Half Off Wednesday at the Thrift Stores

I wasn't going to go. I really wasn't. But suddenly some undeniable force pulled me to the car and I was on the road. It's a jungle out there on Wednesdays. I found this iron maple leaf and these two ecru Martha Stewart table toppers at the first store. The leaf was a dollar and the table toppers, which are brand new, were 3.00.

This very old picnic basket was 1.99 but half off. I'll use it in the garden.

This very sturdy oak table was 12.00 and was half off. I have been looking for a table to aluminum leaf and this might be the one.

This copper griffin which looks a lot like my weathervane on the guest house was 99 cents.

Another 99 cent find. I am going to hang it o the fence by my grape vines.

This is going in my garden shed so I can hang my gardening aprons on it. 1.99

I think this is an old magazine holder. It is very well made and will make a good garden trug. Half off of 3.99.

Some of you noticed that Teddy was limping in yesterday's video. She occasionally develops inter digital cysts which are extremely painful for her. The doctors are not quite sure why these come and go. I have lotion which helps a lot 'IF' I can manage to get her to let me put it on her. Also, for a few people out there that don't know this....Teddy is a girl. Theodora Puddle Pup, though she does snore like a guy!!!


The maple leaf looks so beautiful against the table toppers!
Pricilla said…
That word got her attention!

Poor little thing. I am sorry to hear she is hurting.
Autumnforest said…
"I want a treat too, mommy!" (in my most whiny child voice). Lucky pup! I love her name--that makes me smile so big.
i was all caught up in your finds....which were wonderful btw...and then i got to the video..i watched it 3 times....teddy is adorable and i loved hearing your voice...

boy, when you say do you want a treat...she sure responds to that...

so cute..i have chow envy...

sending get well wishes to Teddy's paw and a big hug too...

kary and buddy
Wonder finds, a-gain, your are definitely the Thrift Queen.

Teddy Fluff Paws steps outside wondering still, where-oh-where is Spring, is she lost, is the Easter Bunny with her. Will there be Easter Baskets this year?? Sighhhhhh...

Happy day to you and yours!
Melodie said…
Oh,I hope Teddy is feeling better soon! Poor girl.She is lucky to have such a good Mom to take care of her!

Dusty always perks up on the word 'treat,' too!

William Bezek said…
That pic-nic basket is a real find...I love it!
Sydnii said…
You find the best things! I rarely have such luck... And when I do have such luck, I rarely have the monies to purchase them. Adorable video!
oldblackcatboo said…
Poor little Teddy, I too, hope she's feeling better! It was so cute how her head snaps up at the word "treat"-Adorable!

You lucky dog! LOVE all your finds!
You have some wonderful thrift stores near you! You're always finding such beautiful things!

Poor little Teddy :( I didn't know she had a cyst. Send her many hugs for me. And what a cute video! I loved when you said the word "treat" and her ears perked up♥
Rebecca said…
Wow, what a great thrift day.
I love the copper griffin!

Hugs to Teddy! xoxo
Caedryn said…
Ha...you should hear my wife snore!
once again splendid finds.

Wishing Miss T a speedy recovery.
Rue said…
She sure knows the word "treat!" She still looks a tad miffed about the snow though!

Good finds today! I love the old picnic basket!
Suzie said…
Teddy sure knows the word T-R-E-A-T, doesn't she? I hope that she lets you put the lotion on her paw. What a Diva. Reminds me of one of my cats. She probably thinks that all dogs have humans that love them as much as you love her. Don't disillusion her.

I continue to be amazed at all of the wonderful finds you get at the thrift shops, and the prices!!! IF I could even find anything like you do, at the few shops in this area, it would cost a lot more.
Touchatou said…
Nice finds : I am salivating over the griffin ! loll
Bridgett said…
Wow. Great finds!

And yes, I knew our Teddy was a lady. :)