A Le Crueset Day

Teddy wants a treat.

She waits patiently.

But never takes her eyes off of them for a second

This is the way I start each morning. Not eating it but making it. I make my daughter and her boyfriend lunch each day. She stops by on her way to work to get the lunches. I have breakfast prepared when she arrives. I prepare a grapefruit and some toast with cheese. She loves toast with butter and honey so I make some of that too. I give her a small bowl of my granola and a pot of tea. I had it easy this week because her boyfriend was out of town on business. When he is here, I make him breakfast to go and he looooves bacon. So I fry a lot of bacon when he is in town.

Le Creuset is my favorite cookware. Not too far from here, there is a Le Creuset outlet. I went there yesterday to buy a spoon rest. As I walked in, they handed me a scratch off coupon where you could win a discount of 15% to 35%. I got a 35% off coupon. Their prices are already so good that I had to calm myself down to think through what I really needed. All of my Le Creuset is black so I thought I would be a bit frisky and I went for red. I've never had any of their ceramic cookware so I bought this casserole.

This is a risotto pan.

This piece will see a lot of use not just for risotto but all kinds of things.

And then I bought this baby.

This is the largest piece they make. The capacity is 16 quarts. It could hold a small child. Plus I might need a fork lift to pick it up when it is full. They didn't have a red spoon holder so I was out of luck on that score. I am not complaining!

Here we go again. It is snowing like crazy. I love it!


Marie S said…
What an awesome mom you are. Would you please adopt me?
Stay warm and have a magical weekend!
Love and hugs
Let's start with the snow photo. This shot looks like something from the past. The land is old and I know the ancestors visit here. It is a comforting picture. I'm not sure why.

The new flaming red Le Creuset cookware is down right exciting and useful to boot.

Teddy beggar is cute and knows just how to remind you she needs a snack. :)

Enjoy the snow, stay warm and be blessed.

Happy Day.
Pricilla said…
erm, when is Teddy not looking for a treat?
I love Le Crueset as well but with my hand problems I cannot lift it. I have started collecting Emile Henry because it looks like Le Crueset but is ceramic. I love it.
I send in recipes to my cooking magazine and win pieces. So far I have a dutch oven and an 8" square pan. Next I am trying for the lasagne pan.
A girl has to do what a girl has to do.

Red is good.
i am laughing again...my favorite thing in the kitchen in my tiny red le crueset pot that i put on the woodstove and let my witches brew simmer..i see BREW in a bottle on your drainboard too...what is that....

i have the big stockpot too..only in the Sonoma Blue i guess they call it...and it is heavy..but i still love it....

sneek a treat to teddy for me :-)

more later,
kary and buddy
Can you be my personal chef? :p Everything you make looks/sounds wonderful!
Autumnforest said…
Wow! It's a good thing you love snow--this has been your season! Love the bakeware. Of course, as always, love Teddy and her sweet expressions. What a ridiculously deliriously happy pup!
Linda said…
What a wonderful bargain...I love Le Crueset but it is expensive for me right now. Teddy could greet me everyday with that face!!! You are such a good Mom to feed you children like that.. yummy!
Anonymous said…
Your daughter is the luckiest girl around!
Ah, crueset dishes. I've not yet gone down that path and I'm kind of afraid to start. Love the red, though!
How sweet of you to make them breakfast!
How much I envy your snow. I've been off work sick for two days. A snowfall would really have been perfect.
Suzie said…
How can you even think of refusing Teddy when she looks at you so adoringly? That was probably the first "look" that she mastered, right up there with the pitiful look if she doesn't get her way about something. Clever dogs seem to know how to do those faces naturally, and Teddy is a VERY smart girl.

I love your cookware! The bright red is a beautiful accent against all of the white and black outside.

And I love your garden photo. The lighting and details draw you in, making you want to linger awhile.
Mozart's Girl said…
Hi Jaz! Teddy is an absolute DOLL!! And Le Creuset too...isn't it funny how we're all drawn to the blogs that are written by kindred spirits? I had almost the whole set of french blue. Sadly had to leave it when I 'escaped' from my first husband (shudder)and it broke myb heart (leaving my Le Creuset that is....!) but now have a small collection of volcanic orange. There's nothing like it! And you must be the best Mom in the whole world. The boyfriend too!!
I have awarded you the Kreativ Blogger Award today, I love your blog so much. Visit me to pick it up - or just visit me! Love for a wonderful weekend, Rachel xox
Melodie said…
Teddy is such a good and patient doggie! Your daughter is a lucky girl to have such a loving and cooking,can't forget cooking,lol,mom!
greekwitch said…
Hello there! I just read three of your posts in the row.Yeih! I love the Teddy videos!! She is cute and she knows it! Do you happen to know what is her Sun sign? I am curious.
By the way, your package is almost ready, i am just waiting for the Esbat to charge some things. I hope you will like it.
Brightest blessings!
greekwitch said…
Here although it has been a cold winter it has n't snowed in the city at all! I miss it.Love and light*
William Bezek said…
Outlet? Outlet? I am googling location as we speak....I had no idea! Lovely pieces you have obtained. I only have the big 16 quart monster in cheery French yellow and I am pondering who to will it to someday, because you know, they last forever.
idrawpix said…
We have a number of Le Creuset cookware. We received a sweet little red saucepan with lid and pour-spout as a wedding gift over 30 years ago and still treasure it. Of course, the large dutch ovens can't be beat.
Your snow pictures are beautiful and Teddy is looking so well!
Happy for you!
Hurrah! I can post again!

Please send Teddy to me - I won't make her wait for treats! She is too gorgeous to wait for anything!

You are pretty awesome! I am trying desperately to picture my mother fixing my lunch to go after I had flown the proverbial nest. Nope. That picture just does NOT come to completion. It keeps being overcrowded by that picture of my mother, weak-kneed with laughter at the very idea.

So glad to be back again!
Jo said…
Teddy just has the Sweetest face Ever!
Rue said…
Lol - I knew you were a shopper like me! I go into a store for just "one thing" and come out with a bag full. I can't resist a sale, or a discount bin, or a scratch card!
Bridgett said…
Oh, you lucky girl! I've been coveting La Crueset forever. Just can't afford it. LOVE the red.

As for the breakfasts and lunches you make everyday...if only every mother were as thoughtful.