To Market, To Market

The Blog Tech and I went to our local markets yesterday. We happened to park in front of this Asian restaurant which offered some unusually titled menu items. Click for a better look.

I'll pass. In Cambodia the head would be left on.

But I would love to try this one.

How is this even close to a hoagie?

This place offers about anything you can think of.

Getting ready for St. Patty's day.

Shamrock cookies and all kinds of goodies.

Good prices are found at all these shops.

I am going back next week to buy primroses.

Oh yum...I love Po-boys of any kind.

It's open but I don't know what it is.

This will be full of sidewalk food by 9:00 am. This place makes the best mung beans cakes I've ever had.

Lately we have several Afrikan food shops. I LOVE Afrikan food and will be cooking some soon. I will post it on the blog when I make it.

My favorite produce store.

Huge strawberries. Time for strawberry rhubarb pies.

A few onions.

To go with your potatoes.

I love having these stores close by.

There are more and more of these murals showing up on sides of buildings.

A local flower vendor.

Peruvian clothing.

I wish my daughter was still little. I need a grandchild!

Sidewalk tacos and burritos.

And churros too.

These guys are actually groovy.

Local bike stands.

Sidewalk salsa to die for!

I bought some of this. You can watch these guys make it.

Some of the best coffee anywhere can be found in this area. You can smell beans roasting when you are walking around.

This kitchen store is ready for Easter.

Le Creuset

And more Le Creuset



Fabric of all kinds.

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pastrywitch said…
Wow, your market area is amazing!
The 'hoagie' looks more like 'cooked breakfast'. And there's nothing wrong with cooked breakfast :)
Just tell your kids you're going on strike -- no more cooking or baking for them -- until one of them coughs up a grandchild. That'll light a fire under 'em!
Pricilla said…
That's all

My mozzarella comes out like caulk
Anonymous said…
Wow! Looks like a great time to be had!
Autumnforest said…
Oh, I love fresh mozzarella! It's one of my favorite lunch treats. I also love to use it in calzones. That marketplace looks fantastic. I wish AZ had things like that. We're so boring here.
Lin said…
WOW! What a variety of cultures you have there!! I would love having that so close. Especially the "groovy" store. :)
I wish we had anything like that close to where I live. Just love it!

I can see that they sell live Tilapia. It´s getting quite popular nowdays, when I grew up it was a not to uncommon aquarium fish :-) But since they are easy to bread and grows fast to a big size they nowdays sort of have them in fish farms :-)

My eyes also noticed (since I´m a former nursery- and gardencenter owner) that it says those Primeroses are annuals. No they are not. Just plant them in Your garden and they will come year after year after..... :-)

Have a great day now!
One - ONE - quail?!

That better come with a LOT of rice LOL

I can live with a brace of quail - better to have three.

But, one?! - that's just an appetizer!LOL
all looks good...i love the mozzarella....

oldblackcatboo said…
We just have HyVee and Target grocery stores to go to!
But in the summer, there is the local Farmers Market.... but nothing like THAT! WOW!
Touchatou said…
When I go to Ottawa, I spend a day at the By Market : love the stands and odors. ;)
Kita said…
Thanks for the comment on my site! Where is this market? It looks awesome!!!
today is the first day that i didn't cry all day :-(

hugs to teddy
Sharlene T. said…
Okay. I'm coming to visit. Put on the tea...can't figure out how that plate ended up being a Hoagie, but there it is. Who's to argue????!!! 8-) Thanks for sharing.
Sugar said…
I wish we had good places like that here.. It looks like tons of fun!
Jenna Gayle said…
Dang I wish there were a market like that here! I'm soooo envious!
Hooray for your local market. Thanks for sharing the visit. I loved it!
Rue said…
Oh, to have a market that is open already! I have to wait until May. Love the shops and the vendors and...everything! I'm drooling for a Churro right now. We don't have them here!
food.overture said…
what an interesting market! would you mind posting the name/address of it? i'll have to put it on my list of markets to visit if i am every in penn.
Suzie said…
You have access to the most diverse and delightful markets! And since I can't visit them in person, I thank you for sharing them with us via your photos. It is a lot of fun to "browse" through each image. I also save money this way!
Bridgett said…
Okay, Joyce, I am jealous to the nth degree!!! I soooo wish I had places like this in my neck of the woods. What great shopping for you!

I think I need to visit! :)