Birthday Surprises

I have never been a big fan of birthdays but I had a wonderful one this year. My daughter baked me this fabulous coconut cake!

She has turned into such a wonderful cook and baker.

She works two jobs and yet she still found the time to bake this cake and oh wow....was it ever good!!!

My dear sweet sister and my niece sent me this vinegar and oil set. They sure know what I like. How cool are these?

I have always had a thing for toasters. I just find the engineering that goes into them to be so interesting. I have about 10 toasters and this one might just be my favorite. It has glass sides which allow you to watch the toast as it browns. It has a setting which will defrost frozen items and then toast them. It does all sorts of things.

Guess who LOVES toast?

Teddy loves toast so much that she offered to be the test taster for the first piece that came out of the new toaster. She approves of it!!! It passed the Teddy Toast Test!

I got a new lens for my camera. This is a Canon 17/40 wide angle. My son and I are both photographers so we share all of the lenses.

And my daughter's most wonderful, handsome boyfriend got me one of my most favorite things of all times.....WINDCHIMES!!! Thank you SO much Thomas! Maybe next year you could get me a grandchild? I really need one of those.

My son and husband bought me some too. I can never have enough windchimes. I leave them out year round which kills them so I am always asking for replacements.

I have four hanging from the pergola over my stone bench.

I have them in all sizes.

Here are four more. I have them all over the gardens. When the wind blows they sound magical. it is in action. Watch closely.

There it is....browned and ready for Teddy!

Happy birthday me! Haha!!!

Thank you so much my precious family for giving me such a wonderful birthday!!! I love you all to pieces.

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Laura said…
Happy Birthday, Jaz!
Jaz, Happy Birthday girl. You crack me up.....a grandchild huh? I don't blame you. They are the best present my daughter ever gave me, even the one who stole my birthday from me and the soul mate one.
I hope you get your birthday wish this year....and your presents are wonderfully you.
(((hugs))) until next time
Congratulations !!
It seemes it was a great day :-) That was probably the most advanced toaster I´ve ever seen! I have periods when I just have to have toast in the morning :-)

Those bottles is soo cool! I´ve never seen anything like them!
One of my neighbours has a wind chime like that. I´ve been hearing something I couldn´t say what it was from a distance. For a while I thought it might be an exotic bird :-) :-)

What kind of camera do You have? I´m thinking of buying a new one in autumn.
Have a great day now!
Hope you had a wonderful birthday-- it sure looks like you did!! ♥
Happy Birthday, Jaz! I love windchimes too and Woodstock Chimes are the BEST! Love that toaster!
Well, happy happy birthday!

The cake looks uber-yummy - do I ever looove coconut!

AND I have the same Magimix toaster!!!! - I love it!

I had a couple Woodstock chimes at the place I lived before I moved here (many years ago) - and I forgot them in the garden when we packed up and left. I hope they are still being enjoyed!

AGAIN, happy birthday - many happy returns!
oldblackcatboo said…

I generally hate my own Birthday's too. But it looks like you had a fantastic one! Such GREAT gifts!
The Birthday cake looks SO yummy and I'm not all surprised at the fact that your daughter is such a great cook/baker, I mean MY GOD look who she has for a Mother!
I laughed when I saw the windchimes! I have a LOT and even one tree devote to them!
I hope your Birthday continues to be a Great One! You deserve it!!!
Happy Birthday Again! - Cindi
Max's Mommy said…
Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a great day!!
Anonymous said…
Happy, Happy Birthday!! Looks like you got what you wanted.
Pricilla said…
Happy Birthday my friend. It looks like you had a grand time.

Now we will get wide angle views of the garden, eh?

I have a macro and telephoto for my canon
Happy Birthday! I wish you health and happiness always.

Wonderful thoughtful gifts!

And oh, how I would love one piece of your Coconut birthday cake.

