A Wintery Day Trip

We are on the road all day today so I am showing you a few cute Teddy pics.

A heavy storm is hitting our area and I want to be out in it and enjoying it.

This could be the last big one of the winter and I don't want to miss one minute of it. I am going out on a limb here and prediciting we will stoill get a few more storms in March this year. It's just the kind of winter it has been.

I went to a few thrift shops yesterday and found this wonderful aluminum ware platter. This stuff is great for outdoor entertaining. I have quite a large collection of it. Click for a better view.

I also found another wonderful sectional glass platter.

This very heavy funky marble topped table was 14.95. I have some good ideas for it's transformation. I will post pics when I do it.

I have a really good idea for this 3.95 mirror.

Not sure what I will do with this old magazine holder yet. 1.95

Pics before the storm. My trees are just beginning to straighten up and 8 more inches of heavy snow is expected. I am surprised they are doing as well as they are.

It is so thrilling to see my steps. They were covered in feet of snow.

I found these little pottery cardinals at a thrift store.

They are chillin' in the bird feeder on the potting bench.

A snow topped green mercury glass ball.

The snow melted to revel the glass ice trees underneath.

We are expecting very strong winds so these wind chimes will not be still much longer. I have wind chimes everywhere in my yard. I am a wind chime freak.

A cold little fox hides under a snow covered table.

The witch weathervane is about to start spinning.

A metal pumpkin cowers under a raised planter. Is it just me or do my inanimate yard decorations look like they are yearning for spring?

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Autumnforest said…
I love your raised planter--trying to get hubby to make me a few of those so I don't have to fight the bermuda grass to grow things. Love the cardinals--great addition to the garden! I'm a windchime nut-o-rama too! I had a bunch of old rusted ones whose pieces were falling off, so I took some huge tree limbs and made a giant multi-level chime that hangs from an eave. Then, I hung all the little pieces from the different limbs so it's a giant-sized windchime with tons of chimes. It hangs over my zen sand garden and buddha statue. When the wind sets it off, it's fantastic! Have a fun adventure!
We are expecting a light snow today and I too am planning to be out IN it. I love the snow and how it looks, but we haven't gotten anything like what you have in years. And windchimes make my heart sing. Sweet Man has finally given up and just lets me have my way with them. I love the big ones like you have pictured. I have a set on the back porch that is taller than my 9 year old granddaughter, they let ya know they are there. bong....... Have a great snow adventure.
Carolee said…
What wonderful finds - and Teddy is absolutely ADORABLE!!

Can't remember - are you in NJ or PA? I'm in Lancaster County, PA, and we're supposed to be in for it tonight into tomorrow - 6"-12" of snow and high winds. I have a feeling you're right about March too....

Stay warm!
~ Carolee
Sugar said…
You soooo make me want to go thrift store shopping!!
Nature is amazingly resilient, as your poor trees show. They look like they're bent over in arthritic pain, but in the Spring everything will be fine again!
Anonymous said…
Two things: 1. Teddy should be on a calendar and 2. I must have your witch weathervane!

Have fun in the snow!
Pricilla said…
I think we are all yearning for Spring....
I can't believe all the great finds at the thrift shop! Good for you. I especially like the marble top table and both platters.
I do think all your yard decor is aching for spring. The fox is especially cute.

I'd love to sign up for the giveaway but the button doesn't seem to be working for me. It's right above Maukie, right?
Teddy is such a little model!♥

Can't believe how much snow you've been getting! Although, I too, am expecting a storm tonight and into tomorrow... it's raining and wet-snowing as I write this.
I hope your trees don't suffer anymore damage. We still haven't been able to survey the whole property to see how much we've gotten.
Love the magazine holder!
Enjoy your snow and stay safe!
Teddy is such a "boo-bear-baby"...I believe she feels the love and knows she give pleasure to others. And she likes giving pleasure to other. :)

Your thrift finds are amazing. You wou
Oops....hit the post comment before I was ready...

I'll post again tomorrow. :(

Awesome post today......
Thanks for entering me!
Yeah, I can't get that button to work. It's either me or blogger......
oldblackcatboo said…
Oh! I LOVE your finds!
I want the funky marble table and
Teddy and
Apparently your Home! LOVE that huge Gate!
I went to an Estate Sale today and found some great finds too! It was such FUN! (I posted them on my blog if you want to see!)
Hey! Stay SAFE and WARM!!!
Sonia ;) said…
Teddy looks so soft...I want to squoosh him Jaz.
Touchatou said…
It is windy up north ! We finally had snow ! Thanks for sharing some with us. lol

Nice finds, love the table.
Jennifer Rose said…
aww Teddy looks so cute :)

you find such great stuff at thrift stores. we need thrift stores like the ones you shop at around here.
Suzie said…
I'm interested in what you are going to do with some of your finds. You always turn them into interesting pieces!

Teddy continues to get more adorable each day. I've been meaning to ask if you have any baby pictures of her. I imagine she was a little ball of fluff!

Happy Travels!!
Bridgett said…
Definitely yearning for spring...as we all are. :)