Teddy's Lucky Day

Teddy took up her regular position first thing this morning.

Drop something mama...please drop something.

And then it happened. I opened the pantry door and a bag of open pretzels fell out spilling pretzels and salt all over the floor. Teddy was ready!

Click to enlarge...she was right on the cleanup.

Not a crumb was left when Teddy was finished. Lucky puppy day.

I have a confession to make. I am a plate freak. I love plates and have so many sets of them it is a bit embarrassing. This set is Johnson Brothers silver and white.

These plates are trimmed in silver with silver bees.

Some day I will show you a lot more of these blue transferware plates. Most of these are Staffordshire from England. Click for a better view.

I have a lot of patriotic dishes that are fun to use for Memorial Day and Fourth of July.

Uh oh..the Blog Tech is in trouble again...this pic is sideways. This is George Washington at Valley Forge.

These black and gold plates are hand painted.

These are my favorites. They are called Fallow Deer and are made by Wedgewood. Click to actually see the fallow deers. These are very rare and hard to come by. It took me 15 years to finally find enough to complete service for 12.

These flo blue dishes are from France. I have service for 20 in this pattern.

These dishes are French Limoge. I use them for Easter dinner.

I just scratched the surface of my plate cache. I told you it was ugly.

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Barbara said…
LOL, Cute Pup story. Kate Bush is playing on your blog and it has been 20 years since I listened to her. I used to have her cassettes.
OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue flo dishes !! I need to get my hands on some!
Do you rent a warehouse nearby to house all your collections of everything, LOL? Mmmm, those flo blue dishes from France are particularly elegant!
Teddy was well worth all that she could get :-) :-)

I´ve never seen anything like those silver and white before. My favourite however is the Fallow deer. Perhaps just because we have fallow deers not far from our cottages :-)
Have a great day now!
Autumnforest said…
I get the distinct feeling Teddy considered that a so/so average day--I'm sure she's waiting for the really good stuff that mom cooks to drop on the floor--no 5 second rule in your house--no doubt she has it gone in 2 seconds! I love the plates. I feel the same way about tea cup sets, but I don't collect them because I know if I started, I'd never stop. I don't know which plates I like best. They are all beautiful for different reasons. Good choices!
Pricilla said…
The blue flo dishes are beautiful.

I had a set that I left with my brother that my uncle gave to my mother (could that have been any more convoluted?). He bought them in Japan when he was serving in the Army during the Korean War.

They were beautiful - soft greens and pinks. If I had known we were going to settle down into a house again so soon after we took off in the trailer I would have put my stuff in storage instead of giving it all away. Oh well...such is life.
Pretzel Teddy strikes again! :=) She's a hoot!

All the plates are gorgeous. I especially like the Silver Bee and Fallow Deer plates. Following your thrifting is akin to peeking in someone's hope chest. Great fun!
I haven't had to clean up a spill in 6 years thanks to our dog!
Suzie said…
Hmmm DSL clicked off just as I hit "post", so if this is a duplicate, please don't post it too! lol

I said that I loved all of your dish patterns,and would have a hard time picking a favorite. Each is delightful in its own way, which is probably why you like them too!

And, I'm so happy that something FINALLY dropped on the floor for Teddy, because she was looking to be in extreme need of some nourishment, poor puppy! ;-)
Touchatou said…
Absolutely gorgoeus ! My favorite is the first one : a nice dark look. ;)
Linda said…
Oh lucky Teddy girl and Lucky YOU! I love dishes and you have some beautiful one's,
Jennifer said…
Teddy's face always makes me smile, so cute! Lucky puppy day indeed! Our goat grandmother "Trouble" who was one of my very first Boer goats has been getting a honey gram cracker for a treat each day but we have to keep it a secret or otherwise the whole mob of 30 goats would be trying to steal Trouble's cracker! She does love her treats. I don't think your plates are ugly at all, they are quite pretty. My cousin had an entire collection of plates with Native Americans and horses on them. I always thought they were neat.
lilylovekin said…
Lucky for you that Teddy is such a good vacum sweeper and I suppose that is nice for Teddy also!
Sugar Whiting said…
omg such a cute pup!!
Rue said…
I love the plates - especially the blue 2nd from the bottom! I would have a dozen sets too if I had the room.

Teddy is quick! She knows how to get her dropped treats pronto - lol!
Bridgett said…
Oh the Wedgewood is my favorite by far. Stunning!

And yay for Teddy getting some yummy pretzels. LOL
The Tablescaper said…
I'm so in love with your dish collection!!!! Come visit and see mine!

- The Tablescaper