Hey, Do You Want To Go For a Walk?

Come with me. I have something I want to show you.

Really, come on....we will have fun!

Follow me...it is just down this path.

It's the girl's house. That is what I call her. I call the Blog Tech 'the boy'. This is her front porch. Click on the pics for a better look.

She has a nice pergola on the side of her house.

It has 'New Dawn' roses growing on it.

She has a stone table with lions on guard. I do a much better job guarding than those stupid lions do. They never even move.

When I first came to live here I got hot dogs that were roasted in a fire in the outdoor fireplace. I must remind my family that they haven't given me any of those in a while.

I really like to drink water from the big pond. It has a bit of a fishy taste to it which I like.

I think the water tastes best after it has tumbled all the way down the mountainside.

My mama put this stepping stone in the stream where the path crosses the water so I don't have to get my feet wet.

I hope you enjoyed your walk. I would be happy to take you on another one whenever you are ready!

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faerwillow said…
~oh i am ready...how gorgeous is her little hide away home filled with such beauty yet simplicity...l♥ve the outdoor fireplace...hotdogs are a definite must...do tell your family! warm wishes and brightest blessings~
oldblackcatboo said…
OMG! That's one LUCKY "girl"!
AND she gets gourmet meals!
Where do I sign up!
Pricilla said…
Methinks madam Teddy that you are a very spoiled doggy!
Thank you for the beautiful walk.
Birgit said…
Your outdoor fireplace is gorgeous! :)

-- Birgit
Maxine said…
I love the outdoor room and fireplace. It looks like such a wonderful place to sit and enjoy your garden. And roasted hotdogs? Fantastic! And I just know you must roast marshmallows too!
Suzie said…
Teddy, I will go for a walk with you anytime! You know some very beautiful and peaceful places to visit.

It looks like either your Mama has had a hand in decorating, or "the girl" has inherited her Mama's artistic eye. The porch and patio area exude contentment. No wonder you like to visit! I could sit there and veg out for hours!

I do hope though, that you do something nice for your Mama, since she is thoughtful enough to provide you with stepping stones so that you don't get those tootsies wet!

Thank you for the delightful tour!
I just commented here and I got an error message. I hope this will reach You!
What else can I say than Beautiful!
Have a great day!
Crystalrainbow said…
I do so enjoy my daily walk with you Teddy :) I hope your weekend was restful :) x
Autumnforest said…
I don't know if the girl of the pup is luckiest--both sound like they have enchanted lives. Teddy, thank you for sharing your domain with us, it was quite nice of you!
chib said…
I had a nice walk too
i only wish i was there in person for a walk with you...and then we could have a bbq in the fireplace. Teddy, I would bbq you ANYTHING you and your mommy wanted to eat...

you sure are lucky to have such a nice mommy...and she even put that stone there so you don't get your paws wet...

California Teddy says Hi...only 3 days away....

sending a hug to you today....
what a journey is right..a 50 day journey..when i turned the calendar to 2010 this year...little did i know....

and you and teddy have been here every step of the way.....

don't know if i would have made it without you 2 ! YOU'RE THE BEST !

Thanks for the walk, Teddy! The Girl's pergola looks very European! You deserve a hot dog!
cinderelly said…
beautiful! what a lovely spot!
Surge said…
AWWW OMG!! What a cute dog
Aww ♥ Your yard is gorgeous, Teddy!
wow - the girls house is amazing! i love that pergola area, too cool!
i got that little salem plate at an estate sale - as part of a bag sale!! i'll send you pics of everything i fit into one bag:)
oh - s and i have talked about going to salem! we'll try to make it happen.
Nice gardens and I love the stone table with the lion legs.
I'll be back to see more of your blog.
Glenda/MidSouth said…
What a pretty dog! Really like your patio area. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Southern Lady said…
Thanks for the walk. Your place is beautiful. Carla
Sharlene T. said…
That does it. I'm coming back as Teddy!
Teddy...what a tour guide you are! I was right there all the way! I 'm looking forward to our next walk. Soon? :)
Jennifer Rose said…
I wish we had a house like that, I would kill for a porch like that and an outside fireplace :)
William Bezek said…
I'd say the nicest thing is the Mama that gave the girl "a home slightly away from home" to call her own!
Wonderful new giveaway!

I enjoyed my stroll down to the girls home. Another beautiful place of wonder. She is blessed to have such a place.

Teddy is such a great little hostess of the home and garden tours.

Ya'll have a happy day.
Thanks Teddy, for the great walk through the garden. It was just lovely!
Nydia said…
Gorgeous place, looks like enchanted!

Thanks for the tour, it was lovely!

Kisses from Nydia.
Rue said…
"The Girl" has a lovely patio! I can see why you like it there Teddy! I think hot dogs in the outdoor fireplace is a wonderful idea! Where's my roasting stick...