I made grapefruit marmalade. I juiced a lot of grapefruits.

I boiled the rinds in water for about a half hour then added the grapefruit juice. Then I added sugar and boiled it until it reached 220 degrees on a candy thermometer.

They look like gems in the sun.

I like it so much that I made some from clementines too! And then I stuck to everything that I touched for the rest of the day.

This is what the back yard looks like on the first day of February.

This was the moon this morning.

And this was the moon just before sunrise.

And this was Teddy at 5:00 am this morning.

And this was Teddy while I was making breakfast.

Praying that I will drop something.

I am doing a giveaway with Mrs. B on her blog. She is doing retro February and will be sharing recipes and giveaways and more. I am putting together a bunch of retro kitchen tools and assorted retro items. Here are some hand crocheted dish cloths, a bakelite cake server, an old vegetable peeler and some green handled kitchen tools.

Some old wooden spoons.

Two cute creamers and a small white bowl.

Some retro candy.

Pressed glass candlesticks and a relish dish.

A vintage chrome bun warmer.

And a cookbook with old farm stand recipes. If you are interested in these, visit Mrs. B at her blog and enter. I think these will be listed on Wednesday. Visit her at the Pagan Soccer Mom blog.

***And don't forget to enter the giveaway for the covered soup tureens by clicking on the pic on my sidebar!


I think Yo have just enough snow over at Yours :-) :-) The right wooden spoon is soo beautiful! But I have never in my life seen a Bun warmer before. How does one use it?

Teddy is soo cute!
Have a great day now!
I am very much in love with Teddy! Please keep posting his pic. I am a cat person so this is unusual to fall in love with a dog (does he know he is a dog?) but I have. I won't tell Charlie (my cat) or he would get jealous! Love the vintage kitchen items. Visited Pagan Soccer Mom blog ....she is fun!
brokenteepee said…
Well, did you drop anything? I wouldn't want Teddy to starve - she looks soooooo thin. Heh heh
Wow! Good fortune smiled on me today! I have eleventy seven tangerines and was wondering what to do with them! Marmalade it is!
The grapefruit marmalade is a gem and beautifully packaged. The retro giveaways are cool too!

The backyard is thinking, spring, spring, and soon. I spy the raised beds for veggies me thinks.

Teddy baby has her "adorable face" on, well I guess she always does, and is always hopeful for yummy tidbits.
Rebecca said…
I just wanted to let you know that I adore you and your blog! xoxo
Carapace said…
So that's how to make marmalade! Fascinating-thanks for sharing!
Suzie said…
Teddy never looks quite wide awake in her early morning photo shoots, poor baby. lol

I love what you have put together for your giveaway! Those green handled utensils always make me think of one of my Grammies because that is what she used.

Your marmalades are beautiful! You should try making some using Blood Oranges, if you haven't already. It is SO good!! I've made a citrus blend, using pineapple, but for some reason, never made grapefruit. I love the citrus marms, so I'm going to have to give that one a try, too!

Your garden is beyond lovely, and I see raised beds! How wonderful!!

Thanks again for sharing a bit of your world with us!
Lucie Le Blanc said…
I love the color of your marmelade : as you said, they look like gems. ;)
Sharon Day said…
That marmalade made my mouth water. I've never had that kind. Yummers. Little Teddy, she looks like a cinnabon. What a cutie!
greekwitch said…
I think we have the exact opposite sleeping schedules, when you wake up, i go to sleep!
If you make a giveaway of the foods you make i will definitely enter!lol
Brightest blessings***
Callie Brady said…
The marmalade gleams like jewelry! Lovely.
Wow great giveaways, Glad Mrs. B told me about your blog, it's great
Sugar said…
I came over from Mrs. B's also!!! I love your blog, can't wait to read more!!
AndrĂ©ann said…
I want those spoons! and the candle sticks :P

it's really nice of you to give your stuff away !
[fiz-eek] geek said…
I am going to have to try out the marmalade recipe, my family loves marmalade! I am very jealous of your backyard and the snow.
TMCPhoto said…
what a great give away but then all your give aways are pretty fabulous
Chowz Creations said…
What in incredibly generous giveaway. I have enjoyed looking around her site, thank for directing that way.

My recommendation for a giveaway: Teddy - BUT you can only pick ME. =)
Bridgett said…
LOL...I bet you did stick to everything the rest of the day! But how yummy. The clementine marmalade sounds especially delicious.

LOVE all the stuff you're giving away over at Mrs. B's blog.

I'm just so far behind. Don't think I'll ever get caught up!