Mosaic tray and Italian Candle Bread and a New Giveaway

This is my newest hobby....mosaics. I started by doing a sterling platter. Click for a better view. I have a lot to learn and since this is my first attempt, I am not totally thrilled with the outcome. This is a definite 'learn as you go' craft.

This is a large tray and I could have added a lot more color and design.

When you look closely, you can see that some of the plain ivory pieces have a raised motif.

I have all sorts of things I want to mosaic. It is very labor intensive and messy so in the future I might be doing a lot of it outside.

Yesterday I made Italian candle bread.

It is called La Ciriola...candle in Italian.

The dough gets punched down after a 2 hour rising.

It is divided into pieces and rolled out into and oval.

Then they are rolled up to look like candles.

They rise again and the are sliced on the top before baking.

Here they are fresh from the oven.

They are very crisp on the outside and tender and moist on the inside.

I almost forgot....the winner of the gardening books giveaway is: Kim and Victoria! With St. Patty's day almost here I picked a Shamrock/Green theme for this weeks giveaway.

Teddy approves. There are 2 Celtic knot potholders, a green checked basket liner, a sterling shamrock shaped basket, a cut glass shamrock posy and a gold plated shamrock paperweight.

This is what is engraved on the back:

One leaf is for hope
And one is for faith
And one is for love. You know
And God put another in for luck.

To enter just leave a comment and tell how you spend St. Patty's day. Do you drink green beer? Or maybe just shamrock shakes from Micky D's? Do you eat roast beef and cabbage? If you don't follow yet, sign on to follow.

The winner will be drawn next Sunday morning, March 14th. For all of you that can not wait for spring to begin, March 14th is the day we switch to daylight savings time!

This is a closeup of the shamrock posy.

And this is the sterling basket.

My daughter made off with my last spring wreath, so I made another.

This time I used silk ferns.

I added some dried hydrangeas. Then I hot glued some dried roses to it.

So very easy!


Pricilla said…
The wreath looks good enough to munch!

So does the bread!
pastrywitch said…
My tribe celebrates March 17th as Celtic Heritage Day (or Celtic Power Hour at Ellen's house). I'm working on a cupcake based on the Irish Car Bomb cocktail- Guiness, Bailey's and Jamison's. Oh yeah.
Slainte, y'all!
Leathra said…
If I'm with my family I have corned beef and cabbage--if its just me and the guy, we head over to our local Irish pub, Maggie Miley's. They have some of the best Irish food, including actual bangers all the way from Ireland!

No green beer for me, though I may have some green hard cider--I just don't like beer.
The tray is gorgeous!

Love the Irish stuff :)

And the wreath is lovely!

Guillaume said…
I love Italy and Ireland. Nice to read about both countries (sort of), especially since it's St-Patrick's Day soon.
Caedryn said…
That is a very nice job...the wreath looks great!

My wife likes to make various types of wreaths for the seasons.

Using silk will make it last for you...that is until your daughter snaps it up :)
Autumnforest said…
Fantastic giveaway--very creative! I love the tray--beautiful work. Just lovely. The candle bread made my mouth water (and I think I smelled it baking). You really get it across in your photos and descriptions.
Oo-oo put me in that give-away! I used to hide leprechaun treasure for my kids on St. Patrick's Day. Now I usually cook something along the lines of corned beef & cabbage, but this year I think I will do salmon cakes & colcannon, in keeping with my pescatarian ways.
So mosiacs are popular again. so fun howe things sort of comes in waves. Last time mosiacs were popular over here must have been 15 years ago. I like it though.

That wreath is really nice, but it´s way to early to make one here since we do have three feet of snow left :-)
Have a great day now!
Starre said…
I shave my head for St. Baldrick's, a children's cancer charity.
This is my second year doing it, and my mom has given my the name "lawn head" because I "grow it and mow it". lol.
Divaeva said…
Most St.Patrick's Day the noys and I head out for some corned beef & cabbage and some Guiness...this year I will be traveling with my boss - who is all Irish - so much so her license plate says Irish definitely a Guiness or 2 with the boss lady this year!
Loving what you did with the tray...looks like fun!
Lin said…
I couldn't wait for St. Paddy's day for corned beef and cabbage--it's in the crock pot now!! Yum!
Aedd said…
I'm working, and possibly in the field for St. Patty's this year, so unfortunately I'll probably be doing nothing once again. Maybe I'll throw on some green eyeshadow as my own little way to celebrate.

Maybe next year I'll do something fun!

