A Spring Wreath and Teddy's Debut

Here is a simple way to make a Spring wreath. Start by buying a grapevine wreath. Our Michael's craft stores have them on sale right now.

You will need a wire cutter, green floral wire and a glue gun.

Buy an assortment of silk flowers. I prefer dried flowers but they do not hold up well when used outside. If you stay with neutral colors it will be prettier.

The first thing you should do is to fashion a loop out of the wire and attach it to the wreath for hanging.

Clip all of the individual flower stems with the wire cutter and begin to insert them around the wreath.

You want as much of a 3 dimensional effect as possible.

I added some cherry blossom sprigs.

Then I added some dogwood and daisies.

I pulled all of the leaves off of the sprigs.

Then hot glued them around the edge of the wreath.

So easy and so Spring-like.

A bit of spring with 4 feet of snow still on the ground.

And here it is....Teddy in action.

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Sydnii said…
That's a beautiful wreath! And I don't think Teddy is too interested in the crow. lol
pastrywitch said…
It's more like Teddy in inaction...:)
Bangchik said…
A very symbolic wreath... ~bangchik
Teddy is a LION! A LION I tell you! You don't get how cat like she is from the still photos.

And your wreath is gorgeous.
Like all true Divas, Teddy must be coaxed and will do things only in her own sweet time! Love the wreath too!
The wreath is charming....very wishful and wistful at the same time.

Teddy is a diva. She reminds me of my favorite Saint Bernard whose name was Lady Priscilla Innabratt....she was a bratt of high caliber, just like your Teddy. Took a coaxing to get her to do anything except what she wanted. How wonderful Teddy is. I love her too many.
Melodie said…
The wreath and Teddy,both gorgeous !
Denise said…
Stopping by from SITS to say Hi!
I am adding you so I can come back & read more!
Please stop by!
Pricilla said…
So lovely to hear your voice.
The bells are beautiful. I love church bells.
I am thinking that Teddy is a bit of a Diva like Abby.

The wreath is gorgeous...I would expect nothing less.
Love the wreath and the great pics and instructions. I think I could actually make a beauty wreath and it will be great fun.

Teddy takes lady like steps and is very regal. Although Princess Teddy is very exicted to be a video star she must maitain her dignity. On the inside she is screaming, go Ted-dy, go Ted-dy! :o)
Your so talented- that wreath is gorgeous!!

And Teddy is even cuter in action ♥ Love her :)
Rebecca said…
The wreath is so pretty! Bring on Spring pleaseeeeeee!
And Teddy is amazingly adorable.
Rue said…
I love the wreath - a perfect sign of things to come. I just can't wait for actual flowers to show up in my garden!
Bridgett said…
Love, love, love the wreath! You make it look so easy. LOL I have a feeling mine wouldn't turn out half as good.

Teddy is a cutie, for sure.