Oh No Snow!!!!

This was about 4:00 pm yesterday.

This was about 6:00 last night.

At six we had just a few inches and it was beautiful.

Most of you know how much I love snow.

I wait for it all year long.

I am a storm follower.

I watch the weather like it's my religion.

This is my fellow storm tracker.

She says: It's snowing. I should have something warm in my tummy!

So I make my partner a good bowl of soup.

Which is gobbled in about 2 seconds.

This was about 6:00 last night.

And then this was 5:00 am this morning. That square thing is my raised planter.

Sheese...I said I wanted lots of snow and the weather gods took me seriously.

This is the front porch.

This is the back porch.

I had to force the back door open. That patio area right there is on a snow melt system and it couldn't keep up with the snow.

This is a very, very heavy packing snow.

That is at least 3 feet on the chair.

This disaster is my driveway. All of my arborvitaes have bent over and some of them are cracked and will have to be replaced. I was out there all morning knocking the snow off of the trees but the trees still would not straighten up.

My peach tree and my car.

More arborvitaes and my other car.

My garden table. This was taken 12 hours after the first photo.

Those cone shaped things are my patio lights.

And guess who wouldn't brave the storm?

She is looking at me. I think I frightened her, I looked like the abominable snowman.

BTW...the weathermen predicted 4 inches. I measured over 3 feet and in my lower yard it was up to my hips.



Kim said…
How bout it! We are in South Jersey and lookin at probably 2 feet at this point. I'll keep ya posted! Great blog, glad I found you.
dolphyngyrl said…
Be careful what you wish for?

It's gorgeous! I wish I lived somewhere it snowed, but my wife says No Way!
Laura said…
oh my goodness! just look at all that snow! we were supposed to get a few more inches this morning but it moved north of us so now all we are left with is slush. ick
enjoy the snow for me!
Divaeva said…
I am so jealous - not even a flakeherein Connecticut! Looks so beautiful!
Suzie said…
The beauty of a snowstorm is amazing, just pure magic! But the negative side of course is the damage that it can do to trees, plants, and the poor animals who have no choice but to hunker down and try to stay warm, and find food.

Your photos are wonderful, showing both the beauty and the beast (no,not Teddy. .she is a sweetie pie!).

Thank goodness you are home safe, with plenty of warm soup, and no planned trips to any airports. And no thrift shopping either!

Oh, and I LOVE your boots!!
Mama Feoneafey said…
Yikes! That's a lot of snow.
Teddy is smart (and most adorable), we should take our cue from her and stay in, but like you I love the snow!
I hope you don't have to many arborvitaes to replace and that your peach tree hasn't had any, or at least not to much, damage.
You may need to tether off with a safety line when going to the lower yard so Teddy can pull you in ;P
Snowy and Safe Blessings to you and Teddy!
Ma Fey
Linda said…
Beautiful but so much of it!! Glad you got those photos to show how deep it was/is. Stay warm.
Touchatou said…
My god ! Here we have almost no winter ! Seems like the weatherman is splitting the winter around the world except of all giving it to us as is normal ! We haven't had snow for weeks here ! Not not not normal ! lolll

We are just out of a cold wave though... -25 to -30 at nights.... brrrr

hey, I found a thrift store with lotsssss of glass !! It was so cool picking my way through those. I tought of you all the time and brought back a divided tray and a nice heavy pitcher and clothes for my man's grand-daughter. Had a lot of fun !
He he he! You really got a lot of snow now :-) I can imagine how happy You are now! It actully looks as if You have more snow than we have now!

