The Potting Bench and The Macro lens

I bought this bird feeder at a gift shop for 75% off last year and I sat it on top of a small table which I bought at a thrift shop for $2.00. I found some ceramic birds at thrift shops and put them in the feeder.

I put my cast pumpkin on the bottom shelf and surrounded it with pottery morels.

Inside the birdcage, I've hung some wood carved birds on perches.

On the top of the cage hangs a glass medallion of the Salem Witch House.

The inside of the cage is decorated with a wooden witch sign (The Old Witch's Garden), some ceramic mushrooms and a small statue of an old farmer.

His wife stands on the other side on top of an antique German enameled cleaning container.

The grandmother sits inside a moss filled urn. She is peeling apples.

My wrought iron cat, with the green glass eyes, peers out from inside the cage.

I was playing around with the macro lens yesterday.

The radishes are just breaking through the soil.

New holly berry buds.

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TMCPhoto said…
Love the Macro lens shots, just one more reminder that I need to get me one of those :)

Your garden altar is spectacular, what a great place to do some gardening magic!
You tell stories in the garden birdcage with the people, animals, and items you have chosen. I think you like to be in the company of these wizened souls. Perhaps they oversee your gardening. You were born to dig deep in the soil of earth and harvest the beauty and bounty.

The things precious to you speak of who you are.

Mother Earth is busy with her own story of rebirth. Popping out of the soil, blossoming out and throwing green everywhere.

The magnificent culinary skills may show where you have traveled and surely the foods you love. Your strong nurturing character is here too.

Not to forget the Thrift Queen shares her bounty.

You extend your creativity and nurturing gifts to include we dear bloggers.

We visit, we see, we learn, and we grow.

Enjoyed my visit. Love to Teddy.
Joyce, you did some great shots with your micro lense! How I wish I had a better camera!
You really have a fantastic collection ...amazing! I would never thought of having an outdoor's charming! I especially liked the medallion of the Salen Witch House. Is it glass and what size is it? It's just beautiful and where on earth do you find such treasures??
I still have not found my spell book. :) I really wanted one by sure and let me know if you come across a source.
Our weather here is stormy...or was. It rained all night and it is still dark and overcast. The rain we were praying for has happened. No shopping for a bike today I guess. :)

I am so anxious to see your post in the Fall... :)
I look for witches that are handmade (naturally) and some crafters out there are simply amazing...
Melodie said…
The potting bench looks terrific! Good job with the lens!
Pricilla said…
The pearls look magical.
I don't do enough with my macro lens.
I love fooling around with my macro lens and depth of field - which btw is great in your last photo.
Your potting bench looks great and I love how you have a spot for all your special treasures!
love all your potting counter vignettes! ... and the close up shots are gorgeous!

be sure to enter my giveaway!
love all the things inside of the bird cage..that halloween kitty with the green that...and those pottery morels...

too funny again..i have some pottery mushrooms too in one of my beloved guy wolff clay pots...

and that macro amazing shots..beautiful...

love to Teddy and you

Touchatou said…
What magnificient pictures ! And there was so much snow at your home just last month ! Nature is going fast this year, but here we are still waiting for the flowers. :)
Sharlene T. said…
Thanks for the tour! How very creative. And, love your macro lens pix. Thanks for sharing.
Michelle said…
Love macro photography! I have a new macro lens that I just learning how to use too! So much fun!
Suzie said…
Once again, you put your magic, creative touch on everything! Such diverse treasures and yet they all come together like they were made for each other.

I love your macro shots1 Macro photography is my favorite. I often see things through that lens that would be missed by the human eye alone. It is like finding delightful secrets!
rox said…
really beautiful Jaz