A New Giveaway and A State of Emergency

The winner of the soup tureens in baskets is: Mama Feoneafey!!! Congrats!!! I will ship them out as soon as I dig out!!! This is the new giveaway.

Four matching pressed glass footed bowls. I will be traveling at the end of the week so I will draw the winner's name on Sunday morning. Just leave a comment on this post telling everyone what you will be doing for Valentine's Day. If you aren't already a follower, sign on to follow.

A bit of progress. Click on any of the following pictures for a better look.

A path for Teddy to get to her favorite guarding spot.

Teddy and her short little stocky legs are not enjoying these conditions.

She sat here looking out for most of the day.

She kept looking at me like the snow was my fault.

While laying in the doorway, she was covered in snow on her left side.

You can see my downed arborvitaes. We can't get out of the driveway.

It dropped down to zero last night and now they are all frozen in place.

Chow chows are very neat dogs. They are very fussy about where they poo and pee. Teddy sat by the doors and barked to tell us she needed to go to the bathroom. But there was no place for her to go. You can see in this pic that we sort of made a poo path to the back yard.

You can see that the snow is almost up to the wood burning oven door on the left in the back.

You can't even walk through it without falling.

The planter looks like a big marshmallow.

My grill.

On the left is Teddy's guarding path. The path to the right is the pee path. The snow melt is finally working in places.

As we shoveled this path, Teddy was right on our heels.

Thanks mama! Now I can guard.

I figured no one wanted to see her using the other two paths!


Teddy on Guard. Marvelous little girl that she is.

Congatulation to Mama Feoneafey!
Autumnforest said…
Oh my gosh--I love that dog so much--I feel like she's a family member. You really bring her personality to life. The snow is amazing. What I would give to curl up with hot cocoa and then rush outside and make a grill snowman--that snow looks like it'd be good for a human-shaped figure...creepy! Good luck digging out of the wonderland. I was going to show pictures this week of the blossoms on my fruit trees but my camera died. I think I have to steal hubby's spare camera. Valentine's Day--I never go out--since everyone else does. I make my honey a special supper and we curl up and drink champagne and watch a movie we both agree on (that usually means settling for action adventures). I think this year, I'm having my son and his girlfriend over and make a killer dessert--some kind of death-by-chocolate cake or hot fudge cake...Yums!
Erin said…
Aww, I love Teddy! She's so adorable with her little paths.
For Valentines Day, or should I say the day before, I'll be attending a friend's dessert party and bringing a home made chocolate cheesecake :)

P.S.- I love your Halloween countdown! As you'll soon find out in a few months, I am Halloween CRAZY! hehe.
We're homebound for now too. Can't get out of the driveway!
I hope the trees bounce back.. it would be a shame to lose such mature trees.
Stay warm and safe.
Anonymous said…
I can't tell you how much of a smile it brings to my face seeing posts of Teddy! Thanks!
Well, heavens no! We wouldn't want to invade Teddy's privacy! :) She is such a cutie and it is so obvious that she is a VIP in the family. Or should I say VIT. (Very important Teddy!)
I am rethinking my need for snow. Maybe not.
I am sitting here in a toasty house. The weather outside is now at 57 degrees, and the sun is shinning. Even the petunia's are blooming in the back yard and they should already be gone. However..California has a bad habit of suddenly freezing everything just when you think you are safe. :)
You are such a GOOD Mom to even dig a "guard dog" path of Teddy.
Hurray for Teddy! He definitely got some snow...maybe a little too much for his Mom.
Pricilla said…
Congratulations to the winner!
Did someone not wish for snow? Did someone not say she wanted lots of snow?

heh heh
pastrywitch said…
Chows remind me of giant cats; very fastidious.
For Valentine's day...it's the last day for the chocolate shop and my first day of unemployment. Yay. If I still fit into my big-girl panties I'll be going to a potluck. Otherwise I'll be at home self-medicating with booze and Ben & Jerry's.
Melodie said…
Teddy is a cutie! As for the rest..Brrrrr!
motheralice said…
Wow, you all got mad snow! (I thought we got a lot.. heh) Love Teddy!
Rue said…
Poor Teddy - having to hike in the snow to do her business. You are such a good Mama for shoveling a path for her!

I can't believe the amount of snow you got! I had heard people talking about a storm - but wow! I hope the trees/bushes in your yard will be okay - it makes me sad when they break under all that snow weight!
first..now i know we're sisters..you love and adore The Treasury of Great Recipes" too...got so excited when i saw that....

wow..that is some snow...and the look on Teddy's face tells it all...

she is adorable....i love her....

stay warm.....

kary and buddy
forgot the valentines day part..

staying home...i want to make steamed alaskan king crab and a caeser salad..the one in vincent price,champagne, french bread ...and for dessert i am thinking chocolate fondue with raspberries and strawberries....OR cherries jubilee....hmmmmm which one....
Aw, what a cute doggie!!

I follow and what I'm doing for valentine's day is spending it with the girls...mom, sister, and sister in law. we're seeing the movie V-Day and eating out.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com
Nice pics! I am in the same storm. I'm making an igloo, using a plastic file box for my mold, with the snow just from on/around my car!