The bread looks amazing... I LOVE bread! And the wreath is beautiful... makes me wish I were more crafty.

I love the stuff for the give away too, so I've got my fingers crossed.
I love mosaics. I have always wanted to do an entire wall. But I'm afraid I will hate it and then have to tear down and rebuild a wall to get rid of it. :D

Love your spring wreath - very fresh and appealing!
Linda said…
On St Patrick's Day I like to have corned beef and cabbage and a nice beer doesn't hurt either. No green in me blood but I do have green in me spirit! Love you giveaway...very green!
Touchatou said…
Believe it or not, I do have irish blood ! ;) My great-grandpa was red haired with a big mustachio and his name was Quessy. I took my greenish-yellow eyes from him ;)

There's a St-Pat's parade in Montreal but never attended.

What a nice idea to join the trays with the dishes in a mosaic ! Would love to see what you do next !
Laura said…
Oh wow! Now I know what I want to do with my Grandmother's broken china! I love the mosaic and I think you did a great job!
ps...the bread looks delish!
carma said…
Sad to say we don't do much for St. Patty's day, other than possibly wear the Kiss Me I'm Irish Pin.
I am in awe of all that you are working on - you are incredibly talented!
Melissa said…
You have inspired me to finally start my own mosiac projects. And, you are fabulous!
Jennifer Rose said…
that wreath is lovely looking :D

I don't really do anything for St. Pats day. sit home and listen to the neds outside sing songs drunk on the street :p
Melodie said…
I love your mosaic tray!I have always wanted to try doing mosaic but never have.Hubby and I both have Irish heritage! He looks it,red headed!Some day I want to go to Ireland...sigh!
Sugar said…
You are so creative! Looks like you scored at your sale also.. I love St. Patty's day ( I have a wee bit of Irish heritage) So this year I think I'll make some traditional recipes..not sure what yet..
Mama Feoneafey said…
HI Jaz and Teddy!
The mosaic try with the vintage pieces is GORGEOUS! and that Bread looks soooooo Yummy! I may not always comment , but I so look forward to reading your blog daily! There is always something new and interesting to learn and smiles to be had here!
Thank you for that!
In our house, St. Patric's Day is always a day of thanks and to honer those how went before us. We spend time remembering the struggles that our ancestors survived and those who's efforts were spent fighting for freedoms and solidarity in Ireland. We have boiled potatoes to remind us of those who survived the hardships of the "potato famine", along with Cabbage and brisket to celebrate those who came to America. You see, in our family it is understood and taught through the generations in family stories, that with out thier sacrifices and efforts, We and the future generations of our family wouldn't be possible, or be here and be so blessed.

Any way
I wanted to let you know I posted about your lovely giveaway here

Blessings to ya
Ma Fey
Anonymous said…
Your mosaic and wreath are lovely! My oldest (will be 16) was born on St. Patty's Day so we will be decked out in green, eating green cake and singing happy birthday. =) this one will be xtra special as it will be her sweet 16.
*tears* they grow up soo fast!
Marjorie said…
Love your wreaths! I just got back from the Irish Fair here in Southern Cal.--lots of green water fountains, men in kilts, Irish Wolfounds and border collies and beer (not green). After that I think I'm done with St. Pat's for another year, though I will hit up McD's for one more shamrock shake before they're gone.
Lovely mosiacs and wreaths..I'm enjoying all the crafy things you do, and of course, the foodsies.
Suzie said…
What a lovely give-away!
Usually to celebrate, I make some Soda Bread to go with the brisket, potatoes & cabbage, and in the evening, sip on a nice Irish Coffee, or even better, some Bailey's on the rocks.

Your bread looks so tempting! And I love the idea for the tomatoes. We always have an abundance of them during the summer, and I love to discover new ways to prepare them. My hubs would tell me to add extra Parmesan. He can never have too much on his food!

I think that your mosiacs look lovely! I noticed the white textures right away. It looks like a vintage embroidered doily spread out on the tray!

And your wreath looks SO beautiful don't be surprised if someone else wants it for their own door. You should resign yourself to making one for your kids and neighbors so that you can keep one for yourself!
Bridgett said…
Darnit, I missed it. And I'm all about the shamrock! I even have one tattooed on my neck. :)
The Tablescaper said…
That tray is gorgeous. Someone had given me a silver plate tray that just wouldn't shine up anymore. I was thinking about painting it, but now I know just what I'm going to do with it. How did you keep the edges of the tray itself so clean???

-The Tablescaper