Rummage Sale Saturday

I went to a rummage sale early this morning with the Blog Tech. Ugh!!! It was a zoo. But I found a couple of good buys. This wooden clothes dryer was 3.00. Now I have to figure out how to assemble it.

This will be used as a garden trug.

This silver platter was 2.00. Soon I will show you what I am doing with these silver platters.

A new addition to the owl collection which will go in the cage on the potting table towards the end of summer.

A Longaberger basket. It was 20.00 but is in perfect condition.

This cute set of hand painted dishes will be used with the silver trays. More to come.

I am on the lookout for any and all of these that I can find. They will also be part of the above project.

I found another cardinal.

He joined the others in the bird feeder.

I don't decorate much for Easter but if the snow ever melts, these will be cute in the garden. $2.95

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How do one assemble that clothes dryer :-) :-) It does look impossible :-) :-) :-)

Those hand painted dishes are really nice! I had a tea mug that looked much the same once.

Have a great day now!
Anonymous said…
I LOVE the owl : )
Autumnforest said…
Very productive morning! I really love owls--that's a great idea. I've tried to think of a way to incorporate them because I'm not a collector of anything (I have a real tendency to overdue them and burn out, so I had to stop myself). I would love to collect owls for the yard, though. We have a live one in the neighborhood and so far every night I heard his loud calling and went outside to look at him, I had a following day that was incredibly lucky. Now, he's a symbol of great things to come. I'll have to think about where to use them, but I like your idea. You always inspire.
I love the picnic basket! Adorable♥
Autumnforest said…
I checked out the owls from last year's post--very very cool! I like the idea of grouping them in one spot. I'll have to look at my yard and see what spot might work. Very inspiring!
Pricilla said…
A very productive morning to be sure!

My countertop comes Monday!!!!!!
Suzie said…
That drying rack looks like one that has a wide flat top on it. Wonderful for drying sweaters and things that need "blocking". What an excellent buy you got on it too!

I thought you were buying silver trays because they were pretty, but now you have my curiosity up as to what you are going to to with them.

I love the wooden carrier too. I'm always looking for ones to use in the garden, or for stashing art supplies.

And picnic baskets. Another weakness of mine. You found a beauty!!!

I do hope that the sale was indoors, or if not, that they had a lot of space heaters running!

Congratulations on finding some more wonderful things!
Hmmmmm.... Do I spot a mosaic project in the making? :-)

Penny at Lavender Hill Studio
Ohhhh...a thrifting we will go....great finds a-gain. Thrifting really is a practical idea, purchase the things you need and will use. Watching the pennies takes care of the dollars. You have it down pat. :)

Happy weekend.
Suzie said…
Looking at your drying rack again, it might be one of those that looks like a capital "M" when it is assembled. OR, it could be one that is tiered, a smaller rack (that could be four sided) on top of the larger one.(which could also be four sided.)

I wish I was there to help you. We'd either get it set up in record time, or fall down laughing trying. I can see the arms that swing up and over to come down and secure the frame in place, but can't describe to you how to get it all into position over the blog.

No matter which configuration, it is almost impossible to set it up by yourself, no matter what the instructions might have told you. Since Blog Tech no doubt helped you carry it at some point, he already has a connection, though tenuous, to it, so when he is available, ask him to help you set it up.

Once you have it assembled, you're going to find that they are wonderful for not only drying but displaying those exquisite textiles you've been buying.

You can also set it up outside in a semi-shady area to hang bundles of herbs on to dry.

I do hope that it goes together easily for you. I see tags on it, which means that it didn't get used at all, or very much, so it isn't likely to be warped out of shape, which can add to the challenge. Good luck!!!

Oh, and yes! I totally agree with you! Will is an absolute genius. It almost seems illegal for someone to have that much talent!
Suzie said…
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It sort of looks like a wooden drying rack!

Do I see flames coming from the East? Did someone build a cozy fire out in the snow?

Did you conquer the life size puzzle? Maybe they couldn't and that is why it was priced so reasonably!!
Suzie said…
Maybe you should take it back and ask them to show you how to set it up.

It probably isn't worth your time, except if they did pull a fast one on you, then they would be put on the spot to fess up, and if it is legit, then you would know how it is put together.
Linda said…
What a good yard sale day you had. I had a good day at a thrift! I'm ready for some spring weather now.
very nice finds! - I'm extremely partial to the cake plates and serving platter - lovely pattern and colors.

I remember trying to put together an old wooden drying rack years ago. One hint: martinis.
rox said…
Oh I am liking the mosaic look , love the sort of Victorian theme etc. from the cards in the other post and now this.
I love tea time and the tray makes me think of tea time .
Oh how I wish I could just eat the bread .
I'm burnt out this week and just to tired to think of baking bread right now .
Suzie said…
Sooooo, did you get it assembled, or is it kindling?
Bridgett said…
Wow...seriously impressed with your finds. Especially the basket!