Teddy wants to show you what we have been doing in the garden. It doesn't look like much but it is a start. I only have 2 acres here but I have used every square inch of it which makes for a lot of maintenance. Teddy helps me by rolling in anything dead she can find on the property. Sometimes she can act like a real dog!

My potting table is being put to good use. Click for a better look.

I use a potting tray whenever I can to contain the mess.

We've re-potted the mums which are coming back from last fall along with some rosemary that wintered over.

This is Teddy's favorite.....the cistern. She loves to lay on the patio and hear the cistern running. Click to enlarge and you can see the water running out of the scupper.

I've planted the raised planters with French breakfast radishes and Easter egg radishes. I love eating fresh radishes sprinkled with sea salt on buttered homemade rye bread.

If you look closely you can see the phlox just beginning to open.

It is a glorious display when it's in full bloom. I will post picks when it opens.

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luna petunia said…
Jaz, your gardens are lovely. Love the lower pond & your daughter's back door light. I remember seeing that in a cute light fixtures catalogue last year I think. At any rate, your property is lovely. How many acres do you have?
Like Your garden a lot! I wish I had a wall and a cistern like that! I can understand why Teddy likes that place so much!

I have to start thinking on raised beds. My joints doesn´t get better with age :-) :-) so sooner or later I´ll have to start making some.

My first crocus is going to flower if we only get some morning sun here and my red berried Elderberry bushes is on their way to flower too.

Have a great day now!
Ya know, somedays I just want to jump into the fireplace and teleport myself to your house and sit out on the back yard and be amazed in person. I could play with Teddy and keep her occupied so she doesn't roll in ickies and watch you (the human dynamo) do your magick thing). I'm telling ya here and now, somedays when I look at what you do, did and have to do.....I'm tired afterwards. You amazing girl. And all is gorgeous darling. (((hugs))) until next time
Autumnforest said…
Love your raised planters. I'm going to copy that photo to show hubby. Every time I try to draw or describe them, he doesn't get what I'm talking about. Teddy looks very contented. I'm sure her mommy is too--able to plant again!
I can't believe you said it........planned to head to the garden center tomorrow and what is number one on my list?
and more geraniums.
Except now I'll have to follow all that planting of them with a radish sandwich.
Michelle said…
Stunning gardens and what a wonderful potting area!

Teddy is so busy and I'm sure follows you everywhere!
YOur potting table is nothing less than stunning.

It looks like a vignette from a faery tale.
Pricilla said…
I love phlox too....

I think I could get lost in your two acres and be happy forever.

We have about 1 3/4 but the 3/4 is the riverbank and it's the goats that go there!
love your garden...what a magical place...i bet you're ready for summer and fall in the garden...

what fun....

looks like Teddy just loves it too.....

hugs to Teddy and you...
p.s. i see my best friend of 25 years here...julie whitmore..i told her all about you and Teddy...she loves Halloween too..and cooking and gardening like we do....

jenana said…
Lovely garden, as always!!

What kind of damage does the potting table take while going through winter after winter? I've been considering doing something similar here, but I'm worried that the table won't last more than a few years. I like the weathered look, but it has to remain functional!

Also, how deep does a raised bed need to be to grow veggies? What's the minimum depth required (it wouldn't have irrigation)?

Thanks, jaz!!
Wow... you truly have beautiful garden! I especially love the cistern; it's no wonder Teddy does too!

I cannot wait to see everything in bloom ♥
Sharlene T. said…
I'm still working on getting my property (just under 2 acres) the way I want and focusing on the kitchen gardens and mini-orchard, right now. It's coming together but why not immediately!?!

Yours is soooo pretty. You've given me an idea. I was going to raze a mound in the back yard but I think, instead, I'm going to leave it there and created a step-garden! We'll see.

I can't imagine not having a raised waist-high garden! It makes it so easy on the back!

Looking forward to the pix.
I just love your cistern!
What a beautiful yard! That potting table is fantastic. I need one!! And that Teddy is a mess I'll bet.

Happy Weekend!
Southern Lady said…
Love your garden and Teddy. You sure have used every bit of space. I can't wait to see how it progresses as the warm weather arrives. Carla
Suzie said…
Where to start, where to start! So MANY lovely things. .but first, I guess is Teddy. .is she in the doghouse? She looks like she is hoping for a reprieve!

Your potting table has so much character. Each time I see it, you've added something. .this time lots of pots and plants! And I love your roosters you have underneath!

Is my imagination working overtime? I see a face, or to be more exact, a partial face in the patchwork of your cistern!

And I love the raised beds! I wish I had room for some. My back and my knees REALLY wish that I had room for some.

Your phlox are gorgeous! I've tried planting some on a slight slope just on the outside of our fence, and the neighbor kids keep destroying it, even though I've asked them repeatedly to stay out of there. I hate to subject more plants to instant doom.

I keep itching to get out and do more in my garden, but I keep holding back. And it is a good thing too. Tonight is the second freeze warning in a row, with temps going up into the 70's tomorrow. What weird weather!

I think that your garden is enchanted though. It is greening so beautifully, and even through the monitor, has such a peacefulness about it. I love it!!
pastrywitch said…
The cistern/wall is AWESOME!!! I love it - makes me want to rebuild the well in the back yard. After I get the well fixed....the raised bed are great too. That would be a good way to deal with our wretchedly poor soil.
Amistis Reudan said…
too early for planting here yet!