A New Giveaway and More Thrift Finds

The winner of the St. Patty's Day giveaway is: The Wizardess epi I will be contacting you or you can just send me your address to my email.

This weeks Teddy's Treats Giveaway consists of this milk glass covered compote and three embroidered doilies.

This is not the greatest picture but it is a cute piece.

To enter, just sign on as a follower and leave a comment. If you already follow, just leave a comment. The winner will be picked next Saturday morning.

I picked up this super fugly stool at a thrift store this morning. I have been wanting to tackle a stool project for a while and this is the one. I will post the progress as I redo it.

I found this cute black cat door stop for 10.00. It is very heavy iron.

More mosaic items.

This is a perfect set of mosaic dishes. The rims can be used for edging mosaic projects and they have big floral centers.

More dishes. The ones on the left will be used just for borders. The others will be used for borders but also for focals.

It just started raining and here comes a wet Teddy.

She is not happy so she is heading to her favorite spot where she can lay by the door and watch it raining outside.


Autumnforest said…
Glad to see Teddy seeking dry warm shelter. I love the idea of you doing something with the footstool. Can't wait to see what you do. That iron cat is way cool--brilliant find!
Marjorie said…
Lol, fugly. This is my DD's favorite "word" at the moment.
Pleae enter me in your giveaway, I love milk glass.
pastrywitch said…
Someone told me that Chows are just giant cats - it seems to be true.
Linda said…
I love milk glass and that is a beautiful piece not to mention the dollies! Enter me please! I am already a follower!! Hi Teddy, stay dry girl!!
Suzie said…
Huge congratulations to your new winner!
And you're posting another lovely give-away! You won't have anything left!!

Yes, I'll be anxious to see what you do with that footstool.

Your new doorstop looks like she got a peek at Teddy!

And poor Teddy, the snow is finally melting so that she can enjoy her garden again, and now it rains. Poor puppy can't get a break.

But I do LOVE that piece she is passing by. .is that a trunk or a box of some sort? I LOVE containers like that. I have a feeling that you're going to tell me that you picked it for a mere $2.95 at a local thrift shop.

And I've been meaning to ask you you are getting your cuts so straight. I take it you have a special glass cutter or snips?
Congratulations to the winner of Teddy's Treats.! :))

Teddy thinks the rain is icky on her fur and tosies. She ponders though, rain makes things grow, and turn green and flower.


She will watch from the rain window and dream of Spring.

Lovely milk glass compote and embroidered doilies.

Loved all the thrifty goodies.
Love your finds....could you tell me what maker, pattern or anything about the ones with pinkish roses where you have this under the picture? "This is a perfect set of mosaic dishes. The rims can be used for edging mosaic projects and they have big floral centers." The reason I am interested is because this was my Mother's pattern and all I have left is a cup. If I had a name I could start looking for additional pieces. Thanks so much, Linda
Sharlene T. said…
I love the doorstop. I covet the doorstop! I'm delighted that you have the doorstep and will begin to feel guilty about Teddy having to see it all the time and will want to give it away (to me) when I enter a new contest because -- it's only right.

Have a great day! You've already started me going back to Thrift Shops. Youoweme.
So many cute things :)

It's POURING here as well! It feels like a hurricane!
Pricilla said…
Poor soggy Teddy.
Does the water go flying when she shakes?
Lin said…
How can you tell Teddy is crabby??? She has such a furry face!
I have to admit that I only have seen one or two things in my life made of milk glass. I think my grandmother had something similar to this giveaway.

I wish we had Your rain :-) But it will continue to be cold here for yet another week or so.

Teddy look so sad :-) But it can be nice to stay on the favourite spot looking at rain too :-)
Have a great day now!
oldblackcatboo said…
So that's what it's called! Milk Glass! I found a similar piece and keep my Sweet-n-Low packets in it!
I too, covet that doorstop! What a great find!
Several years ago I had a collection of plates and I buried them halfway up and made a border for my flower bed! Looking at your plates, I now feel the need to collect some more! LOL!
Anonymous said…
Poor Teddy ! I know how it feels. Our dog doesn't like the rain either ; )
I hope I can enter the give away ? I live in The Netherlands.
Pretty puppies! That is an awesome piece of depression glass too. I am so sad to see those dishes broken for mosaics though. :-( I thought about doing that once and collected some dishes to do it with, but couldn't break them after all!

Stopped by from SITS. Have a great Sunday!
Divaeva said…
*smiles* I think the foot stool is adorable - I can;t wait to see it when you are thru!
Anonymous said…
Thank you very much for entering me ; )
Oh how lovely, I love milk glass too! Please enter me as well!

Love love love your blog!
Sugar said…
I adore teddy! I would also love to be entered in the giveaway also. Love all your finds..I wish I could go shopping with you, you find the greatest stuff!
Max's Mommy said…
I am a new follower. :D
Mama Feoneafey said…
Sorry I was late this week , but I finally got to post about your newest giveaway! That milk glass compote is to die for and those doilies are so pretty !
Bridgett said…
Congrats to Epi!

Boy, that stool isn't very pretty, is it? I look forward to seeing what you do to it.

Marie S said…
The stool turned out great!
I love Teddy's giveaway, please count me in!