Pressed Mozzarella and Teddy

This is a short post today because the Blog Tech is very busy today. Remember this tofu press I showed you a while ago?

I am experimenting with other ways to use it.

I bought 2 fresh Mozzarella balls the other day at the market.

I love fresh Mozzarella but when used on sandwiches it can make the bread soggy. My daughter loves fresh Mozzarella sandwiches and I pack them in her lunch all the time.

I packed the two balls in the press. (This line can make men run screaming into the night!)

Positioned the lid.

Here they are an hour later. I love this device.

Some things never change.

Notice the food on the cutting board and the fish cooking on the stovetop? Teddy does!

Thank heavens her food prep only takes about 5 minutes. If it was a 3 hour meal this would be ridiculous.


Kat said…
You find the most obscure but cool things. . . a tofu press?

Teddy is so beautiful. How often does she make you laugh standing there while you are cooking?
Linda said…
The line about the 'two balls' has me rolling in laughter! Ok, sigh...the tofu press very cool. Teddy the coolest dog ever! Hope you are having a great day!
Pricilla said…
Your headline made it sound like you were making a mozzarella and Teddy meal.

I try to make mozzarella with the goats' milk but I just keep making caulk.
The Frog Queen said…
pressing balls...hee, hee...I needed that this morning. Great idea for the tofu press of cheese, I will have to give that a try.

Nice to see Teddy looking so happy. How do you get any work done with such a cuttie hanging around :D

I love fresh mozzarella as well- what a cool device!

pastrywitch said…
If you can find tomato-pesto bread to go with your pressed mozzarella - it makes a sublime grilled cheese sandwich.
Lin said…
What is that saying about a "watched pot"? I guess that doesn't apply in Teddy's case!
How clever to press the mozzarella to remove the moisture!

Teddy is so faithful and knows the routine. She is dependent on your faithful love and care, and returns in kind much joy for you, and we who know her from Octoberfarm.

Your blog is a blessing.
Sharlene T. said…
Excellent adaptation! The pesto idea is great, too... Thanks for sharing.
Touchatou said…
That press is so nice ! Can se some uses to it ! ;)
Teddy brought a smile to this sad face..

thanks Teddy !
Anonymous said…
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Suzie said…
Excellent use of the tofu press. .for the cheese, that is.
Give Teddy a little puppy doll under her paw, and she would look like a very fuffy Foo Dog! So statuesque! (And with a lot friendlier face, too!) Of course, it is bad luck to only have half a pair, so you'd need to get her a mate!
Bridgett said…
Okay, the balls in the press line had me in hysterics over here. LOL

I just adore you, J.

BTW, I think Teddy eats better than I do! :D