Lemon Lemon Loaf

This is what Teddy does each morning. She bolts out the back door across the patio until she encounters the snow and slams on her brakes. And then she eats a little bit of it. She is eating her way to Spring.

My driveway planter.

An unusual combination.

Salt fail.

Gutter strain.

Suspended animation.

Suspended animation part II.

Though I love winter, I thought maybe it was time for a touch of Spring baking.

I love lemon flavored anything.

I think lemon screams spring.

I have been doing so much heavy winter comfort food that I thought it would be a good surprise to everyone to open their lunches to something unexpected.

I packed extras for my daughter's co-workers.

We are barely 6 weeks away from Easter after all.....and 7 months from Halloween for those that are counting.

When baking loaves of bread that tend to stick, it is a good idea to add a strip of parchment paper sprayed with cooking spray. You can then lift the loaf right out of the pan.

This is my new favorite cookbook.

And here is the recipe.

This recipe calls for an intensely flavored lemon syrup.

Which burns if you neglect it while blogging.

After the loaves have finished baking...

They are poked all over with a skewer.

Then brushed with the lemon syrup on the tops....

poked again on the sides.

Brushed with more syrup.

Glazed with a lemon icing.

Left to sit for a while until they are firm enough to cut.

Welcome to an early taste of spring.


Anonymous said…
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, my cheeks are puckering thinking of all that yummy lemon.

Also, the pic of the icicle with the leaves inside is very cool.

And, as usual Teddy steals the show.
Anonymous said…
I, too, have a thing for lemon. This looks more than amazing...as does your winter! I'd like some of that, too! =D
Sugar said…
Awesome pics! and those loafs look nummyyyyyy!!!
Pricilla said…
Is it lemon lemon 'cause you had to make the syrup twice twice?
heh heh
blogging while cooking is dangerous

It looks delicious!
Unknown Mami said…
I would have a really hard time letting those sit long enough to cool. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Thank you so much for visiting on my SITs day and making it such a wonderful experience.
I love how you included the countdown to Halloween♥ I am counting: 264 days away!! :)

Dessert looks delicious, as always. And Teddy, adorable!
My hubby loves lemon, the more lemon the happier he is. He will truly enjoy eating this bread.
Cynthia said…
We are kindred spirits! I love anything lemon. I too am so glad to see the countdown to Halloween. October is my favorite month. I can't believe the amount of snow that you still have. Poor Teddy,even a cold weather breed needs some sunshine!
Anya said…
It looks really delicious :-)

Teddy I send you many hugs meow..meow..

Have a wonderful weekend

Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :-)
Autumn Belle said…
I love the pictures of the icicles capture so beautifully here. Your lemon loaf certainly look delicious and yummy!
Yum, lemon! Anything lemon!
My dogs are also trying to eat their way to spring. They are not having very good luck, however!
Lyon said…
I want you to know that I am literally salivating at the thought of lemon and from looking at the photos of the finished loaf! lol Now I gotta come up with some spring lemony goodness of my own. ;-)
Suzie said…
ooooh, I love lemon too. Lemon pie, lemon curd, looking at this bread makes my mouth water!

I love your photos of ice encased leaves. Captured in the moment of time.

Those icy gutters can not only do damage if the icicles are broken off or tugged on, they are dangerous too when they fall. A neighbor of ours recently found that out the hard way. Fortunately, he will be ok. We get huge ones (old Victorian home that needs more insulation), and when they come crashing down, they make a tremendous noise, and ice shatters everywhere. It makes me shudder to look at your photo of yours.

But the very first picture, is SO cute. White mounds, and in the middle, an orange one! lol Fluffy butt! But don't tell her it makes her look big. :-)

Hmmm, I just remembered some lemon custard ice cream in the freezer. That will have to do until I can make the bread!
Where in the world do you live?? Would you just look at the snow and ice!! That is amazing! Poor Teddy...it must be difficult for her to find a place to potty! Howard wondered where you were...I said I thought you were in Virgina...am I wrong?
I don't know...that lemon cake, were it here, it would be gone in a heartbeat!!
HOW I WISH YOU LIVED NEXT DOOR! I would be the world's worst pest!

Scenario :

Me: Knock knock! Knock knock!
You: Yes, can I help you sweet neightbor?
Me: Why yes. I was wondering if you had a cup of ....oh my...I see I've caught you baking again!
You: Why yes. You have as a matter of fact. Just like you did yesterday..and the day before and the day before that?
Me: Oh my! Did I do that? Well, how kind of you to notice. I AM a huge admirer of your baking and of course I could smell the lovely aroma next door. :) (Me smiling rather sheepishly)
You: Would you like a piece of my lovely, delectable lemon cake?
Me: Why....don't mind if I do! :)

blah blah blah. Can you tell it's late and I am falling off my chair. I rattle on when...well..anyway.
Huge hug for letting me prattle on.....and on!
Hibiscus Moon said…
The snow looks gorgeous. At first I couldn't tell what I was looking at. lol. FL gal here. That baking looks ultra yummy!
Aussiemade said…
Hi Jaz,
The first photo of Teddy going out to eat snow, I actually thought she was in a room with stuffing for pillows or something. Wow I can not imagine snow like that all around my home..is this a normal Winter or is it like many places much heavier for you? Toby I would hate to think how he would cope..lol
As for spring coming to your world..the poplar trees are beginning to go golden and my grape has some red tinges. Yet today is 32dC so still hot.
Okay lemon is my favourite sort of cake and well I am just going to have to make this one now too. Sigh..your recipes are always delicious, have a list to make for winter.

You guys deserve to have some spring thawing happening. brrrrrrr remind me that I really have nothing to complain about re:winter compared to you and Christer! lol
Aussiemade said…
hey Jaz I cant read the recipe! oh well boy can I imagine the lemon smell!
Heidi Walker said…
That lemon cake looks soooo tasty!!! I think your rock salt needs some rock salt to melt it, lol.

I am ready for spring. First week of March I get to be in Palm Springs, FL. Woot woot for me. I am ready for some sun!!! And flowers!!!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

Jennifer Rose said…
that loaf looks so good. hmm might have to go and make a lemon pie now
I love the ice pictures, they are so pretty to look at
You do lemon loaves so well. Yummy and moist. Seems I catch the aroma here in Sunny Florida.

Me thinks you have a real special find in the new chairs. They are lovely.

The pics of vines in ice...how gorgeous.

Eskimo Teddy wishes spring to hurry up....and green up her world.

Yum!! My sons love anything lemon. I'll have to try something like this! Happy SITs Sharefest!
Rue said…
I really love lemon! This just looks like Spring. My parents are heading to California in two weeks to see my Aunt, who always sends them home with leftover lemons and oranges from their trees. I'm going to make this with some California lemons!
Bridgett said…
I adore lemon...taste, scent...everything.
I MUST make this bread. Yum.