Remembering Colors and More Chow Chow

Remember this?

Right now with everything looking very gray and white and dirty, I give you some memories of colors.

This rose from last summer has continued to bloom through winter.

Very soon my sweet little tomatoes, very soon.


The gurgling mill stone is now buried in snow.

Not too long until we will be seeing this again

Last summers celery.

A couple more Teddy videos. The first one is very funny!

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Liz said…
I love that fountain, I should get one of those for our new place!

Just found you via PDub. :)

Loving This Mom Stuff
rox said…
lol Thanks I needed this ! Oh I am going a tad kerbonkers here waiting for real spring . I try by planting seeds , bulbs in pots etc. but this is the duldrums month for sure .
silly Teddy ;-) what a cutie pie
thanks a bunch
Love your yard- I grow echinacea in the summertime too :)

Teddy is the cutest dog I've ever seen! Watching him jump up with those two furry paws made me LOL

William Bezek said…
I just did a post on color myself, as I sit here in my studio watching the freezing rain come down...sigh. I would end with one of those obnoxious sad faces made of puntuation marks, but I swore I would never use those damn things!
Pricilla said…
At least the yurt is full of bright colors!
Did you see my cabinets?

I love them.
They measured for my countertop today
Touchatou said…
Love the videos ! And loive your voice : so sweet ! And you speak so well, I understand you as if your are speaking french !
I am so excited to be able to hear you live. Thanks oh so much dear friend. ;)
P.S. I am replaying the videos over and over. ;)
Pricilla said…
We hope to be in by the end of next month. It won't be finished but it will be liveable...
I don't think it will EVER be finished.
oldblackcatboo said…
Now you are just being MEAN! LOL!
It's like someone eating chocolate and not sharing! (seriously, beautiful photos and Teddy is adorable!)
You have a lovely yard. Natures elements feed our spirit. Rich soil, garden plots, running water, flower beds, yard adornments and fresh air, are living accompaniment for life.

Bitty Boo Teddy is a love.

Happy Day wishes to you all.
Having a read a bit of your home place history I am ever more impressed.

Me thinks you are a free spirit and a pioneer of place. Weaving it all together for a home land.

What a woman "can" do. :)
Nice, nice pics of color! Teddy is a doll!
Clearly, you were born to be a dog trainer, LOL!
Jennifer Rose said…
thank you for the pics :) 2 days of snow and rain has made everything grey :(
faerwillow said…
~what beautiful reminders of what is to come...thank you bringing a bit of color to us...brightest blessings~
Rue said…
Just a tease of things to come. Hard to believe in a few months it will look like that again! I can't wait!
HappyCrone said…
I love Teddy!!! I used to have a Chow/Lab mix, smartest dog I ever had, and he would do anything, and I mean any thing, for a cookie!!!!
I see this trait in Teddy, too!
Bridgett said…
The land surrounding your home is just gorgeous!

And Teddy is so funny! She really didn't want to shake, did she? LOL