I Am About to Show You Something No One Ever Sees

But first tofu. Yes, I can make dishes without meat. Since I have been consistently grossing out all the vegetarians out there, today I am showing you a meatless dish. I LOVE tofu. But I hate the jelly, bouncy brands available. I am not a gadget person. I find that most gadgets don't work very well. A few months ago I saw a tofu press advertised and it looked like it had potential. They were on back order and I kept getting updates on shipping where they gave me the chance to cancel the order. I almost canceled several times but didn't and I sure am glad that I hung in there and waited for it.

This is it...the Tofu Express. I can't say enough about it. This can be used with spinach, yogurt, cheese, eggplant and you can use it to make pressed rice. And it is dishwasher safe. You can find it at: www.TofuXpress.com
It squeezes all the liquid out and is so easy to use.

Remember several months ago I made my own vanilla extract. Here it is, ready to use!

Ok...this is what no one EVER sees. My basement pantry and craft area otherwise known as the cave of embarrassment! I decided to organize it a bit and I thought it was time to come out the closet, so to speak. There are 5 of these units that hold all of my pantry items.

This is part of my craft area.

After I finished organizing it, I hung sheer panels to keep dust away. You may never see this again!

Teddy was patrolling the kitchen again this morning.

It is a tiring job. So, one big yawn and.....

a standing nap.

I ran out to a few thrift stores this morning. I found this signed pot by L. Toya which is from the Jemez pueblo in New Mexico. SCORE!!! I paid 1.95 for it.

And I got this tiny casserole that matches my new Le Creuset. It cost 1.95 and is brand new.

I found 2 of these black glass cats.

They are candle holders and they were 95 cents.

I found this set of plates for 50 cents each. I will use them in my mosaics.

Here is another tip for all you thrifters out there. If scraping labels drives you as crazy as it does me, buy one of these pens. They are nothing short of miraculous.

Here is a short video of Teddy.

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Last night on TV there was a woman taking old stickers and decals off a chest of drawers using mayonnaise and a plastic spatula. Worked like a charm!

Nice action video of Teddy!
Food looks yummy, as always ♥

I love Teddy! :)
Linda said…
Love those black cat candle holders. Oh I hate to scrape labels I will look for one of those pens.
Tofuuuuuuuu. Never tried it but I might?!

Girl you are breakin' bad wiff' all the thriftin' stuffs.

Organizing pantry, making sheers to beautify the storage of pantry items. Cooking, crafting, sewing, thrifting, videos, travel, caring for Teddy and others...when exactly do you sleep?

Teddy Fluff giving joy to all.

The Frog Queen said…
Ah, thank you for the tofu love. Being vegetarian I really appreciate it!!! BTW - not grossed out by the meat recipes...love food, I just look at the dish and figure how I can make it without the meat - after 25 years of being veggie, I have learned to be creative :D So thanks for sharing all of your recipes!!

Sugar said…
I think I want to come shopping at your house!! I could live in your scrap area :)
Autumnforest said…
That press is really neat! Love the finds you got. The film of Teddy is, of course, fantastic--what a wonderful subject. She really should be in movies. Wow--your bird sounds are like here right now. We're in the mid 70s and everything has bloomed and the birds are going bonkers. The aloe vera is blossoming and the hummingbirds are buzzing around like crazy. I just love when life returns.
Pricilla said…
The male person loves tofu...I do not. I tried. I tried many times. It's the texture. I can't get past it.

When I lived in NJ I always said there would be one more snow storm. Usually in April....

I CANNOT believe the Le Crueset for 1.95.
There are no shops at all like that around here. There is nothing but fields full of goat/horse/deer poop.
carma said…
well done with the organizing and thrifting!!! And Teddy kicks butt :-)
Cave of embarrassment....I love it. I only wish I'd thought of it. Mine is called the room that shall not be named and no one will ever see a pix of it on blogdom cuz I don't want folks to know just what a hoarder of all things sparkley I am.
I know I have told you before but I just love Teddy, she is adorable. thanks for sharing her videos with us.
Laura said…
The crystal skull bottle! I must have the crystal skull vodka! I can't find it here in NC and I can't find anywhere that sells it online! Arrghhh!!!

Hope you have a great day!
Kim said…
That furball makes me bust out laughing every time I see him!!!!!
rox said…
wow we just bought tofu last night lol ! I too like the more pressed tofu then the giggly type .
It was so nice to see your over stuffed pantry & craft things !
we are real people after all ;-)
my sunroom is right now a greenhouse and stuffed with far to many tables housing our seedlings it is very cramped in here & dh does not appreciate this as his desk and computer are in here .
real life gotta love it ;-)thanks for sharing yours
Yay tofu! It just has to be mixed in with lovely stuff like veg & sauce. And there are deep fried tofu skins!! They rock! You can get them in cans in any Asian grocery. I eat them for snacks, but some slice them to make little pockets & fill them with rice & shrimp for a delicious completely cooked sushi.
JAZ...that is the most fantastic storage space. How I would love to have an area like that in a basement. California has few basements and if they are, they were built for a party room! Love it! Tofu...my daughter, Dawn, loves it. I have never tried it but I would love to. Your blog is so darned interesting! :)
I get so excited when I read it that I find myself rushing and then have to go back for a second read. :) Now I have to go back and watch Teddy's video..
How's the weather. We are hearing horror stories on the news!
Touchatou said…
I am addicted to the sound of your voice ! What nice accent (or lack of !) you have. ;)

Teddy is a good girl : she doesn't chase the birdies ! Do you know what were those birds singing ? Ours are not arrived yet, except for the crows, ravens, tits and jays that stayed for the winter.

Mosaics ? Did I miss something ? I want to do mosaics with dishes too ! I am equiping myself just for that and once we have moved, next month, I am beginning to play with recycling in mosaics. ;)
Suzie said…
I could live quite happily in your basement. I'd never be bored and never go hungry! And maybe Teddy would come down there to see me once in a while. Perfect!

And I continue to be amazed at all of the wonderful things you find at the thrift stores. What fun!

Cooking with tofu is interesting, and I was just getting into it when my hubby's illness came back and they started him on a drug that doesn't interact well with soy. So that plan flew out the window! I love the tofu press though. I don't know of anyone that likes jiggly tofu! lol

Teddy the nature lover. Does she have a bird watcher's life list? At first I thought that she was limping, but I guess she was just a little stiff from keeping so still, so as to not scare the birdies away. Such a thoughtful girl!
Yea, tofu! As a vegetarian, I thank you!!! *^_^* I'll have to check out that press-thingy. Thanks for the tip.
Texan said…
I have to go check this tofu press out.. and I just love your doggy!! How cute is Teddy!! Just Cuteness!!
That was a pantry to dream for! :-)
I really can´t decide what I like about tofu. It´s ok I guess.

Teddy is so cute, but she still has a limb I can see.
Have a great day now!
Melodie said…
Wow! You are really lucky to have so much space for all your stuff!
Bridgett said…
I love tofu too. I think I'll look into that tofu express. Very cool!

I'm in awe of your pantry. That is A LOT of food! LOL But as much as you cook, I guess you probably need a lot of pantry supplies, eh?

Loved the video of Teddy. :)