A Garden Mosaic Stool and a Garden Guard

I picked this little stool up at a thrift store for 2.95.

It is very heavy and well made.

I thought it would make a cute garden mosaic stool so I painted the bottom and sides.

I found these garden plates at a thrift store too. I broke the plates and played around with different patterns and then glued the tiles in place. Then I moved the stool outside to finish it.

Who is that I spy on top of the outside stairs?

The Garden Guard.

She likes to find the highest point so she can gaze out over the gardens watching for intruders.

The intruders are usually of the furry type.

She can go from this to the speed of light in a second. And BTW, you really don't want to be in her way when that happens.

Here is the stool right before grouting.

I learned a good lesson making this stool. Try to avoid working with new dishes. They are microwave and dishwasher safe so they are much thicker than dishes made long ago. And they sure are hard to break. UGH! What a task. I really had to push myself to finish this. I hated the whole project.

Mixing the grout can be tricky.

It has to be just the right consistency.

Using a glove, you work the grout in to all the spaces between the tiles.

It is a big mess.

Then you start wiping and wiping and wiping some more to remove the excess grout.

After the grout sets which should be about 72 hours, it is time to seal it.

This plate has shows a shovel and garden boots. Click for a better view.

This one has a bird seed container and a bee hive.
Time to start a new project with old dishes!

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what a nice garden stool - and I love your garden guard!

I love mosaics - but I can't deal with the mess. LOL

...is your background new? It's so pretty and fresh.
Linda said…
Well it may have been a pain to do but it sure is cute. I think it turned out really well. I will keep that in mind about using older dishes for projects like this. I've been thinking of making a mosaic tray. HI Teddy, good girl guarding the garden!
That stool turned out real good! But i have never thought of that the new plates are thicker than the old ones!

It´s perfect to have our garden guards :-)

Have a great day now!
By the way Your blog looks beautiful now!
Like your Spring blog re-do!
I love this!!!

I have to do this sometime soon!♥
Suzie said…
Ooooh, springtime blog! Here in fruit tree country, we have our annual Blossomtime festival, so these are a familiar sight, but often overlooked for how pretty they truly are.
Teddy looks like the proper guard dog now that the snow is melted and she can make her appointed rounds, and keep watch from her lofty station. She has matter will in hand. .errr, paw, now that her world is back in balance.
I think you truly did quite well with your bench! I never thought about the thickness of microwavable plates before, but yes, it makes sense. I've been impressed right along with how straight and evenly your cuts have been. .but if you've been breaking them, then that is phenomenal! I wish I knew your technique!
I'm impressed that you would keep working on a project that you weren't feeling good about! That says a lot about your perservance, and the ability to look at it as a learning process instead of a waste of time.
While I don't know how you envisioned your finished bench, I think that you did a great job with spacing your tiles, and your grout is very clean and neat looking. It truly is a very attractive table, and would look great on a patio or garden alcove.
Pricilla said…
The yellow is so pretty.
I forgot to email didn't I?
don't have brain surgery - it messes with your mind.
I will do it right now!
Nydia said…
I love thius stool, specially the chosen colors, very Brazilian-lik! :o) But I know what you mean when something is suppsed to be al fun and end up getting too hard to deal with! You can hardly wait to have it ready! LOL
Lovely stool, and a lovely guardian!

Kisses from Nydia.
Touchatou said…
What a nice background for your blog ! And the sttol is awesome ! I never thought of microwavable plates that way ! I will watch myself when I'll begin my mosaics ! Thanks !
The difficult task turned out beautiful. The stool is gorgeous! It is always a pleasant surprise to see what you've been up to.

The Garden Guard is stupendous. The stairway of her residence is a wistful gaze into the past. These photographs are among the best of Teddy Guard.

Again, I had fun on my
Toria said…
It may have been a pain for you to do, but the result is fabulous.
Crystalrainbow said…
Beautiful :) what a wonderful idea i will keep my eyes open at the local bootfairs for stools and plates :) love the new look blog too x
greekwitch said…
Beautiful! Is Teddy getting cuter as the spring is springing or is it just me?
I am glad you found all those things on the greek store. By the way tomorrow i am going to try your version of dakos. I am going to roast tomatoes and peppers! Yum!
brightest blessings*
Sharlene T. said…
Well, the stool turned out just lovely, in spite of it not being your favorite thing to do. But, look how beautiful it is! And Teddy, well, he's just too much. My dog would probably be one of those furry little things he's keeping an eye out for! Thanks for sharing.

Oh, love the spring flowers, too!
Farmgirl_dk: said…
How handsome your Garden Guard is! Wow, he's a beauty. I know you hated this project, but I think it turned out beautifully - you are so creative and I loved that you turned that little stool into a piece of art!
oldblackcatboo said…
Love Teddy
Love the stool
Love the new background
pastrywitch said…
Teddy looks very regal, and the background is lovely. Pink flowers! Yay!
Mama Feoneafey said…
Teddy you are such a Good Guard , I have a few stray cats you can chase from my yard any time..LOL

I know you hated the project, but that stool is just the cutest thing!
Crafty Spring Blessings!
Nellyn said…
How cute!!

I love it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
greekwitch said…
Oh my! I can't wait for the greek salad dressing! I always make french salad dressings and i am wandering what you will do. Hummus, itried to make it and it was n't as good as the ones i have tried in the past maybe because i did n't have any cummin. Anyhoo, i can't wait fo todays posts!
Jennifer Rose said…
I never thought about using plates like this before. I'm going to have to keep my eye out at the charity shops for old plates now and check out a few car boot sales for cheap things to use them on
LambAround said…
Ooh, I love to read about little projects like this. Thanks for taking so many photos! I love the tile you chose. It looks great!

Lamb’s Most Recent Post: Woman’s Day Magazine No Longer Irks Me!
Rue said…
So pretty! It is a lot of work though... Better to do with friends and a bottle of wine. But perhaps that's why mine doesn't look as nice as yours...lol!

Teddy looks so happy now that she has dry ground to lay on and the snow is gone!