The Potting Bench and the Pup Gets a New Set of Wheels

The Pope has the Popemobile and Teddy has the Pupmobile. The old one finally died with 130,000 miles on it. As with everything else in our lives, our cars revolve around Teddy. We have to choose one which has a safe area for her and where she can be comfortable for hours on long trips. Chows are very sensitive to heat and get heat stroke very easily so she needs good air conditioning.

I made sure to cover any exposed metal using rolled up beach towels. Underneath the puppy mats is a cooling pad. It is a plastic mattress filled with water that keeps her cool when she sits or lays down on it.

Her maiden voyage was this morning.

She allowed us to put her in but she is not looking too happy. Maybe she doesn't like the new car smell. I have had several calls from my husband telling me that they are stranded at the park because she is refusing to get into the car. Chows are really stubborn. And they have trouble parting with their old pupmobiles!

We checked out the phlox early this morning. It's not quite at it's peek yet.

The red azaleas are about to bloom right below the viburnums.

I have had a lot of questions about my potting bench so I thought I would tell you a bit about it. Last spring I started using a folding table covered with an oil cloth. That did not work very well so I started looking for something else. I found this old farm table at a florist that I frequent. Then I added the birdcage which was found at an antique store.

I added a cheap metal towel rack and use "S' hooks to hold gardening tools.

One of it's drawers is missing so I filled part of the space with a metal garden sign and added larger "S" hooks to hang things on.

I found and old plant stand at a thrift store and painted it. Now it can be used as a display stand throughout the year. Right now it is holding sedums which need to be potted. There is a McCoy green cauldron and a glass pumpkin waiting for Fall. Next to the cauldron is a copper water pitcher for watering small plants.

The table still has one of it's drawers which I use for storage. I added the garden sign to the front of the drawer. I pick up small tables and stools at thrift stores and paint them and place them under the table to hold assorted things like this rooster pitcher which I also use to water small pots. I look for small rooster and chicken salt and peppers at thrift stores to use as decorations. And of course my trusty little pickup! I love that car! Tomorrow I will show some closeups.

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jenana said…
Thank you so much for sharing some close ups of your potting table. It's just so lovely!!
I don´t think any of my dogs shown any reaction when I´ve changed car. I belive they just think "wow, a new place to shed all our fur" :-) :-)

I like Your table and I remember we had a similar table in our summer cottage when I grew up :-) But does the drawer work properly when the table stands outside all year? I do like the bird cage too.
have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
I think I want to be Teddy....

I assume she did eventually get back in her new car..
Autumnforest said…
With enough voyages in the pup-mobile, Teddy will leave her scent and be quite at home. I want to ride like that!
I am so moved by the reality of all you do to take special care of Teddy. There is no mention, not once, of her being to much trouble. She is so blessed to have a wonderful Momma and family.

From far away I have come to love Teddy Fluff.

The new pupmobile or Teddymobile is gorgeous. She will love it in time. She doesn't trust anything new. For all she knows this big black metal object will carry her off in the night away from her Momma. Then what would she do?? :)

The trailing phlox are dreamy working their way down the steps. Teddy is so happy the wet winter snow is gone.

You have a special knack for arranging things. The garden table is a pleasant gardening spot for work and to look at.

Happy day and wishing a good measure of the pleasure to return to you.
Oooo, that Teddy travels in style!
Michelle said…
I know exactly what you mean by buying a car for the dog! I own Rottweilers and my dogs travel with me all the time. One of the reasons I bought my Lexus SUV is because the air conditioning is excellent, I think it might even freeze meat!
Sharlene T. said…
Teddy has left her scent and will ride happily, from now, I'm sure.

Love the potting bench and growth. Mine is stiil too stark to share with anyone other than the bees (yay, they've come back!) and old Mr. Sun!
teddy looks cute riding in the back there..and i love how you fixed it so nice for her...

we are so alike, we really are...when we had buddy, our whole day literally revolved around him...we would wake up in the morning and he would stand on the edge of the bed and bark..( could never watch my favorite CBS Sunday morning cause buddy was ready to go)and john would get his coffee and we were all out the door on our neighborhood walk...come back and hand feed him breakfast...go out and water the garden...have lunch..then load up buddy and take a drive to avila beach to let him walk and smell the grass at his pirate park...that's what we called it cause there is a statue of a pirate there...then load up and drive him to pismo beach to walk the boardwalk...come home..fix supper fixin's..walk buddy around the block...have supper all 3 of us sitting together on the couch and do it all again the next day....

we haven't taken a ride in the car since we lost buddy...we made a rule..we will wait till we get TEDDY ! isn't he adorable..getting so excited...earl is on his way and i am off to cruise the isles at petsmart...i'll let you know what i find...
hugs to teddy
oldblackcatboo said…
LOL! I know exactly where you are coming from! My big guy Blue goes to work with me everyday and he always sat in the passenger seat of my VW Bug. When I traded it for a minivan, I removed ALL the backseats and put down a bed for him. I loaded him in the back, walked around and got in and there he was...sitting in the passenger seat! Ha! This happened everyday for about a week but he's finally got the hang of it and lounges in the back now.
Hey, love the garden bench! I can't hardly wait to see more!
Remember my garden "dilemma"? (with the boat?) well I wrote about it in more detail on my blog. If you have some spare time, stop by! XOXO - Cindi
Aw, little Teddy ♥ She's such a doll.

I love your potting table... looks like it came right out of Country Living Magazine!
Celia said…
I have just found your blog and I'm enjoying reading through it. Your puppy is beautiful. I love your potting table. How does it do in the weather? I would love to have something like that. I look forward to seeing more pictures of it!
Suzie said…
Congratulations on the new set of wheels! I'm sure that Teddy will allow you to chauffer her around when she is in the mood. I've often wondered how much dogs and cats understand about cars when they are in one. .from their perspective, they are put into this enclosure, and then when the door opens, they are in someplace new. When they are put back in, they don't know when the door opens again, whether they are going to find themselves back in familiar surroundings, or yet another new place. It is sort of like their own time travel machine! When you look at it like that, it could be scary or exciting, depending upon their personality.
I love how your phlox just seem to lazily pour down over your steps, and than you for the closeups, and history of your potting bench! I love the earthiness and old world flavor that it has!
such a nice car. Teddy probably figured that car was NOT hers...and nope..NOT getting in.
You must have taught her well! :)

I keep enlarging the photo's and ..peeking at this and that. I am sooo nosey!@ :) I love it when there is lots to look at...Tiny house down there on the side...roosters...yeah..and that little pickup truck..
Touchatou said…
I love every detail of your garden !
My puppies are slowly getting accostomed to their new home... they had a hard time, poor things. I am sure they understand Teddy. ;)