A New Giveaway and Skaneateles

For all of you that are dreaming of spring, I am doing an early Spring feeling giveaway. It consists of 8 handmade cloth spring print napkins and 4 very pretty gold rimmed flower mugs.

Each mug has the name of the flower printed on the bottom. Click for a better look. Sign on to follow if you have not done that yet and leave a comment on what you would drink from these mugs. I will pick the winner's name from the great pumpkin on Sunday morning, February 21st.

Good Luck!!!

We stay in an area of Skaneateles that is farm country. It is just outside of the town.

This is the farmhouse we rent.

This farm is across the street. Teddy loves to go out and look for "bad kitties" that live at this farm.

The lake is frozen and lots of people are ice fishing on it. I sure could have used my telephoto lens but I left it at home.

People pull shovels out on sleds and clean off areas of the lake so they can skate and play hockey.

Teddy was disappointed that she could not go swimming or get a drink.

We had Valentine's dinner at the Sherwood Inn.

The food here is wonderful!

The Inn was built around 1800.

After dinner you could take a horse drawn carriage ride around the town.

This is Lincoln and he is a Belgium.

We always bring Teddy some fish from the Inn for her dinner. There is actually a big black plate somewhere under there.

On the way home Teddy sleeps. I was shooting over my shoulder so this is crooked.

She wakes up occasionally, especially if we stop at a rest stop. She likes McDonalds.

We pasted some signs that show how the Seneca Nation works. Click to enlarge.

This area is hugely into wine making.

Break treaties/ break the law.

Tomorrow I will post more pics of what we saw on the trip.

The Blog Tech appreciates all of your nice compliments!


Marie S said…
Wow what a great time you must have had and beautiful pictures. I love that you can not see the plate around Teddy's head. Gives us an idea of how big that mane is.
What a beautiful dog.
Happy belated Valentine's day!
Cynthia said…
Wow! The pictures of Skaneateles are beautiful. Think that I may have mentioned that I lived in that area many years ago and loved it. I wish that I could be out on the lake skating! I'll bet that the inside of the inn was beautiful also.
Although the pics of the area were great, my favorite picture was Teddy sleeping in the car. Precious!
The mugs are lovely. Think that I would drink my new favorite coffee,Dunkin Donut brand. Or maybe a nice cup of cinnamon tea! Have a good day!
Home again, home again. Always a fine thing to go home. Thanks for allowing us to trip with you and take in the snowy sights.

Teddy must dine when out of town and the plate of food is a biggggg secret...Traveling Teddy is ready to go home.

Be safe and blessings....
Linda said…
What a sweet getaway so beautiful! Teddy seemed to enjoy it also. Those sweet napkins and mugs would make me smile every morning as I drink my coffee. My favorite is the blue bonnet mug as I'm a born in Texas girl!

Linda @ A La Carte
Pricilla said…
Looks like you had a lovely time. It's good you have a blog tech!

Today is like spring here. It's up into the 50ies for heaven's sake!
Raven_Nightwind said…
I would drink homemade hot cocoa with my family in these mugs next to our fireplace up north. While watching practical magic together
I adore those mugs! I can imagine sitting out in my backyard on a breezy April afternoon, sipping freshly-squeezed lemonade out of one of them, accompanied perhaps by a sliced cucumber sandwich. Yum.

I'd also like to mention how charming your farmhouse is! And that inn you had dinner in looks so beautiful! And the carriage rides! Wow, I'm overwhelmed! It clearly looks like you had a wonderful time :) And I'm falling more in love with Teddy each post♥
Birgit said…
Hi there,

Great photos as always...

As for the cups, I would drink my morning coffee from them -- and at night a hot chocolate. :)

Greetings from Munich,
Draven said…
Great pictures, your doggie is so pretty my girls would love her we have a border collie mix... What would I drink from those beautiful cups, in the morning would be my coffee, and at night a nice cup of herbal tea...
Aw, your dog is so cute. I love watching animals sleep. they look so adorable. I follow you and what would I drink out of this? Everything! I love mugs more than cups, it makes whatever you are drinking fancier even if it's just chocolate milk.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com
Laura said…
I must take a trip to that area sometime. It is so beautiful. I see wonderful cups of herbal teas in those beautiful flowered cups.
Beth said…
I love those mugs!!! I would probably drink my rosemary tea or my Red Rose tea (love the little figures and the tea is yummy too).

You always have the neatest stuff.
Autumnforest said…
I think those would make ideal Earl Grey cups! I love the pic's of the snow, but Teddy, always the winner!
pastrywitch said…
My ancient puppy also loves McDonalds, although she's never tried the egg mcmuffin. The photos are lovely.

