I see her in "post".

Blessings to you and Julia Chow....
Mozart's Girl said…
Hi there! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, glad you enjoyed it...and glad it led me to you, yours is beautiful too!! LOVE the gorgeous dog, we're taking care of a Sharpei at the moment called China, so I'm loving the oriental canines...:-) Those brownies look GOOOD, but as it's what I make for a living (I'm known as 'Brownie Girl' in these parts) I shall give them a miss, but they look so gorgeous all wrapped up like that! Hope the snow isn't too bad...xo Rachel
Pricilla said…
LOL at bone appetit....

oh man. If I make ganache I have a hard time not just eating it.

Have you whipped it up and used it for frosting? Talk about decadent
Small Burst said…
We were hit by the blizzard too and lost internet/cable connection for a couple of days. I wish you were my neighbor!
Sarita Rucker said…
I'll bet your neighbors feel really lucky to have a neighbor like you! In fact, I wish you were MY neighbor, and would bring me goodies when we're snowed in. :)

Those brownies look yummy. I just might have to try making them sometime.
Sarita, you have to share her with me... :) Those are amazing because I swear I can smell them, Jaz! Wonderful!!
We, also, have been hearing about your storm here in California. Some of my family is back there and so is my husbands family. Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut and Maryland.
I can't even FLY BACK THERE AND GRAB ONE...I hear the airports have closed!! Goodness!
Hugs to you, my friend!!
Callie said…
Good neighbor! Those goodies will certainly make your neighbors happy campers.
Suzie said…
Oooooh, Debra. .. that was soooo bad, it was funny! LOL
I'm going to do my Mr. Rogers imitation, "Won't you be my neighbor"? His program was one of my kids' favorites. That's why I remember it SO well!

I definitely see some culinary tendencies in Teddy's eyes. That intense dedication to food, and her obsessive tendencies to keep her kitchen clean will carry her a long way.

I hope that she understood why she couldn't have any of the decadent brownies. We don't want "our" girl to get sick! I'm sure that you had something ready for her gourmet palate, to appease her. :-)
greekwitch said…
Me and Phoebe are like you and Teddy! Well, we almost never cook, but she follows me everywhere and i always have to be careful while i am walking not to step on a tale or something!
I am tryingt to diet(emphasis on trying). Do you have any cool low cal and simple recipes?
Brightest blessings**
Raven said…
Looking at those brownies makes me wish I could pack it up and move next door too! We live in southeast NC and it has been a cold one here, but not near what you are getting. I bet Teddy is glad she has all that hair. I know I wish I had it. I think this winter has been the worst one in our area in years. What a year for me to leave Texas, eh?
Blessings and keep warm!
greekwitch said…
What is babaganoush? We do n't have it here! How do you roast vegetables? You sprinkle them with olive oil and you put it in the oven? As you probably understand i am not the most experienced cook!
Rue said…
Julia Chow must be doing something right - because those brownies look amazing! Lol - Teddy is so studious!

Lucky neighbours!
Jennifer Rose said…
darn, wheres the chocolate when you want to bake? lol I really need to stock up on chocolate to make brownies with soon
Bridgett said…
Okay, that's it. I'm moving close to you. I want to be your neighbor. :)
Made these tonight for my kids; very decadent! Thank you!