Truffled Angel Hair and Schnitzels and Teddy Eats

My grocery store had pork loins on sale and I bought several of them and could not decide what to make. They also had black truffles and I bought one of them too. My kids love truffled pasta and they also love schnitzel so I thought I would make both. I cut the pork in 3/4 inch slices and pounded them out between plastic wrap. I sprinkled them with salt and freshly cracked black pepper and then coated them with flour. Then I dipped them in milk and placed them in cracker crumbs. Coating them in flour and then dipping them in milk causes them to hold on to the cracker crumbs which makes a very good coating.

Here they are ready to fry.

I melted a combination of olive oil and butter in a heavy pan.

Then fried them until golden on both sides. I kept them warm on a platter in a 180 degree oven.

In another pan, I melted some butter and sauteed some thinly sliced spring onions.

Then I added some truffle butter. I keep this frozen so I always have it on hand.

I also added some truffle oil.

I stirred in about 2 cups of chicken stock and 3/4 cup of cream. I added some fresh black pepper and salt and then grated in a black truffle.

I boiled some angel hair pasta and added the truffle butter sauce and mixed it well.

I placed a piece of schnitzel on top of the pasta and topped that with a fried egg and some capers. Very easy and very good.

I need lots of practice with the flip cam and Teddy needs to become more cooperative but today you can see Teddy getting her dinner.

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Guillaume said…
I love the video. I never thought a chow chow could look so sweet (I was scared of them as a child).
Pricilla said…
I love the way her fluff, well fluffs when she is running.
I think she eats better than I do!
And that must be some grocery store - I don't think they would know what a truffle was here in Montana. Except for the chocolate covered kind.
Can it be long before Hollywood comes calling? Remember the little people when you're a big star, Teddy!
That dish looks delicious!!

And Teddy is such a doll♥
Anonymous said…
I love watching chows run up stairs with their fluffy bodies and stumpy legs : ) It's stinkin adorable.
Autumnforest said…
Are you sure you haven't inserted smell-o-vision cause I can swear I smell that cooking--yummers! Oh, it was soooo fantastic to see Teddy on the move-I miss my chow chow so much. What a fluff! I hope to get a flip cam soon and start dinking around with it on my blog. I can't wait. I need something portable to take to ghost towns, abandoned buildings, cemeteries, you know, my stomping ground.
I've never had truffles and love the recipe. Hope we have that on the grocery shelves here in Florida.

Teddy keeps making my day. :)

I was finally able to put your blog button on my blog. :)
Bangchik said…
Looks easy to make, but tasty the same... ~bangchik
greekwitch said…
Oh, she is a very happy doggy!! Brightest blessings!
I've never done much with truffles. I'm always amazed that my local grocery has D'Artagan products. I'll have to pick up some truffle butter.
Elizabeth Patch said…
that looks like a heavenly combination of ingredients...mmmmm! thanks for stopping by my blog and helping make my SITS day so wonderful!
Rainbow Rivers said…
The best dog I ever owned was a black chow, I miss her very much. Anyway the food looks scrumptious!
Hey Ho to Jaz--I'm doing a give-away on my blog. You have a ton of loyal followers, for v good reason, so would you be so kind as to let folks know about my give-away on Go Out Beneath the Naked Night? I would so appreciate it!
Bridgett said…
Oh yum. That looks like something you could order off the menu at a fancy restaurant!!!