Cheese and Pasta Recipe

Teddy wants you to know that this is a really yummy recipe. She also wants to remind you to enter her giveaway by clicking on the button on the sidebar!

For the cheese, put two cups of ricotta in a bowl and add some chopped fresh chives and parsley.

Add some diced shallots and salt and pepper.

Then add a cup of Parmesan cheese.

Mix this all together.

I had the brilliant idea of putting it in the tofu press to remove extra moisture.

Don't ever do that.

I wrapped it in cheese cloth and let it drain for a couple of hours in the refrigerator. Not much liquid drained out but enough came out to give it a creamy texture rather than being too soggy. Refrigerate this while making the pasta.

Put a few tablespoons of olive oil in a heavy pan.

Dice up some prosciutto. You can find this in the packaged lunch meat section of most grocery stores. It is Italian bacon.

Fry this in the olive oil until it is crisp. It is very thin and crisps up much faster then regular bacon.

Remove it and set it aside. Leave the drippings in the pan.

Add one large sliced onion to the drippings and saute until soft.

Throw in as many peas as you like. I have a thing about peas in dishes. I love them alone but usually hate them mixed in with things. This recipe just screamed for peas so I wrinkled up my nose and threw them in. I have made peace with peas because of this recipe. Also, add about a cup of chicken stock at this point and heat gradually.

Prepare a box of penne. Please Please Please don't overcook it. I live in a town that thinks pasta should be the consistency of mashed potatoes. It is just another one of those little things that drives me crazy.

Stir the pea mixture into the penne and add the prosciutto. Mix it all around.

Serve it topped with a dollop of the cheese mix. Scoop a bit of the cheese with each bite of the pasta. It is a heavenly Spring dish!

BTW...this cheese could be used many different ways. We had some of it on rye toast with sliced radishes and it was delicious!


Pricilla said…
peas. blech.
I would probably use broccoli.
I don't do peas.
My mother said the first time she put peas in my mouth I spit them half way across the room.
My taste for them hasn't changed in 50 years.
Looks delicious!
I agree, pasta should never be overcooked. It´s absolutly disgusting and should be forbidden by law :-) :-)

Have a great day now!
I am your latest follower!!! You have such a unique blog, I will be reading up on archives pretty soon. You can also follow me at

I have great giveaways that you might be interested in.
Tonight, tonight...I will serve the divine cheese pasta and peas and prosciutto.

Julia Chow is looking adorable. She knows food too. :)

Off to the grocery for pasta, peas and proscuitto.

Have a great day. Enjoyed my visit again!
This sounds uber yummy! I'm going to make it this week. I'm printing the recipe as I type LOL. Love prosciutto - love peas - lovericotta! This one's for me!
i remember that part :-)

the pasta looks wonderful..i'll make it this week..i think i can swallow again :-(

i showed John Teddy's picture...too cute !

i think i am going to live :-)

Kary and Teddy
Rue said…
*groans* I am SO hungry now, Jaz!

I'm not a huge pea fan, but love them fresh, so I might be able to do this when my peas are ready in a month or so from the garden.

Teddy has such good taste!
Bridgett said…
Mmmm...looks remarkable. I love pasta dishes and this one looks like a winner.

Definitely adding this to my 'must-make' recipes.

Sarita Rucker said…
How in the world can pasta become the consistency of mashed potatoes? That sounds like a science experiment, not food.
Melodie said…
That looks really good!
Suzie said…
I've been having intermittent connection problems, and am now trying to catch up.

Teddy looks rather sad or bored today. Is it raining there? Poor baby. But when I got to your cheese mixture, I sure perked up! Major yum!! And then it just kept getting better and better. What a colorful dish too! I've written it all down. Thanks SO much for sharing it!
Once again, you succeeded in making my stomach growl ♥
Callie said…
Yuk! Mushy pasta! How can people eat it? This sounds like a yummy recipe. I don't like peas in recipes either, but I will give it a try.
Hi Joyce...I agree. People do overcook pasta. The dish looks wonderful and I know I would love it..however I would end up eating it alone. I must tell you this and you will understand a bit.

When I married my husband (two years ago this coming June) and I moved into his home, I found two spices. Table salt and pepper. Canned pepper. Nothing else. So we made the "broom closet" into a sort of pantry (my lovely etched pantry door is still stored in the garage)and installed a spice rack. New husband gets a bit nervous at anything new. The simplest dishes spook him. It's a slow process... Everything they had eaten was boiled..veggies...everything or fried I think. Not sure..but it certainly had little taste. It's been hard and I am not even close to the cook you are and never will be. So I read and pass your wonderful recipes on to my daughters and daughter in law.
:) They are appreciative!
Jennifer said…
I don't mind peas, heck I have added peas to macaroni and cheese before! :-) The recipe looks delicious!
should I be drooling over this so early in the morning? lol. This looks amazing