A Good Thrift Day, A New Project and a Teddy Video

I have a thing for old juice glasses. They are so dainty and pretty. Before the advent of dishwashers and microwaves, these glasses were made very differently than the ones out there today. The glass was thinner, the patterns hand painted and often the rims were trimmed in gold. None of these could stand up to microwaves and dishwashers.

It is hard to find sets of these because they simply broke because of how delicate there are or the designs were washed off in the dishwasher or the gold exploded in the microwave. I was really lucky to find a set of these which includes 7 of the largest, 4 of the medium and 2 of the small ones. 2.95 for the whole set! The cute little pink flowers and green ferns are so springlike.

And oh baby, look at this table. Click for a better view.

I think this is the table I will silver leaf. It's in perfect shape with great lines and the price was fantastic at 34.00.

Here is the beginning of the garden step stool mosaic. I am just beginning to figure out the pattern.

A Teddy video.


Pricilla said…
Teddy is just so fluffy!
How many inches of fluff?

The mosaic is going to be gorgeous!
Kat said…
I think Im heading to thrift shops this weekend. I need to pick up tea cups and matching saucers for a project I have planned :D
Hello you 2 ! I LOVE LOVE LOVE juice glasses and those are darling...what a score !

Love your mosaic...wonderful and I LOVE these videos of your precious Teddy...and LOVE hearing your voice...puts a smile on this Oh so SAD face :-{

I'll be back soon....

Hugs to teddy
Teddy is as cute as ever!

I remember those old juice glasses. So thin and one could feel the painted patterns with ones fingers. Even if they had the same pattern they were never quite the same from glass to glass. Very difficult to find today over here too.

I´m looking forward to the result of that mosiac garden step stool. That table is just magnificent!

Have a great day now!
Marie S said…
What a gorgeous table and I love the juice glasses.
The step stool is going to be so cute.
My grand daughter loves watching your Teddy video! So do she is a beautiful dog.
Have a great weekend.
Melodie said…
Teddy is just so cute! The table is a terrific find,the glasses too.It is very hard to find those kinds of glasses that still look good!
Sharlene T. said…
You are a bad influence on me! I thought Thrift Shops were behind me and now you've fed the tiger, again...

Really can't wait for the finished stool. Love your work.

Teddy video is great but loved hearing your voice, too. Thanks for sharing.
Those glasses are wonderful! How I would like to find something like that. Tomorrow is Saturday and we will see what turns up. How lucky you were to find them! Perfect for the season too!
And the table. WOW! It's lovely like it is but I have a feeling you are going to turn it into a wonder!
And Teddy girl! She is like a larger version of Mele..her behavior is so human like. It's like she understands everything you say. I have often wondered just HOW much they do understand. I think it may be more than we know.
Now I am off to catch up with you...:)
OMG! that table is so awesome! i love it. love the glasses too.
Autumnforest said…
I love the mosaic stuff you're doing. It's so neat! And that sweet little Teddy, she looks happy to get around without snow.
Callie said…
I'm a fan of old juice glasses to and have a few kicking around the kitchen. Sometimes I use them to cut biscuits because they are just the right size. Hope the bad weather leaves you alone!
I have been going to ask you this..but thought better of it..but, oh well.
I have been looking for a really nice "spell" book and just cannot find one that is all that good.
I wanted one that looks...like a spell book. Do you have any idea's Jaz..because if anyone would know about such things it would be you.
I am working on my collection of witches too...and love them.
I'm afraid my new husbands family look at me askance this past Halloween when I had them displayed. I felt bad, as I am so proud of them.
Toria said…
I love those glasses, so pretty & colourful.
Those glasses are lovely! And the table, as well!

Teddy is a doll- every time I watch these videos of her, I get such an urge to hug her :) ♥
Carol said…
Those glasses are beautiful! Isn't it fun when you can score such great stuff for an even greater price! I know where I need to spend this afternoon--thrift store shopping!

Happy SITS Saturday!
bubbleboo said…
Those glasses are just so pretty! I haven't seen any like that for a long time, although I remember my grandparents had glasses like that. You've made me all nostalgic :)

Oh, and before I forget: “Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest”
I love old juice glasses. What a great deal you got. Those would be really expensive at California flea markets.

Loved the Teddy video. I think my dog Lola would like Teddy a lot.

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!
You must live in the Thrift Capitol of the USA. I've never found such good buys.

Beautiful glasses and the table has character.

Teddy is such a love. Please give her a hug for me.
Bridgett said…
Those cups are so pretty...and that table. Wow!

Teddy is such a cutie...I love seeing the relationship the two of you have.