Plates Plates and More Plates

Here is my latest mosaic creation.

Click for a better look. I still have a lot to learn!

I captured a blue tongue moment this morning and thought you might like to see it. I've told this story before but for those of you that missed it, this is the story of the blue tongue. Chow Chows were originally bred in northern China. The Chinese told the story that when God painted the sky blue, Chow Chows followed behind him and licked up all the drips.

Back to the den of shame. As I have been studying mosaic making, I have been stockpiling a stash of plates. I think I've turned into a plate addict.

These sweet cheery plates were 3.95 for the bag. I have big plans for them.

Living in the city, this is an almost daily occurrence. Helicopters are always hovering over my house filming crime scenes or traffic. It sometimes sounds like a war zone.

My potting table is melting. I can almost pack away winter decorations and bring out spring things!!!

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Touchatou said…
Nice mosaic ! Loveeeeeeeee it ! If everything wasn't packed in boxes, I would join you !
I love how your plate came out!

And Teddy's blue tongue is adorable :)
Autumnforest said…
My house is a 1/4 mile from a freeway and yeah--that's what we hear too-rattles the dishes on the walls. Our Chow-Chow/Golden Retriever Mix had a tongue that was part pink/part blue in patches. It was adorable! My best friend is looking for a medium to large fluffy dog that would work good in a condo and not need to be run around a lot and I told her--Chow Chow! She's looking into them. They're not much for barking either, are they? At least our mix didn't bark unless absolutely necessary which pleased the neighbors and us. The other dog, a Samoyed, would do a little very faint and almost unintelligible wolf howl. It was so cute. I love the fluffy dogs, they just don't suit the desert well. Give Teddy a ruffling for me.
I think your mosaic plates are lovely. I imagine it is great fun to do this.

Teddy Baby is so beautiful.

Bags of dishes, be still my heart.

The snow melts and Spring is ever closer.
The Frog Queen said…
Plates, plates and more plates!!! Yeah! LOVE plates! Very nice collection.

Pricilla said…
I had given thought to doing a mosaic table for the yurt but I don't think it would fit the styling in there. It's just too modern...

Sheesh. I wish we had a thrift shop around here.
Mama Feoneafey said…
Your mosaic plate is sooo Beautiful!!!

Teddy! You and your blue tongue are so precious!

The bag of cherry plates is awesome! I love, LOVE ,love, those plates and cant wait to see what you have in store for them. ( wish i could find a bag of them at that price what a steal!)

we live in the flight pattern of the Local Air force base.. so i understand the daily overhead rumbles too.

I am so glade your are finally finding the treasures beneath the snow .. you had so much i was beginning to think you wouldn't be out from under it all till mid June some

Creative blessings to You all!
I hope You don´t make mosiac from those cherry plates! They are so nice as they are I thinmk.

Love that stiry about how chows got that color on the tounge :-)
Have a great day now!
C in DC said…
I'm enjoying seeing your mosaics.

I'm in love with your cherry dishes. Who manufactured them?
Joyce, love the mosaic. Very pretty and loads of color. You sure are getting quite the stockpile there! So great prices too!

Ok, My eyes are glued the beautiful three peaks pigeon coop you have on your gardening table! OMGosh, it is fabulous! I've never come across one like that! It is perfection!

Lin said…
Those cherry plates will be GREAT for mosaics!!! I can't wait to see what you do with them.

Love the blue tongue story--how sweet. I never heard that one before. :)
Suzie said…
A helicopter! Next winter when you get snowbound, you can call them to bring you your thrift store finds! You call the shop, find out what is new, and have it delivered by airdrop! What a plan!! Since you are making mosiacs, it won't matter if a plate or two breaks.

When I was little, I was always short for my age, and had to walk 4 blocks to school and home again, or to the neighborhood grocery store. Along the route, there lived a Chow, and all of the kids were afraid of him, saying that he was mean. He used to come out and stand on the sidewalk, and the kids would all cross the street to walk on the other side. Fortunately, I thought at the time, I had never encountered him except to see him at a distance. I thought that he was magnificent!

Then one hot summer day, my Mom sent me to the store to pick up a package of ground beef, having called the butcher ahead of time. So little Suzie is walking along, carefully holding her little brown bag with the package of freshly ground meat, when who should step out into her path, but the big fluffy chow!
I stopped. .he stared. I said "Hi", he stared. I took a few steps to quietly go past him, and he stared. As I got closer, I did what I do with all animals. I started talking to him in a low voice, barely a whisper, and he started respond like most animals do. .he yawned. I'm SO entertaining!

But then he got a whiff of that bag, and suddenly his nose was all over it, my hands, my arms..and you have to remember that I'm practically looking this dog right in the eye. I froze.

Then all of a sudden, out comes that gorgeous blue tongue, and he starts licking my face! That made me giggle, and once I did that, his tail started to wag. I reached out to pet him, and it wagged harder. I realized that he only wanted to be friendly. .well, maybe the aroma of the ground beef helped, but that was the ice breaker.

After that, every time I went to the store, or to school, and home again, there he'd be, waiting for me. I always got teased for being the shortest in my class, but I was the only one brave enough to be kissed by the blue tongued dog!
Rue said…
Lovely mosaic tray! We get a bit of breakage at the store that I do books for. We collect the plates/teapots/figurines and make fun mosaics out of them. Plus - the owner has an "amputee garden" with all the pieces of fairies and gnomes that have broken. Morbid - but cute!
nice work on the mosaic tray ... and, OMG, you have enough china to mosaic your entire room!LOL

I"m totally lusting for that marvelous bird cage on your potting table!
I've often been tempted to try mosaic, but haven't yet. It's fun to "watch" you do it.
oldblackcatboo said…
Cool mosaic! I've been saving all my broken mugs, vases, whatever, that my cats or doggies have knocked over and broken. I have them stored in big Rubbermaid containers in the basement for SOME DAY to make a mosaic out of them...or maybe I'll line the inside of a swimming pool...yeah, I think I have that much! LOL!
(I laugh so I don't cry!)
Bridgett said…
The mosaic looks gorgeous! I think you're too hard on yourself.

Love the blue tongue story. ;)