A New Giveaway and What I've Planted So Far

The winner of the vintage amber fairy lights is: William Bezek! Send me your info and I will ship them right out to you. This weeks giveaway is for another pair of vintage brass candlesticks. To enter, leave a comment on this post and if you are not already a follower, sign on to follow. The winner will be announced next Saturday and a new giveaway will be posted.

I've set up the English village in the new moss garden. Click for a better view.

Pansies in a face planter.

Pansies in the twelve apostles planter.

Pansies in the Lady From The Sea planter.

The Irish cottages are back in place by the raised planters.

I want to live in a cottage like this.

This one would work for me too. I can smell peat burning when I look at these.

I had a maple that was giving too much shade in this area and sadly had to cut it down. I haven't decided what to do to replace it so for now I stuck some cement mushrooms in the ground and planted Phlox to eventually cascade over the edge.

I planted Columbines in this planter along with a fern.

The Wisteria is blooming and it smells glorious!

I have it growing in several places throughout the gardens.

Here it is on the pergola back by the pool.

I am sure everyone is sick of Phlox pics but here is another one. Soon the blooms will be gone and I will be left with a prickly cascade of green.

This is another shot of the newly planted white Phlox. You can see it just below the mushrooms. Next year the white should be cascading over the edge of the stone.

Here are the radishes which are now decorated with a toad and some mushrooms. I can't wait for breakfast radishes.

I am anxious to plant so much more but it is still too early here. Though we have been having daytime temperatures in the upper 70's and even some 80's, this morning it is barely 40 degrees. Too cold for fragile annuals. I am going to plant lettuces today though.


Jennifer Rose said…
those would go perfectly with the brass goblet I have :)
oldblackcatboo said…
The perfect start to my day!
I finally have a Saturday off!
I am having my coffee and a bagel while I check on my fav blogs and then I'm OUTSIDE to work on ALL my projects! Thanks for getting me started! LOL!
jc said…
Beautiful garden, so envious! Thanks for the giveaway.
Melodie said…
YOu just have the coolest things in your garden! I just love the planters and the village and the mushrooms and....
Suzie said…
Congratulations, Will! Those Faerie lights are so cool, I know you'll find the perfect place to use them!

Joyce, I LOVE all of your planters! I don't know where you have found them, but each one is SO unique!

And I love both your English village, and Irish cottages. .they look like they are made of very heavy material.

But I honestly can't see you living in a thatched roof cottage. .where would you put all of your delightful collectibles? And your dishes??
it has been too long since I have visited... beautiful candle sticks and I love your garden pots... you always seem to have the coolest things in your gardens... what a peaceful place
Linda said…
You have the most amazing garden! I love the visits!!
The Captain said…
Those are awesome! I would love a chance to win them. I am in such envy of your yard, I love how it looks like the plants are spilling down the stairs. Beautiful rock work too.
Southern Lady said…
Your garden is coming along! I love the stone steps. Carla
Autumnforest said…
I love the planters! When I was a kid, below my bedroom window, there was a 50-foot wisteria arbor--oh, I miss the scent! Enjoy!
Pricilla said…
Oh, how I miss wisteria...

It's starting to warm up a bit here. Finally.
William Bezek said…
Thank you Teddy for picking me! Those fairy lights are going to be wonderful on my patio this summer!
Congratulations to William!
I like the irish cottages! But I don´t think I have ever felt the smell of burning peat though. I like theplanter with columbines and fern too, that must look fantastic later in the summer!

I wonder if my wisteria (we call it "Blue rain" over here)even lives after this winter. I have scraped on the bark to see if it´s green benieth, but it seemes to be dead on every part that wasn´t covered with snow.

One can never get tired of photo´s of phlox :-) I really have to get that this year.

Have a great day now!
MissGracie said…
I can't wait to have a garden! I don't have any experience yet, but I love to look at what other people do. I hope someday I'll be posting beautiful pictures of my yard on my blog ^.^
Sharlene T. said…
Did you make your village? I'm a potter and have a kiln, so I may just be a copycat, here. That's wonderful. Oh, dear, I've so many years before this place is the way I want it. But, you have definitely inspired me!

Congratulations, William. I know you'll give them a good home.
Ann said…
I really love your planters-so imaginative-follow your adventures each day-do you ever rest??!!!-and I would love to have Teddy pick me as the winner of those lovely candlesticks-one can never have too many candleholders. Angie
LOVE those cottages..darling...
love visiting your garden today even though i am late ...been out gathering things for Teddy's Homecoming...

i will tell you this..that little man is coming here just in the nick of time.i have just been dragging around here..depressed about Buddy to tell you the truth..i planted some in the garden, tried baking...but my heart's just not in it.

where's TEDDY !

hugs to Teddy there...

off to set up the poodle basket

Anonymous said…
Love the pansies. I worked in my yard today, everything looks so green & pretty.
Divaeva said…
Such beautiful garden planters! Your garden has such personality - I totally love it!
Nancy said…
I love the head planters and I want to grow a wisteria in the backyard. I will work on it hopefully next week when it gets a little warmer.
Maxine said…
I love my wisteria too....I want to plant some more. I love your planters too....they are so unique. I think my favorite thing is your cottages! I would love to win those candle holders.
Birgit said…
I always love to see new photos of your garden. :)

Greetings from Munich,
bison61 said…
I enjoyed the photo of your garden-it's still a little early where I live-please sign me up for the candlesticks

tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com
Laura said…
You have in your garden one of the visions that I have had in my head for years, I have always wanted a Pergola just like the one you have with Wisteria growing over it. Such character in that garden, lovely.
Those tiny houses are so cute. Yep, I could be cozy and comfy there too.
Congratulations to the latest winner of Teddy's Treat.

The garden is coming along so well. Each day there are new beauties. You have been so busy.

The decorations, mushrooms and planter, and the cottages create a wonderland indeed.

Happy Day & xoxo to Teddy.
Bridgett said…
Wisteria...I think that's one I'd like to plant.
Sherry said…
I just found your blog and really love it! Yes, please add my name to your drawing! Thanks so much for doing this!