Teddy Wants to Take You For a Walk

*** There seems to be a problem today with blogspot and some of my pics are not loading. There are a lot of them today so try back in a bit if you have trouble.

Hi everybody! Do you want to walk through the gardens with me and see what is about to bloom?

The maple is full of buds. This is my favorite tree because it shades my patio and keeps me cool in the summer.

It's funny how things creep up on you. Look at the ivy! I told my mama to trim it so I can see the squirrel that likes to hide in it.

I almost forgot what was underneath it all.

Pillars and a stone wall! Click for a closer look.

You can see the ladies before the magnolias leaf out. When I was little puppy I used to bark at them.

A blueberry bud.

Oakleaf Hydrangea

Another hydrangea


And look....a bit of color.

Tiny crocus

I know when I see them I will be spending a lot more time outside. This is the time of year when I have lots of guarding to do.

Hmmmmm....I can't remember what this is.

Roses. We have lot's of roses here and I make sure to keep my pads far away from them.

The Green Man is watching everything grow. I like the Green Man, he has my back.

This tasty little morsel spends a lot of time in my yard. When I was little I would try to catch her. I learned pretty fast that I am never going to get a bird. Last night's full moon is known as the Worm Moon. Supposedly it wakes up the worms which brings back the robins.

Time to clean up the pots. I like to search for chipmunks behind them.

Do you remember the Salem Witch Day Lilies from last year? Here are the first signs of them for this year. I am very careful to not step on them with my big paws because they are mamas favorites!

This is my favorite plant. These are Fall mums and when they bloom I know it is my favorite time of year.

Buds from the Fall Flowering Cherry tree.

It still has one of last year's leaves.

The garlic my mama planted last fall. I will show you more pictures of the gardens as things begin to grow.


I´m not sure what has happened, but I can only see three photo´s now?? I wonder if it´s blogger or if it´s something wrong with my computor?
Pricilla said…
you are not alone.....

The pocket gophers ate all of our garlics.
Crystalrainbow said…
ohhh someones pinched the photos :( your be pleased to know its not just you, every blog ive visited this eve is the same. xx i shall pop back for my walk later
Unfortunately, I can't see all the photos :( But Teddy's narration put a beautiful picture in my head♥ Will come back when Blogger has this issue resolved.
I have the same problem with loading pictures on my blog. Oops.
At least some of yours came through.
What few pictures I could see were great! @#$%!! Blogger.com!
Teddy guard, garden guide, gave a glorious tour. Simply wonderful photos of your garden. Spring is so exciting, as Teddy has pointed out, I look forward to Teddy Tours as the garden grows. :)

Cheese pasta was a great success. My first time trying the proscuito. I was proud it turned out so well. Thanks for the fabulous recipe.
lovely tour - love "the ladies!"
SeeThroughGreen said…
ohhh! pretty garden! I love the statues as well!
old man winter just slapped us over here but it will be spring soon enough!
SeeThroughGreen said…
ohhh! pretty garden! I love the statues as well!
old man winter just slapped us over here but it will be spring soon enough!
Suzie said…
I've been having the same problems with photos myself. Blogger must be making "improvements" again.

But now I can see all of your delightful pictures! Teddy, you are an excellent tour guide, noticing a lot of things that we humans would overlook.

And your garden is greening up a lot faster than mine is! But mine may catch up this week, since the temps are supposed to suddenly soar into the 70's! And then we'll get our annual April snowstorm.

I imagine that you are ever so happy to be able to properly guard your turf now! Happy prowling!!
Lin said…
I noticed buds on the hydrangea today too! And little buds of green popping up all over. I think spring is here. :)
Suzie said…
I had the same reaction when I first saw the list on The Fragrant Muse, but then I found myself answering some of the questions, and decided to just try to do them all.

Pick the easier ones first, to help you get into the "zone", and the rest just seems to flow.

Give it a try, just for the fun of it. You don't even have to post it if you don't want to. Although I'd love to see your answers!
Rue said…
Thanks for the tour Teddy - I'm glad I came back to see all the photos! They really lifted my spirits - all that new growth! Love the Greenman pic!

Don't worry about the Robins, Teddy, I don't think they taste very good. Get your Mama a quail or a pheasant!
Finally I can see all the photographs!

It´s come so far over at Yours! Here it´s only the red berried Elderberry that shows any signs of life yet and the snowdrops ofcourse. I wish Ivy would survive here, but I´ve stopped trying now especially after the winter we had this year :-)
Lovely garden You have!
Have a great day now!
What a lovely walk through the garden with Teddy.
Things are budding beautifully and Teddy's a smart girl to walk gingerly through her Mama's garden!

Thanks for the tour!