I'd celebrate Spring with hot chocolate brewed with Pandora spice (a 17th century aphrodisiac blend).
Bridgett said…
What beautiful mugs!
Hmm...I would drink chai and Earl Grey tea. :)

That Inn is beautiful. So tranquil. Hope you had a nice weekend!
jemscout425 said…
My Swiss mocha coffee
Lyneya said…
That looks like such a wonderful place to stay and relax.

I think I would drink homemade hot chocolate with hazelnut syrup out of the cups.
Maman Tattoo said…
Those mugs are lovely! I never have enough mugs :) I'd drink anything in it... from milk to a warm tea!

Looks like there's as much snow there as here.
Amy said…
Those mugs would be great for my morning coffee. Would definitely bring a smile to my groggy face! :)
Carrie said…
I love the mugs, and the napkins, and Teddy! I would drink a cup of English Breakfast tea with honey and milk. Nothing is more delicious!
J said…
I've been following your blog for awhile but have never commented. I enjoy Teddy's adventures and daily habits. I also enjoy you food preparation and recipes.
My sister is having surgery and I would love to win to win you gift for her. It would be such a bright and encouraging way for her to dring her hot lemon and honey as she gains her strength.
Suzie said…
What a romantic getaway! And yes, Teddy does deserve "dinner out" too. I'm surprised that she didn't accompany you to that delightful Inn! Anyone who sees her can instantly tell that she is a very special girl and would demand that she come inside to eat with everyone else! :-)

Thanks for sharing the Tribal views in New York. Here in Michigan, there are numerous tribal casinos, with the most successful one being up in the U.P. But the whole relationship with the state government is different. Once again, there are no easy answers.

As for your VERY cheerful giveway, those placemats and mugs joyously sing of Spring! They look perfect for very fragrant herbal teas. .oooh, or maybe some Jasmine tea!
beautiful pictures... yet what is new... they are always gorgeous... love the mugs... would look wonderful with some cinnamon tea and honey in them...
jennem said…
I follow. I'd fill them with coffee!
Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com
rox said…
ok , I really really want to enter for these mugs ! they just cheer me up , with this feb. drudgery going on around here the mugs would be such a treat . the 21st is our dd Jasmine's b-day so if I win maybe I best share with her as well ;-)
I'm thinking a nice earl grey , or something flowery like a jasmine tea maybe :-)
no coffee though !
Mama Feoneafey said…
Sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend! Teddy is so cute! I have updated your giveaway button on my blog and posted about it too. humm what would I serve in these mugs, I think I would have to make up a new sweet-fruity herbal tea that could be served hot or cold in them. they are so pretty and the napkins are so cute!
Blessings and good luck to every one !
Ma Fey
Ivy said…
Oh, those mugs are lovely! I would drink tea, of course--but I think with mugs and napkins that pretty, I'd have to hold a fancy tea and crafting date with my friends, and serve herbal tea, or maybe some delicate rose tea. Yum!
Marjorie said…
Your blog tech seems like he's a lot of fun! I love the Skaneateles pics as usual--if you ever come across any nice homes for sale there just send me an e-mail, OK? In the meantime please enter me in your drawing!
I think those mugs & napkins will bring spring, so I can imagine sipping some mint & green tea from them. However, I'm still in snow cover & cold so hot choco is more likely!
Anet said…
Such a lovely set of mugs and napkins. Warm and Sping-ish!
I just get a kick out of Teddy! "looking for bad kitties!"
What a lovely Valentine weekend you've had!
Heather Y said…
Thanks for hosting a great giveaway! Those mugs are gorgeous and would fit perfectly in my kitchen! Thanks again! :)

heather y
Carla said…
I would love to drink my strawberry lemon tea out of these beautiful cups

dominican757 at gmail dot com
carma said…
love that pic of Teddy snoozing...

lovely mugs - I'd drink some hot cocoa with mini marshmallows
Wow, that is one beautiful dog. I'm jealous, because I rent, and we're not allowed dogs.

I can imagine myself drinking a nice cup of tea with just a splash of amaretto out of those mugs. Lovely.
Sugar Whiting said…
I would love to enter..I am thinking some home made soup from those mugs...mmmmmm Im sure the kids will steal em and have hot cocoa but...either way we're all happy with warm tummies!
Laura said…
Those mugs are a spot of sunshine in all of the snow pictures which are still amazing to this California/Florida girl. I would be drinking Georgia Pecan coffee made from fresh coffee beans ground by hand with my antique German coffee grinder.
The mugs are adorable...Teddy makes me laugh...LOVE that Farmhouse...love it !

and Buddy LOVES the plain double cheeseburger at McDoanlds :-)

kary and buddy