A Stool Redo

Hey....look! Sun!

Remember the fugly stool I bought a few days ago for 10.00?

I disassembled it.

Then I started playing with fabrics and trims. I really like mixing rustic with elegant. I've done this all over my house. My dining room table is a big old french pine table. The chairs are covered in Scalamandre fabric. For the stool, I chose a pale green burlap.

I picked a flat paint for the legs to match the burlap.

Whenever I have legs to spray paint, I stick them in a Styrofoam container. This holds them sturdily in place and you can do the entire leg at one time.

This works better than any other method I have tried.

I also left the old fabric on. I figured this would lend more sturdiness to the burlap.

I cut the burlap to be just slightly larger than the stool top.

I turned the top over and began stapling the burlap to the underside.

First I stapled the entire circumference about one inch from the edge.

Then I stapled the extra lengths so it would all lie flat.

Bingo....new top!

I had this extra fabric from an old project. It is purple and light green.

I covered the underside with it.

I took the legs outside and sat the Styrofoam on cardboard.

Then I sprayed them with the flat paint. The color is fossil.

While the legs were drying, I played with more trim. The plan was starting to take shape. This pic probably shows the colors better than any of the others.

When I covered the underside, I circled the holes where the legs would be screwed back in. I sliced through the fabric and stapled around the holes.

Then I screwed the legs back on.

I chose this fringe which is a heather color.

Then I attached the piping which is a dark purple and green. The colors match the plaid fabric on the underside.

I bought this fun pompom tassel trim with little green crystals.

I really had trouble getting the true color in a photo.

But here is the new stool.

The fringe will straighten out in a few days.

If the stool is turned over, even the underside is pretty.

The colors contrast much better than they do in the photos.

Click for a better look.


Kat said…
Very cool :)
Tammie Lee said…
gorgeous, I love what you did with this. I also love the photos showing each step of the way.
It looks like a million bucks!
Melodie said…
And today on stool makeovers home edition.....

It really looks great!
I enlarged every photo and the crystals put it over the top! They don't show up unless you enlarge the photo..then they really do. It's a stunning little stool, Joyce. One that would have cost you a pretty penny were you to have bought it..
What is best of all...NO one has one like it! :)
A GREAT choice of trims!
I think that stool turned out great. But I remember having a sofa with that kind of tasselon it. For some reason my dogs and cats loved to chew on it :-) After a while I had to remove it all because it looked terrible :-) :-)

Have a great day now!
Loved seeing this...looks so great...

a LITTLE bit better today...OMG.

sending love,

Hugs to Teddys too !
Autumnforest said…
You just reminded me it's time to redo the dining room chairs now that I repainted the room and changed the theme! Wahoo! New project! That is really gorgeous--I can't believe that's the same stool.
faerwillow said…
~now it truly is a treasure you've found...wonderful piece you now have...brightest blessings~
Maeve said…
Great project. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!
Aussiemade said…
Jaz what a make over. You make it seem so easy. I may have to go in search of something soon to make over and have a try! lol

Great colours and pretty which ever way you look at it.
Marie S said…
Nice Job Jaz, it looks great!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Lin said…
I'm impressed! I like the underside too. :)
Sharlene T. said…
That's it. I'm going looking tomorrow for a living room coffee table. Period. No more procrastinating. That's is so beautiful and a wonderful job. Thanks so much for sharing.
Hi Jaz,
I have left you a little something over at my blog. Also, your package arrived today! Thank you! It was such fun to unpack everything, and I love it all.
Rebecca said…
Oh my stars! That is so cute! Great job. :)
Sarita Rucker said…
Now that is pretty.

By the way, I nominated you for a blog award. Pick it up at http://collegegirlsdays.blogspot.com/2010/03/beautiful-blogger-award.html
Once again, I must express how talented I think you are! The stool looks great!
Toria said…
That's fabulous, you did a great job with it.
Touchatou said…
Amazing ! A stool fit for princess Teddy !
Jennifer Rose said…
this is very helpful :D the stool looks great, very Arabian tales looking :)
Suzie said…
wow! I knew that you'd do something truly terrific with that little stool!
It looks wonderful! I love your color choices, and the embellishements truly make it unique. something that you'd never find mass marketed! I truly love it!
pastrywitch said…
Nice work! My cat would have the best time ever with the pompoms :)
oldblackcatboo said…
Wow! You are better than Martha!
LOVE it!
Unfortunately my cats would love the fringe too! LOL!
I'm really impressed with you doing the underside too.
Very cool!
Bridgett said…
Oh, how I wish we were neighbors. You could take my old, ugly furniture and make it beautiful again!

I'm soooo bad at stuff like this. You have no idea. LOL

Well done, J.