A Patient Puppy and Minnesota Wild Rice Soup

You all recognize this scenario by now.

And you've seen this look too.

Sometimes staying alert this early in the morning is tough.

The floor patrol sometimes takes mini naps.

Teddy looks a bit grumpy before her morning treat.

Once a year my dear sweet sister sends me wild rice from Minneapolis. She lives there and it costs much less than it does here since it is harvested in Minnesota. I love wild rice soup. First I melt some butter in a pot and I cook the wild rice according to directions.

I slice up a bunch of leeks.

And saute' them in the butter.

I add carrots and celery and mushrooms and saute' these until translucent. Then I sprinkle flour over the vegetables and cook this for a few minutes.

Then I add chicken stock to the vegetables.

I add the meat from a roasted chicken.

And then add the cooked wild rice. Add 1 cup of cream and salt and pepper to taste.

A perfect meal for a cold day.

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wow...we are thinking the same...soup..your's looks so wonderful...

i love wild rice soup..i have to make this....

that face on Teddy...what a cutie...i would LOVE to have a dog like her....she is adorable....

more later you two....

sending love
kary and buddy
o.k. now i am laughing..HALLOWEEN COUNT DOWN this made my day ! the other day i was walking buddy late in the afternoon...and i thought..is it Halloween, yet?
Anonymous said…
MMMMMMMMMMMM, that would be so good right now with some crusty bread! I love to eat soup when snow is on the ground!
Dreamwriter said…
Looks so yummy! I LOVE homemade soups!
greekwitch said…
As always it looks yummy!
Since i know how early You go up sometimes I can understand that Teddy takes mini naps :-) :-)

We really have hot soup weather here now, so perhaps I´ll make some this weekend. But I´ve never eaten wild rise before. Does ity taste much different?
Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
The hubby loves wild rice. I will have to try that for him...
Wild rice soup is my favorite!
Sounds like a perfect soup for a cold day! Thanks for stopping by and say hi!

Suzie said…
We have to return to Rochester, MN every 85 days, and it is now a tradition to eat lunch at a local restaurant that always has Wild Rice Soup on the menu. It is SO good! The recipes I've seen never look like what they serve, but yours does!

I think that on this trip coming up, I'm going to be buying some wild rice to make my own when we return home! Thanks!!

Teddy must know that any crummies that fall onto the floor are worth getting up so early. But nothing says that she has to stay in full alert mode! :-) What a sweetheart. I should look so good when I'm sleeping! lol
Autumnforest said…
Okay, I'm definitely not nodding off, but I do have that same "feed me" expression in my big brown eyes--just like Teddy. That dog and I are zen-connected.
pastrywitch said…
Teddy's morning treat is a stick of butter?! Oh, wait, we've moved on....now it make sense. That sounds delicious. I'm off in search of the savory pies....
Touchatou said…
Teddy is soooooooo cute !
Sarita Rucker said…
That looks yummy. Now I'm thinking of how to make a vegetarian version...hmm....
Looks like tasteee morsels to me. I'll whip this up today!

Kisses to Teddybear!
Deb K said…
This looks so good and what a easy recipe~I am going to have to try this~Thanks!

Also I am in Minnesota too :-)
Bridgett said…
Oh yum!
And it looks so simple to make!
Made this soup and felt like a gourmet chef. It was awesome! I am totally hooked on your blog now. Can't wait to try the granola and all the other stuff too! Thanks for sharing such an excellent blog!