The Snow Didn't Stop Me From Thrift Shopping

When I woke up this morning this is what I saw.

Snow snow and more snow.

I haven't seen the tabletop since Christmas.

I took this picture with my night photo.

Teddy's water dish. At least the snow melt system is working on the patio.

This was taken in the front yard with the night photo.

I took this after the sun came up.

Ugh...more snow on my arborvitaes.

No grilling any time soon.

Teddy is still not happy having her yard filled with snow.

She is limited to about a twentieth of her normal area.

And a frozen water bowl.

I found this brand new mirror at a thrift store yesterday.

It cost 8.99!

The mirror is beveled too.

This brass book stand was 6.99.

It holds my new spell book perfectly.

An old Domino sugar shaker.

It was 59 cents and will be my new vanilla sugar shaker.

Though I don't ever need another cookbook for the rest of my life, I could not pass these up for 1.00 each.

*** Today is the last day to enter the giveaway. The winner will be drawn tomorrow. Another giveaway will be posted at that time. Just click on the giveaway picture on the sidebar.

*** A few people have asked me how I learned to cook. My mother died when I was quite young and most of the cooking fell to me. I also always loved cooking and read every cookbook known to man. Then I read every cooking magazine in existence. I have always loved experimenting with recipes too. I've traveled all over the world and while others spent time in museums, I went to market areas. I tried everything I could find. When I would eat something wonderful, I would store the knowledge of it until I could recreate it. One of more famous attempts happened a few years ago when I ate at the Loveless Cafe in Nashville. One bite of their biscuits and I entered into the biscuits making marathon from hell. It took me 4 months and over 3000 biscuits to perfect the recipe. I walked around in a flour haze the entire time. My neighbors were very grateful for the experience as they received biscuits on a daily basis. Someone also asked about my Indian cooking. I lived in Toronto for years and fell in love with Indian cuisine while there. When I moved, there were no Indian restaurants in my new location. I had to teach myself to make Indian food from memories of the wonderful meals I had eaten. I have hundreds of cookbooks which I sometimes use to give me ideas. I cook more from feelings than anything else. Once I taste something it is stored and I never forget the taste. I am a food geek!


Rue said…
Wow - the snow! Those poor trees - I wonder if they'll ever be fully upright again?!

Keep telling Teddy that Spring is coming - perhaps she'll believe you eventually...

I would love to be able to cook from taste. I'm all about evoking a certain feeling. Like how I feel when I make my grandma's Yorkshire pudding. The recipe isn't the greatest, but it reminds me of her!
You're not a food geek, you are a food artiste!
Pricilla said…
Tell me. When you are cooking does a little voice in your head say add this or add that just out of nowhere?
And do you do it even if it might seem to be the oddest thing EVER?

The story of how you learned to cook was so interesting. Lots of cooking goes on in our family!

I keep buying cookbooks, but seldom really cook much as my husband is just not used to anything but pretty plain cooking. When I arrived in this house there was salt and other spices at all. I did find a can of cinnimon. A very small very old can! There was no spice cabinet..nothing. I have never seen that before! Have you? It was a strange thing to me.

I love buscuits and at one time baked them nearly every single day when I was raising the children..
and I guess it's like everything else. Practice makes perfect.

That you cook Indian cuisine is amazing. I love their food and my husband and I used to treat ourselves to their food now and then. No more! So..I have more or less given up any real cooking and leave it to the children.

You would eat it in your head and then recreat it?? That is like a dress designer!
A food food genius to me!
Like I said...HOW I wish I were your neighbor. Why...I would shovel snow...pull weeds...:) for one of those beautiful biscuits!! I love food. (I'm afraid it is beginning to show too!)
I had to laugh at the "biscuit making marathon from hell!" LOL

I loved reading this!!
Autumnforest said…
Yeah, but you're our favorite food geek! Poor Teddy, looks like she's miffed at you as if you redecorated the backyard. Hee hee. Of course, it keeps her inside with the fantastic cooking longer, so that's awesome! Even though you love snow, I'm sure you've just about had it right now. A break would probably be nice, especially for the arbor vitae. I love the mirror--what a find! I'm a mirror freak! I love what they do to rooms (feng shui aside).
Just stopping by to thank you for visiting me on my SITS day and leaving me some blog love! Everyone was so sweet and I really enjoyed the day!

I can't believe how much snow you've been getting! :p

I love that book stand! It reminds me of the movie, Hocus Pocus. You can put a "spell book" on it this Halloween! :)

I always enjoy seeing what you're cooking- you're so talented♥
It is amazing and fun for me to see all the snow pictures. Love the night pics, too.

You stay busy and productive and share what you have. This is a recipe for prosperity.

The simple things in life are the best. Although I must say the internet has been good to provide information and connect us to people everywhere.

Teddy be "stylin" wherever she is, rain or snow, her furry self is all fluffed out. :o)

Stay warm....
oldblackcatboo said…
First off, Is that a potting bench that I spy under all that snow? It looks intriguing! I hope you will take another photo of it when it warms up!
Poor Teddy, I'm too, am wishing for Spring!
LOL! Yes, I understand that THRIFTING must done! damn the weather!
It's nice to read about your cooking and how you got into it.
I love good food but I don't have the budget for it. Also, I hate washing dishes etc. I wish I was your neighbor too! I'd come over and brush Teddy for you!
Nice snow pics, at least from my vantage point!
What great finds!
I love to cook, too, though I'm not quite up to your maniac level. :-)
Good for you!
Beautiful photos - I wish my camera would do that at night! My night photos are dreadful.

I have that exact same book stand! You got quite the deal! I love mine. I have several exquisite books that I rotate "on display" in my studio - I just like to look at them.

I want to play with Teddy! I've never seen such a cuddly fur kid! (Don't tell Dusty I said that - I'd have hell to pay!)
Melodie said…
The snow is beautiful,but I know you must be tired of it by now! Great thrift finds! I think everyone has a special talent,yours is for sure cooking!And possibly thrifting,lol!
oldblackcatboo said…
Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the comment!
I went to your side-bar under Gardens and found the pic of the Potting Bench....LOVE IT!
Seeing the warm weather photos has me wishing for Spring all the more! LOL!
Great pics!
William Bezek said…
THE UN-SINKABLE JAZ BROWN! You go thrift queen!
We still have a lot of snow here, but it has rained and been over freezing point for a couple of days now :-) :-) I wa´nt all of the snow on the roads to melt here now so that I can take my walks :-)
Have a great day now!
Guillaume said…
The snow pictures are great, as usual. I sitll like snow in february, a bit less in March and I hope there is none in April.

And your blog is one of the few "food blogs" I follow. I printed one of your recipes and hope to do it one day.
Lin said…
As tired as we are of the snow, those are lovely photos. Look how everything wears a hat of snow! Do you think we'll want this on a 100 degree day this summer?? :)
Bridgett said…
Wow. I can't believe you're still getting that much snow!

And J, you always find the best deals at the thrift stores. I wish we had your thrift stores around here!

Thanks for filling us in on your cooking history. :)