Pulled Pork Sandwiches

My daughter had a bunch of friends over last weekend and I made them this crowd pleasing food.

Pulled pork is SO simple to make! If you have never made it you should give it a try. You start with a large pork shoulder cut. Get a big one or make two because this stuff disappears fast!

Trim most of the fat off. In the south the fat is often left on but I don't like it that way. Also, I don't want all of the seasoning being lost on the fat. I want it on the meat!

I leave just a bit of fat.

This is my recipe for the dry rub. Click to enlarge.

Drizzle olive oil over the shoulder and spread it to coat.

Sprinkle the entire shoulder with the dry rub and put it in a zip lock bag. Refrigerate overnight.

I missed a couple of pics but basically all you do is put this in a pan, I did this on the grill but you can certainly do this in your oven, then place it in the oven or in your grill with the temperature set at 225 degrees. I put this on at 5:00 pm and never even looked at it until 6:00 am the next morning. It was cooked perfectly. Just cook it while you are sleeping!

The meat should just fall apart.

There are so many ways to make this dish but I ALWAYS make South Carolina style pulled pork. This type is famous for it's tangy mustard sauce. Before the meat is ready make the sauce. Bring to a boil 3/4 cups of apple cider vinegar, 1 1/2 cup yellow mustard, 1 T. salt, 2 tsp. freshly ground pepper, 1 1/2T. Worcestershire sauce. 2 T. butter, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 T. chili powder, 1/2 tsp. liquid smoke, 1 tsp. Frank's Red Hot. Stir until the sugar melts.

Shred the pork by pulling it apart with your fingers.

Pour the mustard sauce over the meat.

Mix the sauce evenly through the pork. I do this ahead of time to let the sauce soak in.

I like homemade rolls with these sandwiches. They really make a difference.

These sandwiches are served with coleslaw placed on top of the meat as you can see in the first picture. I also serve them with baked beans on the side. And just because it wasn't good enough already, I added macaroni salad too!

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Pricilla said…
Food of the gods,that!
William Bezek said…
The Fairy Lights from Teddy came today...they are fantastic! They will be used much over the summer. Thank you!
love your recipe for the rub...gotta give it a try. Thanks as always for generously sharin'. (((hugs))) until next time
I´ve saved that recipe now! I´ll definatly make this in the summer. But what other sauce can You recommend, I+m not a fan of mustard at all.
Have a great day now!
oh, I love pulled pork! I've never made it - but we have a local southern-y soul food restaurant where it is uberfabulous! I can eat TWO of them for lunch LOL.

I may try your recipe this summer. Though, I kinda like the idea of it being mysterious and magical cooking only available at Sandra's!
Everything is better with homemade buns!
This made my stomach growl... ♥
Autumnforest said…
Nummers! You can put my plate next to Teddy. I won't take up much space. I just want to hang with the pup and eat some yummy grub. :-)
Sharlene T. said…
Yummy! This looks sooooo good.

But, Christer, I'm one of those NCians that doesn't like the mustard sauce. I prefer my Yankee tomato sauce base. Either way, this is good eatin' or as they say in Tenn. "Nothin' but rollin' eyes and gnashin' teeth!"
Yum city, good good food. Sorry I missed dinner.

xoxo to Teddy!
Oh my......I may have to give this a try!
Thanks for the recipe!
Celia said…
It's so funny.....I just made pulled pork BQ over the weekend! Great minds!
Suzie said…
I'm so happy that we are back in the kitchen! All of that gardening was making me hungry!

And what a meal! It all looks luscious. I'm sure that everyone enjoyed it immensely.

You always share the most beautiful and unique foods,but I swear, I think you could make a bowl of cold oatmeal look appealing!
Oh my word - I feel like one of my Shelties - staring the food down.
This one is a must do! I like how you roast this on the grill. The grill makes everything taste better!
Thanks for sharing your rub recipe!
Okay dude, you make me want to give up my vegetarian ways...
Holly said…
I just bookmarked the page...this looks delicious...hubby would love me forever if I made this! YUMMY. I am totally enjoying your blog...and love that you collect witches!!!! I am a new follower. Thanks for coming by on SITS Day.
504 Main
Beadwright said…
I don't eat meat but the bread looks great!
oldblackcatboo said…
I'm at "work" catching up on my fav blogs...it's almost lunch time and now you have me craving pulled pork!
well not just any pulled pork!
I want yours!