For Valentine's Day...cooking nice food fer sure...maybe scalloped oysters. My boyfriend is a little weird about the day because it's his wedding anniversary w/his ex. He's romantic enough to make up for it throughout the year, though. :)
Abeje said…
My friend and I are going to bake cupcakes for valentines day.
Have just found your blog & am kinda wishing I could trade places right now as we swelter in 35C heat, your snow looks amazing, picture perfect but know from my childhood the yucky slush that happens when the thaw comes. Oh & Teddy is gorgeous I love Chow Chow's....

Have a great day

Lyn xxx
Chowz Creations said…
Totally LOVE the final photo! Nothing better than a guardian chow. Love her fluffy, poofy pants.
Suzie said…
First, a huge congratulations to Mama! That is an awesome prize that I'm sure she'll treasure!!

And the pieces that you're offering up next are so pretty! It is unusual to have a matching set like that.

Poor Teddy. She looks so resigned, and then so happy that she has her paths! I'm sure that the fastidious little girl cherishes her privacy, even more than we, who are respecting it!

I'm happy that you got your snow like you wished for, but I'm sorry that your landscaping took a beating.

Let's hope that this doesn't do a repeat when you are travelling! We are now under a winter storm watch for Monday night, until Wednesday afternoon, with a predicted 9 - 12 inches. We'll see. Love that winter!!
a.rogue said…
Nice pictures! LOVE that Teddy!!! I am going to try to email you the Holiday Card I made of the marshmallow tree in my sisters back yard... I do love all that snow but it is hard to clean up when you live in the middle of a city like I do.
I am an anti-romantic! So no valentine's plans -- except I did just finish making my menu plans for the next few weeks so my hubby will be very happy to be having meat (it only happens once or twice a week) as I was gifted a nice local (Ontario) rack of lamb.
I am afraid valentines is just like christmas to me - commercialized and guilt-ridden extravaganzas of spending... Why can't we put the intended sentiments into our everyday actions?
sorry I vented...
Callie said…
Hope your garden doesn't suffer too much damage. The snow is beautiful, but I don't like the problems it can cause. Teddy is a very cute fellow!
Janet said…
I love your dog she's so pretty. That snow looks like fun. Thanks for checking out my kitchen. I am taking your advice on the retro cannisters. Thanx
Jennifer said…
Teddy and her paths is cute! Wow, that is a LOT of snow! The snow piled up on the grill is just something else. I won't complain about how much snow we get anymore!
Bronny said…
Oh my....
I've never seen snow like that - not that I think I would enjoy it... I live in an area that rarely gets below 6celcius in winter = no snow. If I could care to drive an hour or so, I could get to the snowfields. .... but nah....
snow looks so cold!

in Victoria Aust - 36c summer day.
Birgit said…
Hi there,

Valentine's Day isn't that big in Germany, yet I plan to bake some heart-shaped cookies. :)

Greetings from Munich,
Touchatou said…
That's our snow you are getting ! lolll We have a very dry winter here, not our usual. ;)

On Valentine's day, man and I have a tradition that gets back to our beginning 11 years ago : we go see a horror movie ! Really ! Just not to be like everyone else. ;)

This year it will be the werewolf movie with del Toro and Hopkins : funny how often Hopkins grants us a horror movie for Valentine day...
Jenna Gayle said…
Oh, I don't suppose we'll be doing anything extra special... I'd prefer not to spend the rediculous amount of money, and besides, shouldn't you feel the same about each other every day of the year?! We'll probably throw something on the grill and hang out by the fire!
Tracy DeLuca said…
Wow. That snow is crazy! Feel free to send some my way, we love snow and never get it.

My husband is a chef. The restaurant he works at is already completely booked solid for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights! He will be working 16 hour days each day. SO, we will not be celebrating V-day! We usually celebrate afterward and get the discounted candy and goodies... LOL It's all about the love, not the day....
what tremendously beautiful pictures... Gorgeous.. and still more to come for you... hopefuly you will be able to travel as planned... Not sure what the plans are for Valentines day... Probably a relaxing eve at home.. with a bunch of our fav. foods... To many others out on the town that night... plus it is a sunday....
Sugar Whiting said…
wow that's a lot of snow! I absolutely adore your pup! She is darling. I hope to have a romantic evening with the hubster for Valentines..but with two kiddos...yanno..so prolly some after bedtime fun but that's as romantic as we get! lol.. Hope you are safe under all the snow and keep warm n snuggly!
Deb K said…
Wow! you sure did get the snow! We got some too but not quite as much as you..Sure hope that you are able to dig out to travel safely!

Not sure what we are doing for Valentine's Day either as my honey is not the mushy romantic type so I will probably just make a nice dinner for the 2 of us.
Mama Feoneafey said…
Lets see, for Valentines Day Hubby and I will be staying home with a movie and dinner. For dinner we'll be having Chicken Paprikas (peppercosh) with home made egg dumplings, and my Decadent Red Velvet Cake.
Bridgett said…
Congratulations to the winner!

And wow, Jaz...I just can't believe all that snow!