Have a great day now!
Brrrrrrrrrrrr and all that snow. It has snowed all around us but not in the metro area of ABQ. The grands have been excited and disappointed too many times this winter. I sure can't let them see how much you have gotten or whining and wailing will begin. They love the snow. Me, I love to look at the snow and watch it melt and pick the pretty flowers that the snow makes possible in the spring. I'm voting with Teddy.....stay warm, stay inside. The photos are wonderful, thanks for sharing Nature's beauty with us.
You ask, she delivers. Yikes.
Erin said…
What an adorable dog you have- and I love the fact that he eats soup!
We had a tremendous amount of snow storm warnings here in NY, all jobs were canceled even, and yet it never ended up snowing at all! It was the strangest thing :p
I hope you have a snowblower!
Autumnforest said…
Be careful what you wish for! Hope that keeps you going all year long until you're waiting for the next big snow! Teddy no doubt has no problem in the snow--what a built in suit she has! I just adore those pictures of snow at night. No one ever takes those shots but they are the most beautiful, I think. It's that mysterious silent dark world with a strange glow.... Beautiful!
Pricilla said…
You are really snowed in there. My family in southern NJ is covered too.
And here we are in MONTANA with hardly any. It's going to be a rough summer fire wise...

Enjoy it...if you can. heh heh
pastrywitch said…
The photos are beautiful. Staying inside with soup sounds good. Don't give up on your plants yet, they may surprise you.
William Bezek said…
I know, I know, but it is pretty...yes? Especially with the sunshine today, we are taking the kids sledding. Have fun!
ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! :) I adore snow and as long as you have everything you need in the way of supplies, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
I take terrible pictures (it isn't only the camera's fault!) I just am not camera savy. Anyway...those candle stick with candles in them and all lit up are precious! I filled my candy dish set it on the flatter one and I cannot wait to set a table with them. Thank you again!

Teddy has more personality than the law allows! :) What a sweetheart! Mine in always under my chair or right next to me where ever I am in the house. I get the feeling Teddy sticks right near you as well.

Christer's dogs knock me out too. I don't know if Teddy sleeps on your bed, but mine does. She has been at the foot of the bed since she was a pup. Neither of us can sleep with out the other close by! :) I think we are called "dog people!" which I love!

Thanks for sharing your snow, Joyce! Enjoy!
Mona :)
Chowz Creations said…
Great photos - start to finish. It was fun watching it "grow" thru your pictures. =) We too live in a snow belt, lots of fun. Sure is beautiful. Teddy is probably happy, now you're snowed in and can't shop for more glass. ha ha
wow - that's amazing! glad it's you and not me:) your pictures are stunning.
Terri Smith said…
Hi Jaz! I'm Terri Smith from Dimples & Dragonflies. Thank you so much for joining me today! It's my sincerest pleasure to welcome you and Miss Teddy.

I have laughed myself silly reading some of your posts that include this sweet-faced baby. She's a true beauty and you my dear, are hilariously funny!

The photos of the snow took my breath! We don't get much of the white stuff here in Middle Georgia, but when we do, we all go nuts. You captured some fabulous shots and I loved them all!

BTW..you now qualify for my upcoming "Free Giveaway" promotion. A winner will be chosen by Random.org for a beautiful 12X12 Original Oil On Canvas on February 11th. Good luck to you!

Gosh..it's so beautiful over here in your neck of the woods, I almost don't want to leave. You and Teddy are welcomed to visit my place any time, my studio door is always opened! Blessings, joy and sunshine to you and yours, Terri Smith
Night snow, I love it. The photographs of the night snow are ethereal. Exceptional...a fairyland of delight.

My youngest daughter lives in Maine. Heavy snow days make her feel like she's in a snow globe.

Teddy's not 'tupid...she knows she'll sink out of sight in the deep snow. Princess Chow~Chow declines a walk in the snow today..slight problem..where will she tee-tee? :-)
Laura said…
Wow, I would love to see that. I have never seen it actually snowing in my life, lived in California and Florida always. I need to take a trip at least once to somewhere to see what that is like.
Thanks for sharing such great pictures. Teddy is too cute.
Lyon said…
Oh my goodness that is insane!!! That picture of three feet of snow on the chair is one of the most bizarre and cool things I've ever seen. lol By the Gods, I'm so sorry you all are going to have to dig out of that. I've never seen so much snow in my life.
Jennifer Rose said…
i love snow, gorgeous pictures :) but that is a huge amount of snow!
Bridgett said…
Holy crap!!!! I can't imagine getting that much snow. We did one year that I can remember...but other than that, if we get 12 inches, it's a lot.

Be safe and warm!