Blogspot Problems

Hi everyone. Something is seriously wrong with blogspot today. I can't get my post up but as soon as it is resolved, I will put it up!


pixie13 said…
I'm having troubles, too. I googled it {Ha, ha} & they did some upgrades, from what I can understand. Leave it to Google to fix things & make it harder on everyone. Hopefully they get this straightened out faster than they have in the past.
I've been having problems with it too. My sidebar is all messed up because of some blogspot issues. Maybe they will get their stuff together and get everything working lol
Looks like they fixed it till it's broke lol.
Suzie said…
I've been having some problems too. Hopefully they have all been solved now!
I ended up just having to revert my widgets and rearrange them via HTML but I got it working lol I'm glad your problem got fixed though.