Happy day.

xoxo to Teddy.
i wish i knew it was your birthday before now..i am so late in wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY...

looks like it was a good one..LOVE that BEAUTIFUL cake...and you gifts...looks like it was all wonderful.....

the reason we're late is cause i just took Teddy for a drive to McDonalds for his first cheeseburger and then we took a drive to a strawberry stand to get berries for tonight..and then we came home thorugh the edna valley..all rolling hills, lupine, mustard, vineyards, grazing cattle under majestic oaks trees, birds singing...our first trip alone together..lasted about 90 minutes..he LOVED it..sleeps on my lap in the sun with the cool air conditioner softly blowing...

and now, somebody is a crash puppy....full tummy, a fun ride, and snuggled next to mom....

Happy Birthday again, my friend

Kary and Teddy
Birgit said…
Happy Birthday, Jaz! :)

-- Birgit
Autumnforest said…
Super happy birthday! Wow! Great gifts, loads of love and yummies. I'm a huge windchime gal myself. They're like babies to me when I get a new one. So, your gardens don't just look gorgeous, they sound gorgeous. Have a great day!
Crystalrainbow said…
Happy birthday hun :) cake loks delish and love the bottles how fab are they!! hope you had a great day xx
Celia said…
Happy Birthday! I love coconut cake and windchimes too!! I hope you had a wonderful day!
TMCPhoto said…
Happy Happy Happy Birthday, It looks like you were treated very very well just as it should be. I love wind chimes too but I have yet to acquire any for myself but when I do I'm going to treat myself to one from Coast Chimes from his work is to die for.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday! That cakes looks scrumptious and I LOVE the oil and vinegar bottles as well. And the chimes, stop me now....your garden not only looks beautiful but sounds beautiful too. Can I come live with you? I'll pay rent and even clean for you : )
Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great day!
Suzie said…
Happy, Happy Birthday!! I don't like celebrating my own, either, but then I realized I've got to be fair because I certainly like to honor everyone else's special day. It is a way for those who love you, to let you know how happy they are that you were born, and that you are someone special in their lives.

That cake looks super luscious, and no wonder your daughter is so talented. She has you for her Mother!

I have three sets of tuned musical chimes, and would love to have more. I envy your orchestra! I can imagine how enchanting they all sound.

And that toaster is something else! Mine is so mundane beside it. I love yours!

Ditto for the oil & vinegar bottles! They are SO unique, and yes, they are perfect for you!

Now for that camera lens. . that would also fit my camera! You can be glad we don't live closer!!

Wishing you a fantastic new year!
pastrywitch said…
Happy Birthday! The toaster rocks. I agree with Teddy; toast is a wonderful thing. Now you just need a toast rack.
Let me add my wishes for a Happy Birthday too, Joyce. But then it sounds like you had a wonderful day!!! Thank you for blessing all of us with letting us share a small part of your life. Tammy
Jennifer said…
Happy Birthday! It sure sounds like you had a great one! I love your wind chimes I bet they sound beautiful when there is a breeze.
Farmgirl_dk: said…
Happy, happy Birthday!! What a yummy looking cake - it is clear that your family treasures you!
Hugs to you from Oregon on your special day!
Bridgett said…
Wow! You were a spoiled girl, indeed. It's a good thing deserve all that and more.

Happy birthday to you, Jaz!
Sugar said…
sounds like you had an awesome day! Im so glad. You're amazing, and no wonder your daughter can cook!
Kerri said…
Stopping by from SITS! Happy birthday! LOVE your blog... and your DOG!!! He is adorable!
Rue said…
Happy Birthday Jaz - sorry I'm a bit late! Hope it was wonderful!

That cake looks fab - your daughter did good! And you got spoiled - yay! Love the toaster - so cool that you can watch the toast - small things amuse me.

Love, love, love the oil & vinegar bottles too!
Guillaume said…
Happy birthday! It was my birthday too recently (the 21st), I celebrated it here with a chocolate cake that looks awful and is full of nauseating icing. My wife envies you for the nice coconut cake you got. If you put the recipe on the blog we might make it one day. And the toaster is such an original gift!
Happy, happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dia said…
Happy, Happy birthday!! My granddaughter turned TEN yesterday, & her 'other' GM made fab. BD dinner, inc. a cute 'ice cream cone' cake (yellow) with chocolate glaze over - mmmm -
Yours looks delightful, ditto all the fun pressies . . .
hope you have a great year!

hugs n blessings