Halushki Recipe

Julia Chow would like to show you some of our other Easter dishes. She keenly observed all of our kitchen moves to make sure we were preparing everything correctly. And just between you and me, she is a bit of a neat freak. The moment something drops to the floor she cleans it up in a flash.

We sauteed a head of cabbage in butter just until softened but still with a bit of a crunch.

Then we seasoned the cabbage with salt and pepper.

We fried some sliced onion in a bit of olive oil.

These cook over high heat until the edges are browning but the onions are still quite crunchy.

I usually make my own noodles but I decided to make this dish at the last minute so I made it with pappardelle. Any wide noodle will work.

When the noodles are done cooking and drained, they are mixed in with the cabbage. This can be served with a dollop of sour cream but it is so good that I don't even bother to add anything else to it.

This is my Elysian Fields leg of lamb which marinated in lemon, olive oil, chopped herbs and red wine. I slit the entire leg and inserted slices of garlic in each hole.

This cooked/smoked in my Big Green Egg for 5 hours.

Teddy thought it was absolutely delicious.

I had to make a dessert for Easter so I surprised everyone with my carrot cake.

This is the best carrot cake I have ever tasted. It is full of coconut, carrots, raisins and walnut. It is dense and moist and wonderful.

It's frosted with a cream cheese frosting.

Sorry about the head shadow. Photogaphy D- Carrot Cake A+++++


pastrywitch said…
I haven't had carrot cake with coconut - it sounds yummy :)
Mmmmmmmmmmm........it all looks great! I love that "Martha Chow" helped out in the kitchen. I'm sure she made everything turn out better.
julia chow did a wonderful job in the kitchen...

that leg of lamb looks so good...i love lamb...and the pasta...and then..well, what can i say? that carrot cake...the perfect dessert for Easter...wish i was there....

greekwitch said…
Your carrot cake looks yummy!
Sugar craving alert!
That cabbage recipe really interests me as I love cabbage and always eat it steamed or in slaw. This sounds wonderful... :) Made me smile when I read how easy it is because...I am really into "easy"...
Hugs for this.
The carrot cake looks delicious.
This is the GREATEST blog!!
Chris said…
Oh yum... will be making the cabbage recipe TONIGHT! I prefer a vegetarian diet even though I'm not a vegetarian, and this looks really good... and easy! I made hummus by your recipe, and it was very, very good!
Pricilla said…
Cabbage and noodles is the ultimate comfort food.

You don't happen to have a good stuffed cabbage recipe do you? I lost my grandmothers and I can't duplicate it.
I must cook a leg of lamb. I have never tasted lamb and look forward to it. I will do this on May Day. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Cabbage is a favorite of mine and combiming with another favorite of noodles, well, yum comes to mind.

Delightful foods, photos, and a visit with Julia Chow...who could ask for more on a Tuesday?! Indeed. :))
carma said…
I'm not a big fan of cabbage - although I do appreciate a good egg noodle!
Terri Smith said…
I've been waiting on Teddy to drive up every day since I first saw him on your blog! I know he'll have his own driver, and expect special attention when he finally gets here (and would no doubt get it too). Ha ha ha That's the most precious baby I've seen in forever (next to my two furry babies). The Easter post was just as cute (if not cuter) than today's.

It was so nice popping by for a visit to your place today!

Blessings, Love and Tuesday Sunshine, Terri
oldblackcatboo said…
OMG! I'm drooling over that carrot cake!

I've never had lamb, and...now don't get mad at me but... I just can't cuz it's a "lamb" and I have always wanted a lamb, actually I've wanted to have several for my "fantasy" life where I live on lots of acreage and create all day.
sigh, I know I'm a HUGE hypocrite because I eat chicken and I wouldn't mind having some of those clucking around my someday mini-farm too.
XOXO - Cindi
Sharlene T. said…
I can't believe it. I just can't believe it! I checked my mailbox, twice!, and simply couldn't find my dinner invitation to your luscious Easter meal. It looked so tasty I had to put a fork in my hand to finish all the pix! Thanks so much for sharing.
Yum Yum Yum! The pasta and cabbage looks so delicious... and the cake came out lovely!
Hey you, yeah you there cooking, thrifting, puppy picture sharing guru....Happy Sisterfriend's Day, Sista
Thanks for being a super duper sisterfriend, ((((hugs)))) until next time
Chowz Creations said…
Halushki and pierogis - YUM! And then top it off with that wonderful looking carrot cake. Be still my heart (and rumbling stomach)! =)
Jennifer said…
Teddy looks like a big help in the kitchen, quite the culinary pup.. did she used to be one of Martha Stewart's Chows? :-)