The Potting Table and Raised Bed Gardening

A new decoration for the potting table. Click the pics for a better look.

This was handmade in Canada by Kitras Art Glass.

This piece is called the Tree of Enchantment. Like trees in a forest. no two are the same, and each is a symbol of growth, strength and the cycle of life. This piece represents spring. You can buy the other seasons as well. The velvety greens of spring conjure images of the sparkling dew droplets on a newly blossomed garden. Look too closely and you may just fall into your own fairy tale! Blown glass fascinates me because I come from family of glass blowers.

I hung it just inside the top door on the bird cage.

I also found this tile by Roseville potters in Ohio.

Once again, this is all so very boring to my gardening assistant.

Another new addition is this miniature bird bath. I have some pots from this company too. I can't remember their name but they made wonderful garden pottery.

It sits on the right side of the potting table.

My Spring potting table. I love decorating this old table for the different seasons.

Today I am planting my raised beds. I did not have much success with these beds last season. I think they get too much shade. If things don't grow here this year I will take them apart in the fall. For now I am just planting lettuces and rhubarb.

After I built these, I sunk drip hoses just below the surface.

I screwed the hose end down with a "C" clamp so all I have to do is attach the hose, turn it on low and let the hose irrigate the bed.

I planted the bunny. He now holds a bouquet of violas and has creeping thyme on his body.

Two of my beds have built in tomato ladders.

It is almost time to start using the table for something other than decoration. I have a lot of serious potting to do.

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pastrywitch said…
What a great idea to bury the hose! That will look so much better and waste less water.
The Tree of Enchantment is stunning :)
Magnificent. I love the miniature bird bath and the thyme bunny. I hope the raised beds do well this year.

Decorations add so much to a garden. A welcome place for fairies and gnomes to live and help the garden grow.

The green ball is gorgeous.

Great visit today.

Happy day. xoxo to the bored Teddy. :)
Guillaume said…
Superb blown glass.
Autumnforest said…
Can't wait to see the harvest. I love gazing balls myself but here in the desert, they're likely to start a fire with the light that comes off them. hee hee
That blown glass is so beautiful! I tried to become an apprentice glassblower when I was Young, but during that time they started to close down most of those factories so there were more glass blowers than needed. I never applied again.

I think this is the first time I´ve seen a tomato ladder before. Smart idea!
Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
The glass ball is stunning. Glass is magic to me...

Don't you think creeping thyme is an appropriate name for a topiary plant?
Chowz Creations said…
I have quite a few Katras pieces through out my house. Absolutely love them. Did you know they do a pumpkin?
That blown glass is beautiful! And I love your raised beds... wish I had the room to do that! ♥
Everything's looking great! Love the bunny!
I love that glass globe. Beautiful!
You'd better get something for Teddy before he dies of boredom! :-)
Sharlene T. said…
Wonderful hose idea. Might have to try that. Thanks. Have a great day. Time to get to some of my own potting...
Sharon Lovejoy said…
Hi dear,

This is about my fifth visit to this posting. I don't know why, but I've delved into every pic as closely as possible.


Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island
carma said…
your place is heavenly!
Suzie said…
I've seen their glasswork and it is beautiful. You've got an especially lovely piece and it looks enchanting in your birdcage!
Everything is coming together so nicely. I love it all! Actually though, that bunny would be more at home in my garden. I've got concrete bunnies hidden throughout, and it seems like at least two new ones show up every year. You know how buns multiply! A topiary one would be a nice addition!
Your gardens are inspiring, and worthy of a multi-page magazine spread!
Celia said…
I love the blown glass Tree of Enchantment....that fits your garden so well....very enchanting. I love your potting table decorations.
oldblackcatboo said…
First off, do you EVER rest!
My gawd woman, you are a machine!
An amazing creating machine!

(love EVERYTHING! very cool blown glass!)
Rue said…
Ooooh - I LOVE the bat wing spinner by your raised bed! Sooo cool!

Plus, the glass ball is very cool. I have a witch's ball too, but it doesn't have the lovely tree figure inside it. Gorgeous.