Monday Post Chicken Paillards and a Hungry Chow

Chicken breasts were on sale at the grocery store so I bought a bunch thinking I would make a curry. I ran short of time so I made one of the simplest chicken recipes ever. Chicken paillards. You trim the breasts and lay them between sheets of plastic wrap and whack the hell out of them with a rolling pin. You want them to be about 1/8th inch thick.

Season them with any spice you like. I used a smokey paprika, cumin, salt and pepper.

As I pound them out, I layer them with a drizzle of olive oil as I go along.

I heat my Le Creuset griddle pan over high heat. These are also great cooked on a grill.

They don't take more than a couple minutes to cook because they are so thin.

They are so versatile.

They can be served over rice or pasta but I mostly slice them and use them on salads.

Does this puppy have a smile on her face? See that food on the stove? It is her favorite, salmon. It is about to be happy puppy din din time.

It is a bit hard to maneuver around her to make her food.

Sometimes she gets a bit bored while waiting.

Good thing she isn't any taller.

She just can't wish that food down to the floor fast enough.

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Marie S said…
I am smiling like Teddy over that chicken, I bet they are tender too.
I Love Teddy's smile.
Happy Monday and happy spring.
Have a great one.
inannasstar said…
you had me at "whack the hell out of them". Teddy is the luckiest doggie in the world to have a momma who cooks such love for her.
I love that smile Teddy has while waiting for the food :-) :-)

That´s a great way to cook chicken. Like to do so if I´m late making my dinner for work the next day. Can´t fail with it :-)
Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
Teddy does look happy.
I am going to email you in a bit.....
greekwitch said…
She is definitely smiling. I have never pounded any kind of meat. Now i know i must.
By the way, the sugar coated candy are called loukoumia and are amongst my most favourites even though they do not contain any chocolate!
Toria said…
I've whacked beef down thin before but never thought of doing it with chicken. Looks yummy.
teddy is so cute.
i knew you would know the toasting fork - i love the idea of toasting bread on the fire! s has the witch one too - pretty sure you gave it to her!! (it's super cool!)
...even though i am sitting here crying...still...teddy made me laugh..

she does look like she is smiling...what a face !

hugs to Teddy....and You!

Sharlene T. said…
Ah, the flexibility of a creative mind! Dinner looks great and you've given me an idea. Thanks for sharing. Give Teddy a big hug for me.
Chicken Pillards looks good to me, quick and easy, and would work for me.

Julia Chow is definitely smiling. Love the, "she can't wish her food down fast enough."

Happy, happy spring! :))
Aww, Teddy really does look like she's smiling :)

You have such a neat kitchen, by the way! It looks like it's out of a magazine!
Lin said…
She's like a big, happy pouf of fur!
oldblackcatboo said…
OH! I love that smiling pic of Teddy! I laughed at the comment about you being glad she's not taller because my Blue is LEVEL with the counter! He lays chin on it and laps his tongue around in a search for some crumbs! (I hate when he does that! EeeeW!)
Hey, that recipe! I think even I could do that one! I think I have one of those George Foreman grills stuffed in a cupboard somewhere. I could grill it on that right?! (please don't tell me to use the broiler in the bottom of my oven because the only time I tried that all the smoke alarms went off!)
Have a great evening! - Cindi
Laura said…
going to pick up some chicken breast on the way home tomorrow and cook them just like that , they look great for wraps that I can take in my lunch. As always your pictures are like out of better homes and gardens
Diana Evans said…
oh wow!!! what a treat to find your blog via Marie...this looks so tasty!!! your blog is a feast for the eyes!!!
Suzie said…
Hmmmm, I left a comment yesterday, but it must have gotten lost out in the stratosphere somewhere.

I didn't say anything earth shaking, just enjoying Teddy's smile, and it looks like she is sniffing the fragrant aromas coming from her sizzling supper.

I too love fixing chicken that way, and you're right. .there are many herb and spice combos, and finished, the meat can be used so many different ways!

Thanks for giving us a lesson in pounding it the neat and tidy way!
Your garden stool turned out darling. The scenes on the places and the yellow background really make them stand out. That sort of thing has to take patience...and I would still be painting roses had I that sort of patience. What a sweet little stool that is.
....and the chicken, grilled..on..what's that pan? I need one of those I think. :)