Signs of Spring in My Garden

Mums are making a comeback.

Raindrops on daffodils.

Reindeer moss

Hydrangea bud


Snow drops

The remaining snow has turned to ice.

Japanese Maple bud

Viburnum bud

Black locust thorn. I have branches with these all over my yard from the heavy snows.

An interesting raindrop, click to enlarge.

Oakleaf hydrangea bud

Climbing hydrangea bud

Raindrops on junipers

Raindrops on rosemary

Myrtle is the only thing blooming in my gardens right now.

Raindrops on wind chimes.

The return of the chives.

Obviously you can see I was playing with my macro lens again.

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The Lady said…
Your garden is so inspiring. I can't wait to see it again this year!
Gorgeous photos! I especially like raindrops on junipers. No signs of spring here in Edmonton yet, alas!
Judith said…
My chives are the only things coming up so far, some slight green showing from the daff's but nothing much yet
I always love your photos....

by the way you have been tagged
Wonderful photo´s!

Finally some of Your low pressures will come and visit us :-) :-) We´ve had a highpressure in Europe that stopped them from reaching us here up in the north. Now it´s weakening and the lowpressures finally reaches us :-) :-)

So I do hope much of our snow will dissapere after this week!
Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
So pretty...
The goats would be all over the moss.
Touchatou said…
Such beautifull pictures !!
Sharlene T. said…
Great pix and I love the special raindrop. Now, that looks like it could very easily be a prize winner! Thanks for sharing.
Sydnii said…
Gorgeous macros! I LOVE the rain drops on the wind chimes. :)
Sugar said…
Love the pics!
SeeThroughGreen said…
i love the reindeer moss! and all kinds of mosses...bare feet and moss is one of my most favorite things to feel on a summer day!
I just cannot believe the amount of snow you had and now it seems to be nearly gone! That is fascinating.
Really lovely photo's! I am wishing so much I had a good camera. I fight with mine daily for clear photo's. It's maddening.

I am off to look at your spell books...I'll be right back! :) Thanks again.
Oh, Spring! Hast thou sprung?! Lovely pictures. Did you plant your own reindeer moss, or is that natural in your neck of the woods?
Good grief, I am at my wits end. I thought I knew exactly where I had found the spell books and now I can't find them. I have gone back, and back and back..but still...I enjoyed my journey SO much. Being born in October and having having a Mom from October and grandkids and my children...and now a October husband...(last two husbands have been Libra's) I was right at home. I lost an hour at least! :) Loved the art and the pumpkins and just all of it...LOVED IT!
So...where the heck are the spell books??? :):)
Oh GOOD GRIEF again! I just found them. Sorry. :)
Spring, spring, spring, how very tender and beautiful. The tender beginnings are joy to behold.

Thanks again for sharing beauty I would not otherwise see.

Blessings of Spring and very Happy Days.

Kisses & Love to Teddy Fluff
Rue said…
Just beautiful! I can't believe how much green is popping up when you were covered in snow just a short while ago!
Anonymous said…
Love the photographs of your gardens!

You've been photo tagged at my blog ; ) check it out.
pastrywitch said…
I remember moss...we don't have muc of it here in Colorado.
I don't know what a macro lens is, but I suddenly want one ;)
The only thing blooming here are the crocus that the squirrels dug out of the back garden and moved to the front yard. They are lined up with the tulips that meander across the yard. Our squirrels are weird.
Suzie said…
Beautiful pictures to lighten the heart! I've got some miniature iris blooming, and right now, they are getting snowed on.
So far, the heaviest of it is tracking just north of us, so my little plants might not get buried.
I love all of your water droplets! You've got a good camera, and you know how to use it!
Bridgett said…
You really get some great pictures! What kind of camera do you use?