A Touch of Spring and Thrift Finds

Spring is definitely in the air here. The snow is slowly melting and with rain on the way, it should be gone soon. As areas melt, I dive in to start cleaning. And I can start doing some of my outside projects. I bought this little stool a while back.

It is very heavy and well made so I thought it would be a good mosaic project to make for the garden. I will use it around the potting bench.

I sprayed the base but not the top because that needs to be primed before I mosaic it. I love giving gifts in baskets and I have been finding all sorts of fabulous baskets for one to two dollars at thrift shops recently.

The cleanup on the potting bench begins. What a mess!

Now I am ready to start decorating it for spring.

LOOK!!! I can almost see my whole table top! It has been covered since shortly after Christmas.

I paid 1.00 for this basket and it was white. I sprayed it oregano and added satin ribbon and will fill it with live shamrocks as soon as I can find some.

I just bought this basket this morning for 1.00. It has a solid wooden bottom and will be great when it is painted.

The four silver spreaders were 15 cents each.

This is Waterford and weighs a ton! And better yet, it was 2.50!

This is a wooden box that cost 50 cents. I am spraying it and not sure what I will do with it yet. When I spray paint smaller objects, I put them in a cardboard box which keeps the spray paint from blowing everywhere.

And since I can't have the real thing, this girl will be the substitute! 1.25

This set of 6 plates was 2.95. The edges and color will work great for mosaic projects.

And check this out....what a find! This is the first one of these I have ever come across in all my days of thrifting and antiquing. I was in a crappy little store that had not much of anything when I spied this.

A perfect chrome cake carrier from the 40's. It looks like it was rarely used. It has two levers on each side that slide to secure the lid to the bottom. And it even says CAKE on the lower right side. 2.00!!!! Wahoo!!!! Now it is time to play with the potting bench before the rains come.

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Autumnforest said…
That cake holder is just toooo cool. I love it! The plates look very promising for mosaic. Can't wait to see what you do with them.
Even old baskets costs a fortune over here. I don´t know why it´s like that. I have one really nice and Teodor the cat has taken it to be his sleeping place :-) :-)

I´ve never seen a cake holder like that in my life! Like it a lot!

Spring isn´t even close over here. This time last year we had over three thousand cranes here by the lake. Now the lake is frozen and not a single crane has come.
Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
Wow. The carrier is just great.


I'll send you chickens...especially a certain rooster.
OK, take ten deep breaths. You are experiencing Thrift Euphoria. And no wonder, today's thrift finds are stupendous. Adore the little white hen.

Keep up the good work. I'm having a blast! :)
Linda said…
Oh Wow, Oh Wow! That cake carrier is so wonderful. I love it and it's shiny newlookingness! Love the baskets and how you paint them. Plates, glass and butter knives. You have had a great week.
Melodie said…
What a find, that cake holder is terrific!
Guillaume said…
I always wonder where you find the room for all those things.
Waterford for $2.50 -- it is to weep.
Jo said…
Love your finds!

Just stopping by to say thank you for visiting me on my SITS day last Friday. :)

Peace and serenity,
'The End Of The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy'
*This week is 'MS Awareness Week' -- feel free to stop by to learn more.
Touchatou said…
The waterford and cake-carrier are absolute finds !

Want some chickens ? I have 5 and they are so gentle and cute ladies ;) Haven't bought eggs in 3 years ! Even had enough to sell to neighbours lol
I love the cake chrome, and all of your ideas; you're so creative!
I'm always so impressed with your finds! Love, love, love that cake carrier!
Anonymous said…
Those yellow/gold/mustardy plates are gorgeous and I'm sure you'll think of something even more beautiful to make from them.

Also, there's an award waiting for you at my blog sweetcheeks ; )
Bridgett said…
Seriously, girl...you ALWAYS find the coolest things!