Now If The Snow Would Just Melt

Today's post is short because google is acting up. I could only load a few pictures and they took forever. I cleaned off the potting table and dragged out some spring things.

The green eyed kitty is ready for spring.

The old farmers stand on German cleaning containers.

I added new reindeer moss. You can see the little old farmer, sitting in an urn, peeling pears.

It's a good start.


Sharlene T. said…
You know it's spring, SITSta, when all the garden chores start piling up! I'm doing my 'birthing sheets' right now and will be planting them, next week. My potting table is a mess, right now, but should be company-proof by the end of the month. Love your pics and you've just given me the best idea! Thanks for sharing.
Sugar said…
ah..I wish I could come play in your yard too!
I agree, it looks like fun. Smart thinking to tuck some greenery in. We are all ready for some green!
You have so many interesting things!
Sharlene T. said…
Thanks for following...
The idea was to make my potting bench a truly attractive garden deco item, when it's on hiatus from hard work! (Of course, that means I'd have to make me an attractive garden deco item when I'm not working -- wait, no prob. I'm always working.

Yup, suet is the best. Never thought a thing of it until I started hearing from folks who don't use it!

Again, thanks for signing up. Have a great day. I'm following you, too.
I just adore your German farmer figuines ... so lovely to be outside! Is that a MUSIC BOX on the upper left?!

I can't wait to see how this vignette grows as the season ripens.
Pricilla said…
You know there is always one more snow!
In April.
Never fails........
thanks you 2 for all your support, kind words and good thoughts...

it means the world to me....

hugs and hugs to Teddy

sending love,
i DID see that cat, but didn't realize it was one of the andirons, i guess i didn't look close enough! i think they are the coolest things ever! i should have known you would already have one!!! i bet yours is an antique too!
oldblackcatboo said…
LOL! I went to the garden center and bought seeds today! and then came home (the temps around here soared to 60 degrees!) and I too worked in the yard, raking and cleaning and moving garden "stuff" around. It's coming! FinallY!
Bridgett said…
Indeed, it is!

I bet your home and yard is just so charming!