A Little This and That

I took this pic of the moon when I got up this morning and did not realize until later that I got the red buds on the maple tree. I didn't even know they were there.

A very nice follower sent Teddy some treats. I gave her one with a piece of cheese in it this morning.

The peach tree is budding out.

Though I still have ice on my car.

I make cards to give to neighbors for holidays. Here is a St. Patty's day card. Click for a closer look.

Some of them are not for holidays.

Often I use vintage postcards like this old Easter one with a cross and lambs.

This is a Valentine.

Some look Victorian.

I press flowers and leaves and ferns from my garden and use them too. That is a dried fern on the left.

This one has a German theme. That is a vintage German postcard with a castle on it.

I add a lot of 3-D elements to them.

Some of my friends have framed them.

Just thought I would throw in a picture of the Hoppin' John and collards I made. I love southern food.

Another Teddy video.

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Melodie said…
I love the cards you made ,they are so pretty! I got my winning package in the mail,thanks so much,I love it all!
Your collage cards are beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Your cards are art! I would frame and hang them. Beautiful.
Touchatou said…
Amazing cards ! Full of details to discover !

Spring is coming your way finally !
Laura said…
Your cards are so beautiful and of course so is Miss Teddy!
Anonymous said…
Those cards are wonderful. They are so beautiful.
So nice to see Teddy is enjoying the treet, that is so sweet !!
The Moon looks wonderful and so do the trees.
Have a wonderful weekend.
rox said…
Oh , those cards ! I love love all the acivities , crafts etc. you post about .
The food , those greens look so good especially this time of yr. I am so craving watermelon !
Teddy is just the cutest ;-)
we lost our little chihuahua chica last winter after 12 yrs . she was blind as a bat and loved to run after bad kitties and try and catch mice from our woodpile lol once a cat was standing directly in front of her , she couldn't see him just stood barking into nowhere lol
our animals give me such joy too I'm so happy whenever I come and see your Teddy ;-)
Thanks for the pick me up
pastrywitch said…
The cards are lovely, and so are the buds. Come on, Spring!
Lovely surprise, the buds, in front of the moon.

The holiday cards are beautiful. The touch of a friend's thoughtfulness in giving a special handmade gift leaves a lasting impression.

Go Jaz, Hoppin John & Collard greens. Yumeee.

Teddy love is so fun to see in action.

Thanks for blogging your life. :)
Suzie said…
The little signs of Spring sure can bring on big smiles can't they, even when we love Winter.

Your collages that you humbly call cards are each works of art. I love all of the details in them, and they all have that old fashioned look.

Hoppin' John is a new one to me, but it sure looks interesting. How do you make it?

And I'm glad to see that Teddy isn't limping today. Poor baby, we don't want her hurting.
The Frog Queen said…
So, I think you might be the most talented person in the universe!! :)

Great work, those are stunning.

Bovey Belle said…
Just a quick visit to say thank you for making a post on my blog. Do you know which part of Wales your folks came from?

Those are lovely cards/collages you have made. I was a little taken aback to see your Hoppin' John as many, MANY years ago I once threatened to make it too - but never got around to it . . .
Birgit said…
I love your cards -- and, of course, Teddy is adorable. :)

-- Birgit
oldblackcatboo said…
I must agree with The Frog Queen!
Pricilla said…
I love the way her fur floofs

You are just a renaissance woman
Rue said…
How sweet that you actually feed the squirrel! (Unless Teddy gets to the nuts first!)

Love the collage-cards! Very pretty!
faerwillow said…
~your leaf photo is amazing...l♥ve...and what a creative one you are...beautiful collage cards...i am just starting to get into making collages in journals and other tids bits...inspiring...brightest blessings~
Leanne said…
hello! Just popping in to say i have just found your blog, and have been here this morning (reading) for far too long! I love some of your witchcollection, deeplyu envious too, lol!! I will be back to read more!

blessings from very chilly dorset, UK

Leanne x
Sydnii said…
Those cards are gorgeous!
Bridgett said…
Oooh...one of your cards should be a giveaway!!!

I'll take the St. Patrick's Day one, please! LOL

I would totally frame that and hang it in my new house.

LOVE the Teddy video, as always.